The Moment of Truth Commentary

Episode: 1x10

Commentary curtesy of Angel Coulby (who plays Gwen), Bradley James (who plays Arthur), Colin Morgan (who plays Merlin), and Katie McGrath (who plays Morgana)

Highlights/my commentary of the commentary:
- “This is Ealdor,” Colin
- “Merlin’s village,” Angel
- (Merlin’s feeling nostalgic)
- “I would just like to point out that this is the first time we’re seeing the episode for most of us,” Katie
- “Bradley’s the only one who’s seen this already,” Colin
- [Hunith comes on]
- “My mum,” Colin
- [Kanen hits Hunith]
- (Kanen needs a slap back)
- “That’s not cool,” Katie
- [Camelot is shown]
- “Do you notice how in Camelot the wind is always blowing in the same direction because the flags are always blowing in the same direction,” Katie
- “Maybe only a geek would notice that, Katie,” Angel
- “That’s my mother you are taking about you are insulting my mother,” Katie
- *laughing*
- [Merlin title sequence/theme]
- “This is my favourite bit of the episode,” Bradley
- *Colin laughs *
- “What, the sword in the lake?” Angel
- “The part with my name on it?” Katie
- “No, the titles,” Bradley
- “That’s me on the horse,” Katie
- (I 100% believe you, Katie)
- *everyone laughing*
- “This music makes me emotional,” Bradley
- (Same Bradley)
- “You sound emotional,” Katie
- [Hunith pleading her case to Uther]
- “Caroline kept falling on every take,” Angel
- *Bradley reciting the lines*
- “Stop saying my words,” Katie
- [Merlin and Arthur talking on the Balcony]
- [“It’s been an honour serving you,” Merlin]
- “Has it really been an honour?” Angel
- “No,” Katie
- “Well you know I just say the lines that are on the page, really,” Colin
- *laughing*
- “But the chemistry between you two is really undeniable. That’s something that just can’t be written. I mean look at this,” Katie
- (Yes.)
- “Yah there’s a lot of love there,” Angel
- (Definitely, clearly, I agree, yes, they’re in love, beautiful)
- “Yah so much love,” Katie

- “I remember they refused to acknowledge me in this scene, but I did a lot of work,” Colin
- “What do you mean, what more do you want?” Bradley
- *everyone laughing*
- “It’s so beautiful its such a moment between the two of you,” Katie
- “Aw, isn’t it,” Angel
- (Yessss)
- [Merlin and Gaius. Gaius gives him a bottle of wine.]
- [“Be careful with the wine. One whiff and you’re singing like a sailer,” Gaius]
- *laughing*
- “And that’s true in real life,” Katie
- (Colin’s a lightweight confirmed)
- *more laughing*
- “What are you taking about?” Colin
- “The evidence was at the wrap party,” Bradley
- “I didn’t drink at all what are you talking about,” Colin
- (Sure Colin)
- “Um…” Bradley
- “Don’t drink kids,” Colin
- [Campfire scene]
- “I burned my lips in the fire before,” Colin
- “Don’t worry there’s lots of people who would like to kiss it better,” Katie
- (I may or may not be included in that group of people…)
- [Morgana saves Arthur in sword fight at Ealdor]
- “See how good I am?” Katie
- [“Bring back memories of when I used to beat you?” Morgana “That never happened,” Arthur]
- “Of course it did,” Katie
- “No it didn’t Merlin fans,” Bradley
- “Yes it did,” whispers Katie
- “Because that would be…ludicrous,” Bradley
- (I’m agreeing with Katie, sorry Bradley)
- [Merlin and Will reunion]
- “Awwww,” Angel
- “So beautiful!” Katie
- [Arthur addressing the townspeople]
- [“I know Kanen’s kind,” Arthur]
- “No you don’t,” Bradley
- [Will is upset with Arthur]
- “He doesn’t like him does he?” Katie
- “Who does,” Bradley
- [Arthur says he is the prince of Camelot. “And I’m prince William of Ealdor,” Will says sarcastically]
- “I just gave him a bit of a pout then,” Bradley
- “Ooh, Prince of Ealdor. How ya doing?” Bradley says flirtily
- (Okay then…)
- *laughing*
- [Chicken in Wills house]
- “That chicken was there on set the whole time and it kept running away. It wasn’t like the pigs,” Katie
- (This seems like a Moana reference to Heihei and Pua just saying)
- “Yah you could pick them [the pigs] up and stroke them and they were really friendly. Didn’t run away,” Angel

