Amon hiding his kakugan eye

Like most people, I noticed that in chapter 90 of Tokyo Ghoul :re, Amon kept closed his kakugan eye, even before he was hit by Takizawa. 

And then after too:

I have to say this reminds me so much of this:

As much as I hate comparing anime and manga, I have to say I noticed similarity between those two. Kaneki coved his kakugan with his hand because he didn’t want for Hide to see this obvious proof that he is a ghoul, he was ashamed of it, he never wanted to become a ghoul in the first place and he was afraid Hide will hate him for that fact. Something very similar can be applied to Amon’s act. He kept his eye closed because he wanted to hide it from Akira, even though she knew it already, he didn’t want for her to see the truth in his eyes, the truth he is a ghoul, a creature both despise so much. And yes, he was ashamed too… Kaneki and Amon hid the truth from people they love the most, but in the end, truth always finds it’s way to unravel itself.