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so like when did professional athletes become so awful? look I’m not trying to say that every single athlete has been problematic this summer…but so many have been!

it’s like, do you have no respect for your fans??? especially the younger, more impressionable ones? looking @ you Mike Richards, remember when you were the captain of everything? now you go and get charged with drug possession.

hey Kaner, no one is assuming you are guilty by any means, but stop putting yourself in these situations! your life is PERFECT stop ALMOST fucking it up!!! do you think little girls and boys want their fave hockey player investigated for rape, even if it is wrongly?

voynov what the fuck? you were gonna be a star defenseman. look, you pleaded no contest…so we don’t know if you did what you’re being accused of. but NO ONE needs someone from their team being arrested for beating the SHIT out of their wife!!!!! whether you did it or not, don’t put yourself in that position! now u went to J A I L.

Pay attention to ur audience athletes. it’s not like no one sees you. think of who you are rubbing off on. remember how u got to where you are, all the help and love and family that made who u are today, got you to the top of the mountain. stop disappointing those people. grow up. be a decent human being.

Yeah, Kaner might’ve majorly fucked up and I understand y'all being mad at him or hating him for raping a girl - IF he’s proven guilty. Until then there’s this thing called presumption of innocence and that nobody should be treated like guilty until it’s proven they did it. So leave that guy be, if he did it he’s got enough of shit in his own head to think about and ruined his life and if he didn’t, imagine how he feels now.

But I really really don’t understand those of you who go “I don’t support Hawks anymore because of Kane”. Literally my reaction: ?????.

Our Life Is Comedy - Chapter 1 - Emeryuu - Tokyo Ghoul [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Fanfiction: Tokyo Ghoul - brothers AU, many pairings (main ones: HideKane, TsukiKane, KaneRize, SasaUrie)

We are not protagonists of a novel or anything… We are four brothers living together like you could find anywhere… But… If, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with us in the lead roles… It would certainly be… A comedy.

A story about Kaneki-Sasaki family. Four brothers living together in Tokyo - it can’t be a normal hausehold if we put three half-ghouls with somehow violence tendencies and one always daydreaming human.

This one fic is my beloved child - favourite among all I wrote. Multichapter and rather planned as big (about 30+ chapters)



seguinmonahan asked:

As soon as you find out Kaner is cleared of the investigation "omg check out my jersey I love you so much 88 I never doubted you for a second" smh

Is someone with k*ne in their url accusing me of being fake about the entire situation???? is this really a thing I’m dealing with?????????????

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Sens, Hawks, caps :)

ottawa senators:all time favorite player?
•Jamie Benn tbh

chicago blackhawks:favorite hockey bromance?
•Marns and Stromer (prospects???)
•Actual NHL players? Jamie and Tyler but also Tazer and Kaner maybe BUT ALSO GARDS AND RIELLY

washington capitals:are you team USA af, team Canada af, or team other af?

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