- Merlin and Arthur sleeping on the ground]
- “This is one of my favourite bits coming up. Colin didn’t like it, but I was a particular fan. You’ll see why in a minute,” Bradley
- (Really, Bradley?)
- “Was it because your feet were in his face?” Katie
- “Oh yah. We’ve spilt in now haven’t we?” Bradley
- “No I spilt it,” Katie
- “Ohh, terrific,” Bradley
- [Arthur puts foot in Merlins face]
- “Aaaghh,” Katie and Angel
- “Definitely my favourite bit,” Bradley
- “Did you do that for over half of them?” Angel
- “No. I waited until it was Colin’s take. Then Colin complained to the director,” Bradley
- “Did you?” Katie
- “Not really,” Colin
- “He did it in a Colin way,” Bradley
- [Eating breakfast made by Hunith. Arthur doesn’t like it and hands it to Gwen. Gwen tells Hunith it was lovely]
- “Colin, your mothers cooking,” Bradley
- “What are you saying about my mothers cooking?” Colin
- “I’m saying that’s why you moved out of Ealdor,” Bradley
- [Will and Merlin talking]
- “I don’t remember this bit,” Katie
- “You say that again,” Angel
- “The audience should know, Katie suffers from amnesia. We’ve sent her to various doctors..” Bradley
- *laughing*
- “No, I just don’t remember you going off and doing this,” Katie
- “You were actually the log in this scene,” Colin
- “Thanks. Great to know you think so highly of me,” Katie
- [Will sits on the log]
- “Oh, there you are,” Colin
- *laughing*
- [Matthew dead on horse with an arrow in his back. Attached to it is a note. “What does it say?” Merlin]
- “Party tonight, eight o clock. See you there,” Bradley
- *Angel laughing*
- (Talk about doing party invitations extra lol)
- [Arthur speaking to the village the morning before the battle]
- “This is Bradley’s big speech,” Angel
- [“the women have the same right to fight as the men do!” Gwen]
- “Alright, chill out,” Bradley
- [Gwen bringing Arthur breakfast]
- “I’ve brought you some more gruel,” Angel
- “You’ve brought me some more kak,” Bradley
- (Ew)
- *laughing*
- “Is this like a hint of what’s going on between the two of you here? Is there like a moment..” Katie
- “Possibly, I don’t know,” Angel
- [I believe in you. I mean..we all do.]
- “Stupid girl,” Bradley
- “But does something happen between the two of you?” Katie
- “No,” Angel
- “I was just wondering,” Katie
- “I don’t think anything is going to happen for a while,” Bradley
- [Merlin and Arthur talk before the battle. Arthur helps him]
- “That’s it,” Katie whispers
- “Come on that’s not it,” Angel
- “Were you scared, Colin?” Katie
- “Petrified. Merlin’s not a fighter, he’s a lover,” Colin
- “I said that once and it’s haunted me ever since,” Katie
- (It’s true tho)
- [Merlins about to tell Arthur when Morgana interrupts.]
- “Aww he was about to reveal his magic and you ruined it,” Colin
- [Battle begins.]
- “There’s the chicken!” Katie
- “The chicken has stolen the show,” Bradley
- “It’s genuinely scared,” Colin

