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Request: How about where the reader and Connor are friends and he wants her to see his village, and when she’s there she’s playing with all the kids and him and Kanen'to:kon are speaking with one another (in a perfect world where he doesn’t die) and he sees Connor smiling at her with the children,and asks him when he’s going to tell her how he feels?

Requested By: @native-snowflake

Pairing: Connor Kenway x Reader

Fandom: Assassin’s Creed

Words: 1004

A/N: I’m sorry about taking so long, darling! I got side-tracked by other requests! ;-;

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Headcanon #2; Connor Proposing

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Headcanon: I gave a headcannon! !! Ok listen to this, so imagine Connor proposing to his smol and amazing LI and he starts crying while proposing and she cries while wiping his streaming tears and when she says yes, he cries on sheer happiness. Bam! Up in the spirit world, Ziio, Kanen,  Achilles, and Haytham approve. (artynerd23)

A/N: YASSSS ;) THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL, SHY <3 (I think I got my inspiration back! :”)) (Also, I am quite proud of this… Very, very proud!<3)-Jinx


The nervous hints in his voice were enough to make the girl snap her attention to him, her eyes officially leaving the beautiful words typed on paper. She and Connor were simply sitting by the fireplace, she reading a book and he tending to his weapons. She didn’t mind the silence between them, if anything it was something highly appreciated by both, and she let herself relax at the warmth the flames provided.

She watched his usually stoic expression being broken by the light twitching of his lips, and she set her book to the floor.

“I…” He stood up, and she thought she saw his eyes glowing a bit. “We…” he tried to start another sentence, obviously at loss for words. What he wished to say obviously had to do with their relationship, but what was it?

She decided that letting him express himself without her interrupting was the best option. She couldn’t keep the frown off her face though, as she was a bit worried. The native American was still standing, their height difference  even greater than usual. Y/N was sitting on a chair, and was gazing at him, a giant.
She felt a tiny bit of intimidated from his new-found silence and their current positions, and failed to keep that feeling off her expression.

She watched him fall to his knees silently, and he took her small, in comparison to his, hand in his gently. He kept a pretty firm hold on it, as if he was gathering courage from there. He looked so defenseless in front of her, that she felt guilty by even letting herself feel intimidated by him, a man who loved her with all the strength of his beating heart.

“Norris said… He said that in the rest of the world it is common to give a ring to the person you want to wed. My mother knew about this custom too and had said that if I ever loved someone so purely, even if she was not a native, I should give her something to show our bond. I…” He teared up, very obviously, at the mention of his dead mother, and the h/c girl’s other hand flew to cover her mouth, but no words were coming out.

“It is known that I am leading a very dangerous life, and I know that I shouldn’t be so selfish, by doing this, and putting your life in furthermore risk, but I… I know that I’d rather spend a moment living with you, than spend an eternity away from you. I want to tell everyone that you are officially mine, something that will never fully happen as you are a free spirit, and I’d never dare to ask for something that would take away your liberty, I want to sleep beside you and not feel like I am dishonoring you in any way, I want… I want to spend my remaining days with you, Y/N.” The tears were finally let out, and he pulled out a silver ring with some majestic lines and shapes unknown to her. She was sure that he had tried to combine her and his tradition, and the outcome was too beautiful. So beautiful, that she would be ashamed to wear that ring.

“So Y/N, will you marry me, in the exact manner your own customs command,a and let me love you in the most full way possible?” He was looking at her with so much hope in his chocolate eyes, like she was a Goddess he was eager to serve, to protect, to worship, to love, even if he was to sacrifice his own life.
“I feel so honored, Ratonhnhakéton. I love you more than anything!” She wiped the tears away from his face, but new ones took their positions.

He took her hand and placed the piece of jewellry in the right finger, and Y/N marvelled at how good it looked on her hand.

“This ring is my heart, now you can have it for eternity,” he whispered and his hands wrapped around her middle, his forehead touched her belly, like he was expecting it to host a new life sometime in the future. Y/N knew he deserved a family, after everything he had been though, and after everything he had done for her.

Y/N’s tears became one with his own as she showered his face with kisses.

“I knew you could do it, my son,” Ziio whispered to herself as she watched from another dimension. She was so happy for him, just as his father was.

“I think he got the Kenway charm… Finally, I believed he would never do it!” Haytham commented, trying to mock his son, but his tone was not offending.

“Of course and it was me training him to become a brave man!” Achilles jumped in.

“Why don’t all of you quiet down? We all know that it was all him, and the feelings they have for each other. Let’s get going, I am getting all grossed by all the affection in the air!”Connor’s old friend, Kanen'tó:kon said, and the others slowly nodded in agreement. This was a private moment, and they should leave him be. He was in good hands now.

All of them were proud and happy for him. They clearly approved his choice, and supported him from the spirit world, even if he couldn’t see them.

For you are just one man
For you are just one man

Kanen'tó:kon: The seasons pass, but the threat lingers. When will we be free, brother?

Ratonhnhaké:ton: It is not so simple, Kanen'tó:kon.

