btw, I’m guessing there’s something extra special about Eto/Yoshimura’s kagune. I still have Amon and Takizawa to take into consideration, but I’m sure you guys noticed the scar on Kaneki’s ribs this chapter, right?

It’s from the Owl quinque.

Kaneki was all healed up by the time he fought Arima in V14, and Haise had no marks when we saw his stomach during the Auction Raid. It seems like he was regenerating just fine with Rize’s super-kagune, right up until his hand was taken off by Kanae (who had Eto’s “strength”). 

He lost his: 

  • right hand = Kanea (vicariously Eto, followed by eating her kagune)
  • both legs = IXA - grew back normally
  • left hand = Owl
  • right ribs = Owl 

Everything other than that was “minor” slices and plain kagune being sloughed off, so it all ended up healing regularly. Everything that involved Eto or the Owl quinque, however, are scarred.

So maybe there’s something even more important behind that quinque that Arima knew would (hopefully) help Kaneki in the future somehow. I wonder what they can do…

Patrick Kane

A/N: I like Patrick Kane, but if you don’t like him just don’t read this one, no hate please!

“Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy!” My three kids yell as the enter the bedroom.

“What?” I say awakening with them jumping on me.

“It’s Christmas!” My oldest daughter, Holly says.

“Did Santa come?” I ask them.

“No mummy, we wait for you” My youngest daughter Elena says.

“What about daddy, are we going to wake him up?” I say to them.

All three of them nod their heads with devious smiles on their faces.

“Wake up daddy!” All three of them scream as they pounce onto Patrick.

“I’m up! I’m up!” He yells when he sits up.

Holly, William and Elena all stand there giggling at him.

Patrick looks at them, “Did mommy tell you to do that?” He says. The three of them nod their heads while giggling at him.

“Really” He says and raises his eyebrow at me.

I laugh at my husband, “Yes, really” I say.

“Okay you three go down stairs we’ll be down in a moment” Patrick tells our kids.

The three of them run out of the room as fast as they can, and run down the stairs.

“Finally alone” Patrick says with a smirk.

“Not now, their waiting for us” I say pushing him away.

“But it’s Christmas” He whines.

“Later” I say.

“Fine, lets go then” Patrick says and gets out of bed, walking towards the door.

“Uh Patrick” I say.

“Yeah?” He asks.

“Pants” I say.

He looks down at his bottom half and then notices the absence of his pants.

“I was just getting those” He says slipping on a pair of pyjama pants.

“Sure you were” I say getting out of bed, I walk over to the bathroom and grab my black robe from off of the door. I put it on and then walk towards Patrick.

“Come on, Kane” I say passing him.

“Coming” He says following behind him.

We walk down the stairs and are greeted by our three kids sitting around the Christmas tree.

I go over and sit in one of the chairs around the tree, Patrick goes and sits on the floor in front of me along with the kids.

“Mommy, can I open this one!” William says with excitement.

“Do Holly and Ellie have a present to open too?” I ask.

“Yes” He says.

“Then you can” I say and the three of them open up their presents.

All three of them let out squeals of excitement.

“Daddy, look I got a new helmet!” Holly says walking over to Patrick.

“Wow that’s a nice helmet” He says to her.

“I know! It was the one I asked for” She says.

“And did you see who got it for you?” He asks her.

“You! Thank you daddy!” She says hugging him.

“Your welcome” Patrick says hugging her back.

“New skates!” Will yells.

“Someone’s excited” I say.

“Thank you mommy and daddy!” He says and grabs another present.

“Slow down, buddy let your sisters open some” Patrick says.

“Ellie, what did you get?” I ask my youngest daughter, who hadn’t been talking for a while.

“I got Elsa doll!” She says showing off the plush doll of her favourite princess.

Ellie then walks over to me and Patrick holding a little bag in her hand. She hands the bag to me.

“Is this for me?” I ask her with a smile on my face.

“And daddy” She says.

I get onto the floor beside Patrick so we can open it up together. Inside of the bag I find a necklace made of beads in there.

“Ellie, thank you honey” I say putting the necklace on then giving her a hug.

Patrick pulls out a piece of paper from the bag.

“Did you draw this Ellie?” Patrick says with a smile on his face.

She nods her head.

“Come here, baby” He says with his arms open. Ellie runs over into Patricks open arms.

Ellie then runs back over to William and Holly who are opening their own presents.

William then runs over to us, “I got you a present too!’ He says giving us a poorly wrapped present.

I give the present over to Patrick to open. Patrick opens it up to reveal a picture frame, with a picture of our family in it.

"Thanks you, Will” I say opening my arms to give him a hug.

“Your welcome mommy” He says hugging me.