- [Morgana and Gwen fighting]
- “I managed to break a pitchfork over one of the stuntmen’s backs,” Angel
- “I may look like I know what I’m doing but I don’t,” Katie
- “Yah I was kind of just doing it,” Angel
- [Merlin did wind magic]
- “They basically just got a giant fan here and were like we’re gonna blow a bunch of dirt and mud in your faces,” Bradley
- [Gwen and Morgana hug at the victory]
- “And we hug. The love,” Katie
- *Angel laughs*
- (Morgwen for the win)
- [Will jumps in front of Arthur and gets shot]
- “No!” Katie
- [Will dying]
- “Merlins not actually a good friend,” Katie
- “Yah, couldn’t you have healed him with magic?” Bradley
- “Thanks guys, cheers,” Colin
- [Merlin crying]
- (Awww no Colin)
- “Someone give Merlin a tissue,” Angel
- [Hunith and Merlin saying goodbye. “You’re [Merlin & Arthur] like two sides of the same coin,” Hunith “I’ve heard someone say that about us before,” Merlin]
- “Me too,” Bradley
- “The Great Dragon,” Colin
- “John Hurt,” Katie
- (Kilgharrah)
- [Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana riding off]
- “What mountain is that?” Katie
- “Ooh that wasn’t us,” Angel
- “That definitely wasn’t us,” Katie
- [Next time on Merlin]
- “Ooh what’s happening next week?” Bradley
- Everyone gasps
- “The unicorns!”
- *everyone laughing*
- (🦄)
- “The master of leprechauns,” Katie
- “I am Anhora, captain of the Unicorns,” Bradley in a deep imitating voice
- [end credits]
- “Aww well done guys!” Katie
- “Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo…” Angel sings along to the music

Final thoughts:
I love what good friends they all are. The banter was on point and hilarious. This is my first commentary with Angel in it and she’s awesome. This is the only commentary I’ve seen with more than two people in it. This was so good!

Headcanon #2; Connor Proposing

Originally posted by connorforever

Headcanon: I gave a headcannon! !! Ok listen to this, so imagine Connor proposing to his smol and amazing LI and he starts crying while proposing and she cries while wiping his streaming tears and when she says yes, he cries on sheer happiness. Bam! Up in the spirit world, Ziio, Kanen,  Achilles, and Haytham approve. (artynerd23)

A/N: YASSSS ;) THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL, SHY <3 (I think I got my inspiration back! :”)) (Also, I am quite proud of this… Very, very proud!<3)-Jinx


The nervous hints in his voice were enough to make the girl snap her attention to him, her eyes officially leaving the beautiful words typed on paper. She and Connor were simply sitting by the fireplace, she reading a book and he tending to his weapons. She didn’t mind the silence between them, if anything it was something highly appreciated by both, and she let herself relax at the warmth the flames provided.

She watched his usually stoic expression being broken by the light twitching of his lips, and she set her book to the floor.

“I…” He stood up, and she thought she saw his eyes glowing a bit. “We…” he tried to start another sentence, obviously at loss for words. What he wished to say obviously had to do with their relationship, but what was it?

She decided that letting him express himself without her interrupting was the best option. She couldn’t keep the frown off her face though, as she was a bit worried. The native American was still standing, their height difference  even greater than usual. Y/N was sitting on a chair, and was gazing at him, a giant.
She felt a tiny bit of intimidated from his new-found silence and their current positions, and failed to keep that feeling off her expression.

She watched him fall to his knees silently, and he took her small, in comparison to his, hand in his gently. He kept a pretty firm hold on it, as if he was gathering courage from there. He looked so defenseless in front of her, that she felt guilty by even letting herself feel intimidated by him, a man who loved her with all the strength of his beating heart.

“Norris said… He said that in the rest of the world it is common to give a ring to the person you want to wed. My mother knew about this custom too and had said that if I ever loved someone so purely, even if she was not a native, I should give her something to show our bond. I…” He teared up, very obviously, at the mention of his dead mother, and the h/c girl’s other hand flew to cover her mouth, but no words were coming out.