Kanen'tó:kon: You sound like the colonists.

Ratonhnhaké:ton: What do you mean?

Kanen'tó:kon: They are wise with words, using them to hide truth.

Ratonhnhaké:ton: I hide nothing from you.

Kanen'tó:kon: Still… perhaps I should take up arms. Perhaps we all should.

Ratonhnhaké:ton: No. That is not the way.

Kanen'tó:kon: You fight. Why not us?

Ratonhnhaké:ton: I fight so that no one else needs to.

Kanen'tó:kon: But I fear we do, Ratonhnhaké:ton… For you are just one man.

native-snowflake Here you are darling! I hope you like! :D

Inadvertently, Ratonhnhaké:ton’s gaze shifted towards you, much like it always did when you were near. It was strange, the feelings you evoked. He never felt as soothed as he did while in your presence, but at the same time, he never felt as scared. His heart would beat a little faster, his hands would twist nervously together, his eyes would follow every movement, a brilliant blush would litter his cheeks, and his feet would shuffle. 

It was this strange sensation, like he couldn’t speak for fear of messing everything up, yet he longed to speak of everything, of anything. Had it not been for Kanen’tó:kon’s throat clear suddenly, he was quite sure he would’ve watched you all day. It was harder than he cared to admit to tear his eyes away from the enrapturing scene, but he forced himself to pay attention to his friend, heat creeping up his neck at the knowing look.

“She is good with them.” Kanen’tó:kon nodded his head in your direction, observing as a few of the younger children laughed at your actions, playful shouts of delight when you chased them. A small smile tugged at Connor’s lips, his head bobbing up and down as his eyes moved back towards you. He wished it could stay like that, knowing that the loud laughter bubbling from your throat would soon be replaced with shouts. The hands that lifted the children and spun them around would soon be replaced with the blood of your enemies. He sighed. That was just how the life of an Assassin was. 

“Is something wrong?” His friend asked, slightly confused by the change in demeanor. Just a moment ago, Ratonhnhaké:ton was mirroring the expression of a lovesick puppy, only now, he held a sort of grim acceptance on his features.

“Nothing,” Connor whispered, an unfamiliar weight resting on his shoulders once again. If Kanen’tó:kon didn’t know Connor as well as he did, he might’ve been oblivious to his emotions. Unfortunately for Connor, he did know him well enough to notice the shift in his expression. He was clearly troubled. And, Kanen’tó:kon’s gaze swept back towards you, it more than likely had something to do with the unresolved feelings he had for you. 

It had been quite surprising when Ratonhnhaké:ton had brought you to the village, arousing suspicion in his friend from the very start. Watching the way the two of you interacted and looked to one another when you thought the other wasn’t aware made it all the more obvious, specifically on Connor’s side. The man really was clueless when it came to such emotions. Kanen’tó:kon knew that he’d finally found a way to get back at Connor for his endless teasing as a child, but he just had to wait for the right moment. And it was definitely the right moment. A smirk bloomed on his face, mischief practically oozing from his expression.

“I am happy for you, Ratonhnhaké:ton.” He said, laughing to himself when Connor’s face morphed from that of confusion into a full on blush.

“I do not know what you speak of.” Connor grumbled, dropping his head to the ground in an attempt to stave off the heat coloring his cheeks.

“You do, but she does not.” Kanen’tó:kon argued, tilting his head in your direction. “Go on then, tell her.” Connor was shifting from foot to foot, clearly uncomfortable. His face was violently red, painstakingly obvious despite his best efforts.

“Tell her what?” Connor asked innocently, voice not nearly as even as normal.

“How you feel,” he prompted, hand gesturing towards your body. He muttered inaudibly under his breath, something that Kanen’tó:kon didn’t have to hear to know it was a denial. Honestly, that man could be so stubborn sometimes. At least his teasing would help him!

“Then when will you tell her how you feel?” All hints of playfulness all but vanished, leaving something much heavier in the air around the two friends. Though the embarrassment was still present, Connor seemed to accept the nature of the conversation.

“Soon,” he vowed, looking back towards you. Your eyes caught his, a smile pulling at your lips. He couldn’t help but return it. He was in way too deep but, when you smiled at him, he couldn’t care less.

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Boys in Kanien'kehá:ka—and I’m so curious about their name.

I was told the name, “Ratonhnhaké:ton” means “Scratched life”, and his mother,” Kaniehtí:io” means “Beautiful snow”, if I’m wrong please say to me lol
Then, What about the other’s names? Teiowí:sonte, Kahionhaténion from AC3 DLC TOWK, and of course, how can I didn’t know about Kanen'tó:kon’s mean so far? Even Oiá:ner is not name, that means clan mother as I know. Somebody know about this? Or, it was just me can’t find all the time?

I never liked having to kill either Kanen'tó:kon or Haytham. Connor had a free hand when fighting both men, surely he could have punched them in the head or side, or something, and perhaps gained enough time to push them off.

Fine, Haytham’s choking you; you don’t have much time or many options. But killing your best friend? Neither of them is anywhere close to causing the imminent death of the other.

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