Does anyone else think of that one issue of Red Robin, where Tim has M’gann pose as him at a press conference so that Vicki Vale sees Red Robin and Tim Drake in the same place at the same time, but nobody else knew about the set up besides the Batfam?

Can you just imagine the entire superhero community seeing Tim Drake on television being shot, and they’re all probably panicked, but then less than a millisecond later the camera pans to show Red Robin fighting Scarab, and they’re all throwing down their capes, cursing out Batman and the entire Batfamily.

Like, Conner was probably halfway to Gotham when Clark calls him, and Kon just stops midair and goes “jesus fuckign. How do you deal with this bat stuff?” Then Clark says “Don’t ask me. I just found out Bruce isn’t actually dead.”

i feel like they havent seen eachother in a while

Tim is a speaker at some Conference and he totally didnt expect any assassination attempts nor did he expect to see Kon.

So boom the rumour mill is sent spinning off because what it Superboy doing jumping in to save Tim Drake Wayne and theres photos showing the knowing looks

And then theres the issue of who was trying to shoot him