“It is known that I am leading a very dangerous life, and I know that I shouldn’t be so selfish, by doing this, and putting your life in furthermore risk, but I… I know that I’d rather spend a moment living with you, than spend an eternity away from you. I want to tell everyone that you are officially mine, something that will never fully happen as you are a free spirit, and I’d never dare to ask for something that would take away your liberty, I want to sleep beside you and not feel like I am dishonoring you in any way, I want… I want to spend my remaining days with you, Y/N.” The tears were finally let out, and he pulled out a silver ring with some majestic lines and shapes unknown to her. She was sure that he had tried to combine her and his tradition, and the outcome was too beautiful. So beautiful, that she would be ashamed to wear that ring.

“So Y/N, will you marry me, in the exact manner your own customs command,a and let me love you in the most full way possible?” He was looking at her with so much hope in his chocolate eyes, like she was a Goddess he was eager to serve, to protect, to worship, to love, even if he was to sacrifice his own life.
“I feel so honored, Ratonhnhakéton. I love you more than anything!” She wiped the tears away from his face, but new ones took their positions.

He took her hand and placed the piece of jewellry in the right finger, and Y/N marvelled at how good it looked on her hand.

“This ring is my heart, now you can have it for eternity,” he whispered and his hands wrapped around her middle, his forehead touched her belly, like he was expecting it to host a new life sometime in the future. Y/N knew he deserved a family, after everything he had been though, and after everything he had done for her.

Y/N’s tears became one with his own as she showered his face with kisses.

“I knew you could do it, my son,” Ziio whispered to herself as she watched from another dimension. She was so happy for him, just as his father was.

“I think he got the Kenway charm… Finally, I believed he would never do it!” Haytham commented, trying to mock his son, but his tone was not offending.

“Of course and it was me training him to become a brave man!” Achilles jumped in.

“Why don’t all of you quiet down? We all know that it was all him, and the feelings they have for each other. Let’s get going, I am getting all grossed by all the affection in the air!”Connor’s old friend, Kanen'tó:kon said, and the others slowly nodded in agreement. This was a private moment, and they should leave him be. He was in good hands now.

All of them were proud and happy for him. They clearly approved his choice, and supported him from the spirit world, even if he couldn’t see them.


Ealdor AU

Merlin and Arthur are best friends who have known each other since birth. When Hunith catches Merlin showing Arthur a magic spell, she swears the boys to keep it a secret. As they grow, Arthur continues to accept Merlin’s powers without question but it doesn’t stop him from worrying about him being caught, especially when they fight the bandit plaguing their village, Kanen.

artynerd23  asked:

The pencil symbol(sorry...I'm on mobile) how about Kanen and Connor? You stuff is cool! What program do you use?

Teen Kanen and Teen Connor are my fav time period of them. Precious babies;;; And I feel like teen Kanen would get embraced about his baby fat body while Connor is ready fucking pack hahahaha 

shuuuu i ship them when they are in this age (*/∇\*)

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You probably can't come up with 100 reasons why Connor is good or why you love him so much

