kaneko isao


Natural kei teddy bear rough coord layout.  I. LOVE. THIS. DRESS. ILOVEITILOVEITILOVEIT.  It is the most decadent nk dress I own.  Seriously, it’s sinful how many pintucks there are.  There are double layers of ruffles all over it.  Not to mention that the two bow ties you see on the skirt portion are both drawstrings to control how wide you want the skirt to flare from the waist.  And the skirt is SO full.

Granted, it’s not THE most outrageously pintucked thing ever released in the nk world, but for the price I paid, it’s pretty damn awesome.

This is just a rough coord thrown together with the things I have, but I think I’ll teddy bear it up with lots of warm cozy knits and teddy bear things for the winter.

Blouse: Pink House

OP: Wonderful World

Skirt: Pink House

corsage: made by me