kaneungnich jaksamithanon

First Kiss ( Thai Movie )

Look what I found a while ago. Because I’m bored and I was looking for a movie. And I found this very cute love story. Actually I didn’t search for a thai movie, I play a movie trailer and I found a thai movie on the side. Then before I start that movie, this movie caught my eye because of its title ( First Kiss). It made me curious thats why I watch it and I can say my curiosity has a good taste ( hahah XD). 

The story is about a girl ( Sa ) that can’t move on with his first love ( Ohm ) way back in her highschool days. Ohm chose another girl named Pam instead of Sa and they go abroad together. Of course Sa continue her life, she look for another guy to love but she can’t find any. Ohm still owns his Heart. One day she saw  Ohm and she can’t believe it, Ohm came back from abroad alone and he look for Sa. How sweet isn’t it, from that day on Sa and Ohm are having date. But an incident came while Sa was dreaming about her First Kiss with Ohm, the guy seated beside her lean forward to the window of the bus and Sa accidentally faced the guy and they kissed. That broke Sa’s dream, and she quarrel with the guy who stole her first kiss. And the guy teased her that she kissed him and out of Sa’s senses she didn’t know that she left her phone with the guy. That’s how Sa and Bass’s love story begin. Bass was only 16 years old that means he’s only a highschool student while Sa was 26 years old. To make the story short they fell inlove with each other despite of the age gap. Watch it :)) It’s a cute love story :))))

thakrit hamannopjit as Bass :)) He also looks good aside from Mario Maurer 

kaneungnich jaksamithanon as Sa :))) She’s really pretty :). I adore her