you are playing a very dangerous game here, anon

  1. He cares about the safety of his village
  2. He cares about his grandmother
  3. He cares about his best friend since childhood
  4. He wasn’t afraid to call out the founding fathers on their hypocrisy
  5. And he did it in the most calm demeanor I have ever seen
  6. He pets stray dogs
  7. He helped Prudence give birth in the middle of the woods even though he was scared shitless for her and for her baby
  8. The clasping thing he does with his hands
  9. He helped Norris and Miriam get together wingman of the year 2k14
  10. And he helped organize their wedding
  11. AND he walked Miriam down the aisle
  12. ANDDDDDD when he was helping Norris court her and she didn’t like flowers, he announced “I WILL UNCOVER THIS MYSTERY MYSELF”
  13. He nearly broke a guy’s wrist and when he got the information he needed he politely said ‘thank you (✿◠‿◠)’
  14. He respects women
  15. He had a conversation with the Marquis de Lafayette about crossdressing
  16. HE IS SO HUMBLE LIKE “You diminish your role, but you have always been of humble heart.” “I do what is right. No more, no less.”
  17. He actually wanted to end the templar/assassin conflict
  18. At least he tried to weaken the templar’s influence through other means besides killing them all off at first
  19. He’s not perfect, he can still be stubborn, idealistic, and impulsive
  20. When any of the recruits get injured he runs over to them, holds their hand and encourages them to keep fighting
  21. “I expect an apology when I return”
  22. Literally any scene with him and Faulkner
  23. He beat up an abusive husband
  24. Then gave Ellen and her daughter a new home where she could continue with her business
  25. He also did the same for Prudence and Warren
  26. When Miriam was injured, he carried her all the way back to the manor even though her wound was on her arm not her leg
  27. He started captaining the Aquila when he was, what, fourteen years old?
  28. When Lee kept going on about how he was going to destroy everything he held dear, Connor just fucking rolled his eyes at him
  29. His level of determination is insane
  30. Even with a gaping wound in his side, he STILL managed to go after Lee and finally kill him
  32. He teamed up with a templar for a short amount of time but never once gave up his own beliefs or ideals
  34. He actually did sincerely apologize to Achilles when he yelled and insulted him
  35. He mentored Adewale’s grandson
  36. Despite knowing that Edward was a pirate, he still must have had some respect for him
  37. He made the people of Boston look like idiots by solving all of their mysteries (the loch ness monster, ufos, etc.)
  38. But when it turned out that the headless horseman was real he was just “LOL YEAH IT’S REAL”
  39. He played fanorona with Father Timothy after Achilles died
  40. The first thing he did when he saw that Ziio was alive was hug her
  41. He always strove for equality and justice for the people
  43. “I will not die today. The same cannot be said for you”
  44. Then he faced his own execution without batting one eyelash. Not one
  45. Then he went after Hickey even though he was exhausted, most likely malnourished, and had almost been hung
  46. THEN when he killed Hickey, he told Putnam to not kick his body because “he was still a man”
  47. Connor has so much fucking respect for others even for some of his enemies don’t look at mE
  50. He’s not a bitter or cynical protagonist
  51. He actually has so much hope and optimism despite all the shit he has to deal with
  52. And when it’s all over and he pulls the hatchet out of the post, he does learn the hard way that yeah, life is not a fairy tale and there are no happy endings
  53. But he grows and learns from that lesson
  54. He does everything he can to help others, even complete strangers
  55. He has so much genuine kindness and empathy
  57. His story didn’t end with him killing Lee
  58. He still took initiative with the brotherhood and continued recruiting others
  59. He even asked Aveline for help with recruiting Patience
  60. He recruited Dobby, Patience, and allied himself with Aveline because he knows women can get shit done
  61. He gave everything to keep his village safe
  62. And when told by his grandmother that he should rest, he said he would rest when everyone is safe and free
  64. When Prudence was pregnant he saved her FROM A BEAR
  65. The amount of thought Noah Watts put into Connor from his speaking mannerisms to how he presents himself makes me cry happy tears
  66. “I do not have the time to give a woman what she deserves. Perhaps when all this is over, I will be able to settle and have a family. I hope”
  68. He has the nicest handwriting it probably puts all the founding fathers to shame
  69. He had enough common sense to throw the apple of eden into the ocean once it showed him some heavy shit
  72. “What do… you women…… like? In terms of gifts?”
  73. He looks fine as fuck as the captain of the Aquila
  74. And idgaf what anyone else says, his Captain Kidd and alternative captain outfits are also fine as fuck
  77. That little smirk he gives
  78. This speech
  79. He didn’t end up as a bitter old man okay shut the fuck up Darby
  80. The fact that he’s a positive indigenous character who’s multifaceted, complex, and doesn’t rely on gross stereotypes
  81. The way he looked so miffed as a kid when he drew the shortest straw in hide and seek
  82. The way he got so excited during his first trip to Boston mY BABY
  84. His momma was badass and perfect and held a knife to Washington’s throat
  85. [FALLS OUT OF TREE] “What? I meant to do that”
  86. He doesn’t need to talk a lot because he lets his actions and mannerisms speak for him
  87. And when he does talk, his voice is so calm and soothing and just really nice to listen to
  88. But he’s also got a good yelling voice B)
  89. He CONSTANTLY calls Haytham out on his bullshit especially when he makes unnecessary kills
  90. He deserves everything good and happy
  91. Please somebody give this man a hug
  92. [SPOILERS FOR AC ROGUE] Charles Dorian knew him and his recruits so if a French assassin knew fully well what Connor did during the American Revolution, he must have done something right
  93. Connor never forgot about the brotherhood
  94. No more of this ‘HE NEVER CARED ABOUT THE ASSASSINS’ because he did
  95. Why the hell else would be continue with recruitment?
  96. Not only does he respect the Homesteaders and his recruits, he also respects the hell out of his crew mates of the Aquila
  98. Those two little out sticking hairs on the top of his head
  99. He’s probably fluent in French, German, and Latin since Achilles most likely had him study books in those languages
  100. I just love Connor a lot okay