“I helped with it!” Holly says when she walks over.

“Come here, Holly” Patrick says pulling her in for a hug.

“Group hug!” Ellie says and runs over to us trying to wrap her small arms around us all. The force the Ellie gives from running into us, makes Patrick fall down, all of us falling on top of each other.

Best. Christmas. Ever.

A/N: Hope you liked it! :)

Christmas one because it’s Christmas season! :)

Requests are open! :)

:re Chapter 36 Questions

Hi! So, this week I got a lot more questions than last week, so let’s get down to it.

About the S1-S3 Squads

Anon said: Hello dear, pls explain to me about the S1, S2, S3 squad, and Zero squad??.. i’m confused who in which team now +_+ (sorry my terrible english btw) 

freedom-s0ul said: Hi there! I’m very confused with the set up of squads in ccg specially when it’s “s1 or s20 etc. Could you shed some light on it.

Okay, so, we are talking about two things here: the squads that were present during the Anteiku Raid and the S1-S3 squads.

During the Anteku Raid, the CCG formed 5 squads:

  • Squad 0:
    • Arima Kishou - Captain - Eliminated ghouls in underground tunnels, fought against Eyepatch and the One Eyed Owl
    • Ui Koori - Vice Captain - Fought against the Fake Owl and the One Eyed Owl
    • Ihei Hairu - Eliminated ghouls in underground tunnels
  • Squad 1:
    • Shinohara Yukinori - Captain - Fought against the Fake Owl and the One Eyed Owl
    • Kuroiwa Iwao - Vice Captain - Fought against the Fake Owl and the One Eyed Owl
    • Houji Kousuke - Squad Leader - Fought against the Fake Owl and the One Eyed Owl
    • Mado Akira - Assistant Squad Leader - Directed the Squad in the absence of her superiors
    • Takizawa Seidou - Left to find Squad 4
    • Gori Misato
  • Squad 2:
    • Tanakamaru Mougan - Captain - Fought against the Devil Ape
  • Squad 3:
    • Hachikawa Chuu - Captain - Fought against the Black Dog
    • Hirako Take - Squad Leader - Fought against the Black Dog and the One Eyed Owl
    • Hogi Ayumu - Fought against the Black Dog
    • Itou Kuramoto - Fought against the Black Dog
  • Squad 4:
    • Chino Mutsumi - Captain
    • Amon Koutarou - Squad Leader - Fought against Eyepatch
  • Unknown Squad:
    • Suzuya Juuzou - Fought against the Fake Owl and the One Eyed Owl

During the transport of quinque steel and Auction Raid, the Squad 0 is formed by Arima, Ihei and five more people. This squad only appears during big operations. 

The S1, S2 and S3 squads are permanent squads of the CCG formed by Senior Investigator, most of which have their own squads (like Akira, who has the Mado Squad and is affiliated with the Quinx Squad).

  • S1 Squad:
    • Ui Koori - Leader - Used to be part of S3 Squad - Part of Squad 0
    • Ihei Hairu - Part of Squad 0
    • Fura Taishi
  • S2 Squad:
    • Washu Matsuri - Leader - Part of Division II
    • Shimoguchi Nobu
    • Mado Akira
  • S3 Squad
    • Marude Itsuki - Leader - Part of Division II
    • Kuki Urie’s father - Used to be the leader
    • Arima Kishiou - Part of Squad 0
    • Hirako Take - Used to be part of S2 Squad
    • Houji Kousuke

Hope this helps!

Is Kijima Jason’s torturer?

Anon said: Kijima does the weird hat tip again before he goes to interrogate Yuma and that creepy smile panel…. idk is Ishida Sui trying to tell us that this guy IS part of V?

He does it a lot, for sure. What we know is that he is human and has been part of the CCG for a while, so if he is part of V he must be very dedicated. Maybe he’s encountered them before and, similar to Jason and Kaneki, adopted some of their gestures.

purpleswans1 said: Quick question, what do you think about Kijima? Looking at his scars, and hearing that he used to be an interrogator makes me wonder if he’s the guy who tortured Yamori. 

mourning-cloak said: Do you think that Kijima is the investigator that was torturing Jason? And do you believe that Sasaki believed that Uta’s kakugan is a tattoo?

joxxoj said: Hello :) Thank you for your awesome blog, it makes waiting for chapter every week more bearable. I wonder what you think about Kijima being an interogator at cochlea before. Do you think he could be The interogator that tortured Yamori ? He even have a big scar on his eye like the person we see in Juuzou’s past…

Thanks for the support! (*≧▽≦) Well, he doesn’t really do the finger-cracking thing, rather the V thing with his hat. They both have a lot of scars:

(Jason tortured his torturer only for an hour):

And they are intruduced as interrogators in a similar manner:

But Kijima is way too short to be the same person, so I don’t know.

