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Kanebo KATE Gel Eye Liner (Matte Black and Glow Black) Review

Durign our trip in Hong Kong, R and I had come across a small section in one of their Sasa stores that had a series of eye makeup products from Kanebo Kate. R mentioned that the reviews for their gel eyeliner were really good and thus we thought it would be worth a try. It comes in two colours and I bought the gel eyeliner in glow black, while R bought it in matte black.

Kanebo Kate’s Gel Eye Liner is a black gel liner for creating long-lasting sharp lines. It is a gel eyeliner that runs smoothly on the skin and is fade-resistant.

This gel eyeliner came in a small cardboard package with the gel eyeliner in a small pot and the eyeliner brush on the side. The brush comes with a plastic cover for protection and hygiene purposes. The brush provided is soft but firm, a good quality brush that picks up the gel liner easily.

(Left: Matte Black [BK-4], Right: Glow Black [BK-1])

(In the above photo I’ve rubbed over the eyeliner with water very roughly. As you can see the eyeliner hasn’t smudged nor has it faded in colour.)

As someone who isn’t a big fan of gel eyeliners, I found this eyeliner to be pretty good. These gel liners are very smooth in texture and are very black in colour, which I always appreciate. It’s a little difficult to tell the difference between the two back gel liners as both come out very black. The glow black is supposed to have a glossier finish compared to the matte black gel liner, however it seems to dry into a semi-matte look after a while. This gel liner is great when it comes to water resistance, and does not remove easily unless you use cleansing oil. It is also smudge proof, however, only once it has full dried as both R and I noticed it can still smudge along the edges, especially in the 10-15 minute period after you’ve applied it. The Kanebo Kate Gel Eyeliner is also very long lasting. The longest I’ve had them on for was about 8 hours (for work) and it barely budged, only smudging slightly on the ends of my eyes. However, due to the soft formula, it takes a lot more time to ensure that the eyeliner is applied on precisely. As I prefer my eyeliner to have clean cut edges, I found this product to be a little frustrating to use when I am in a rush. Also, this gel liner does dry out over time. Some people have said you can revive it by microwaving it with the addition of a drop of water. Although I’m still more in favour of liquid liners and even pencil liners over gel eye liners, this product is still pretty good and in the end, it really comes down to your preference and the type of look you’re aiming for.

- Waterproof and smudge proof (only once it has fully dried)
- Pigmented
- Eyeliner brush is firm
- Long lasting
- very smooth

- Requires more precision when applying (especially if you want clean edges)
- Does dry out over time
- does not remove easily

Overall rating: 3.5/5