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I'm really craving some hurt!merlin fics with protective!arthur. I was wondering if you could possibly rec a couple? Thank you very much!

You can also check the protective tag on our delicious page.

Somebody to Lean On by samyazaz
Merlin may be the worst manservant ever, but when he breaks his arm and Arthur has to care for him, he quickly discovers that he’s kind of terrible at it, too.

Between the Dusk and the Dawn by ZairaA
When Arthur is sixteen his father deems him ready to lead the knights on his first mission, which is to take care of a druid camp that has sprung up within the borders of Camelot. In the midst of chaos and bloodshed that leaves Arthur guilt-ridden, he manages to save one boy whom he swears to protect at any cost.
Over the years Merlin becomes so much more than Arthur’s redemption, but is Arthur ready to accept their shared destiny, his own feelings for the younger boy and the chance for love Merlin is offering him?

Feel Me In Whispered Words by kayura_sanada
Merlin and Arthur are close – very close. So when Uther learns of Merlin’s magic, he finds a public execution might, for the first time, turn his son from him irrevocably. And so he decides to make Merlin disappear.

Boy Toy and Sugar Daddy by Slayer_of_Destiny
Merlin and Arthur have been together for a few months and are happy. The only problem? None of their friends believe that the other is with them for anything less than nefarious reasons. Merlin finally snaps and tells off Arthur’s friends and it all comes out. Cue Merthur snuggles and fluff.

Experiment by elirwen
After Uther’s death, Arthur visits one of the facilities run by the company he inherited, a mental health institution specialized in research and care for magic users.
He meets Merlin, a research subject for a study about long time solitude and its effect on human psychology, and finds out there’s something very wrong with the facility.

All You Did Was Save My Life by sky_reid
Overusing magic exhausts Merlin to no end. Luckily, he has Arthur to take care of him.

Court Sorcerer and Royal Consort by Slayer_of_Destiny
When Merlin falls ill, worked too hard from all the running around he is doing, Arthur decides that it is time for something’s to change, and something’s to come to the light once and for all. When Merlin wakes it is to a very different Camelot, and very different future from the one he foresaw for himself and had settled on.

Ashes to embers by andiwould
Merlin is trapped in his apartment and the building is on fire. Smoke is quickly filling the small space and chocking out all the air, while flames and heat are consuming the place from the outside in. Arthur and his men the “knights” are firefighters. Arthur saves Merlin.

Cry Havoc by Nightfox
Enslaved by Kanen since childhood, Merlin has been raised to believe his collar is all that keeps him in check. That it is the line between the beast that bites and the dog that obeys…but either way, he’s still an animal. Then one day Kanen’s gang is ambushed and in the ensuing confusion, Merlin escapes and flees to Camelot where he attempts to start a new life. However, his old master isn’t about to let him go without a fight.