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Patrick Kane talks about his hat trick and the first line (x)


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Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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05.27.2015 - post-game interview with Jonathan Toews, besotted boyfriend.

Let’s start with the comfort level you have with Patrick Kane.

What about it?

How much fun you have playing with him.

Oh… well, it’s a… it’s a blast, I think as long as you’re responsible especially in big games like these, it doesn’t take us long to go out there and create plays. I think for the most part I try to go out there and open up some space for him and let him do the work, and obviously tonight I just watched him and Saader go at it.


“People might be making too much of me maturing and growing; I’m still the same person.”

For @toewsaf, who prompted friends-to-lovers & miscommunication.

“Fine,” Kaner says, grinding his teeth as he watches Jonny shoulder up with Laddy on screen. They’re laughing about something, something that Kaner isn’t in on, and Jonny gives some soundbite to the press about how he’s glad to have Ladd back, how it wasn’t the same without him, how he’s a great player.

Jonny never says stuff like that about him to the press. It’s always a smirk and a chirp, never anything close to sincere. Patrick used to think that maybe Jonny just wasn’t capable of it, but the newest Blackhawks TV spot proves that he just won’t do it for Kaner.

For almost a decade, Kaner has been waiting for Jonny to come out of his shell around him. To be more openly affectionate; to grin at him the way he did at Sharpy or does at Panarin and Shaw. Even when the cameras aren’t on them, Jonny wriggles out of the arm Kaner throws around his shoulder or away from the arm rest they share on the airplane.

Kaner’s tired of it, truly. He wants to be able to tell the media things like, Jonny’s the best person he’s ever been on a team with. Or that losing him would basically mean the end of hockey for Patrick, and signing those eight-year contracts together was like breathing fresh air for the first time in years. He wants to be able to tell them Jonny’s pride in him is the reason he gets out to morning skate, or how he’s kept it clean the past couple of years.

He could say all those things, technically, but not without getting that narrowed, scrutinizing look from Jonny afterwards.

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03.01.2015 - Jonathan Toews, second intermission interview

Kindergarten AU?


Kaner is a kindergarten teacher cause he really loves those little munchkins. He’s also the coach of baby hockey players cause he’ll never get over his one true love.

Jon is the big bad Blackhawks captain with 3 rings and Olympic gold, but his real pride and joy is his boy Jesse.

Jesse loves Kaner, loves him and is always telling Jon how funny and clumsy his teacher is and Jon is fucking mystified by this man.

He isn’t ready for this.

Kaner is all big baby blues and messy curls that he tries to slick back but no gel can stand up to 15 kids. And Jon is so fucking charmed by all that.

He’s ridiculously easy for Kaner being covered in finger paint and glitter at the end of the day.
Ridiculously easy for Kaner looking up at him under his lashes and biting his lips.
Ridiculously easy for his sleepy smile at the end of the day.

Later Jon will be easy for Kaners sleep warmed body in his bed. He’ll smile at the sight of Kaner cuddling Jesse on the couch. And he’ll smile at Kaner as they meet at the end an aisle and become one.

Yeah, Jon is ready.


jonathan toews being absolutely adorable at the blackhawks convention 2014 - part one