Tsukiyama household and Kanae’s decision

Anon said: I think Kijima is going to chop that guy’s head off and send it to the Roses next harvesting location or something??

Well, he did mention that he was sure that he wouldn’t talk, so I guess it’s a possibility. However, it might just be to intimidate him.

Anon said: OMG Aliza and Yuma are lovers? She runs away crying when Matsumae apologizes about him. Kijima is scary, you believe that he will torture to make him talk ? 

Maybe they are lovers, maybe friends, maybe even brothers. We only know that they were close enough to make Aliza sad over his capture. As for torture, I guess it’s possible; however, Kijima does mention that no matter how much he interrogated him, he knew Yuma wouldn’t talk, so he might not torture him and rather just kill him.

Anon said: I loveeee your blog! Ty so much for taking the time to always answer things and give us your theories!!! I enjoy them a lot hehe ^^ I have one question - has Matsumae, the Tsukiyama household servant, been present somewhere in tokyo ghoul (not in :re) because i dont remember anything about him(her?) but he does seem familiar…

Not in the manga, but she’s been introduced before in the novel Hibi (Days), chapter “Photography”, where she is Shuu’s homeroom teacher. She is also mentioned in one of the Omabien (read/hear it; it’s really worth it). 

Anon said: In Chapter 36, does the pattern on Kanae’s pants look a lot like geometrical figure "FLower of Life”?

I don’t think that’s it, though it does resemble it (by the way, it’s the servants’ uniform; all the males wear that kind of pants and a striped vest).

Anon said: What do you think Kanea meant when he asked Chie in chapter 36 “Just listen to me Little Mouse?” Given the context that it is now difficult for them to bring Shuu anything to eat do you think he is planning on feeding Chie to Shuu? Or do you think he will tell Chie to bring Sasaki to them and feed him to Shuu?

I think he’s going to talk about his decision regarding Shuu and his family; seems like after talking to Matsumae he’s finally made up his mind. I doubt he’d even try to kill her; Tsukiyama knows her smell, so if Kanae were to feed her to him he would know it was his pet and would be sad or maybe even angry at Kanae’s actions. Maybe he’ll ask about Sasaki, though.

Arima and Hirako

Anon said: Just curious, has Arima indeed NEVER praised anyone? Didnt he praise Kaneki when they were fighting back in TG and Kaneki was going crazy as centipede (does this even count?)

He’s praised Kaneki:

He gives Haise feedback:

He’s kind of praised Amon:

He encouraged Juuzou:

He acknowledged Akira and Urie’s abilities:

And he’s given some interesting comments to ghouls (Katou and Yomo): 

Anon said: What is your opinion on Arima’s and Take’s new partnership? It’s implied take has some sort of animosity towards his superior and they don’t even look happy to work together in the re 36 panels.. 

They don’t look happy, true, but they don’t seem exactly angry or hateful; I think it’s just their usual pocker face.

Anon said: Back during the Auction Raid Uta said Hirako hated Arima. Do you know why Hirako would hate Arima? They are now on the same squad and seem to have a lot of tension around them.

There’s this awesome analysis by sans-san​. She makes some really good points.

Will the Quinx get masks?

Anon said: Omg omg what if Haise is gonna buy some masks for the Qs so they can infiltrate the ghoul world to dig up info for the Rose investigation??

That’d be amazing, but I’m not sure he’d put them in danger. Also, Kanae knows Mutsuki’s smell, so that could be very dangerous.

Anon said: I have a theory that soon we will see the Q’s having their own ghoul masks and go around under cover again. But this time as ghouls. Now there are many issues with this plan such as aside from Sasaki none of the Q’s smell like a ghoul or know how the current ghoul society is. Aside from that what type of Masks do you think the Q’s and Sasaki will wear since he is keeping the eyepatch mask? Will he wear that one or get a new mask?

There’s many problems indeed; they have Kagunes and Kakugan, though, so they could still manage to talk to some ghouls and get information. 

As for the masks:

  • Saiko is a gamer, so she could get something related to a videogame or anime.
  • Shirazu might want to get something really cool.
  • Urie wouldn’t care at all, so he could get something simple.
  • Mutsuki wouldn’t want something intimidating or scary, so he would leave it to someone else.
  • Haise might get a new one, but he did accept Uta’s offer to keep the mask, so I guess he’ll be using that (hopefully no one who knew/saw Eyepatch sees him; that wouldn’t end good).

Anon said: First things first, I love your blog!!!. 1. Do you think that, haise its gonna give masks, to the Q,S squad? you know, for the conversation between haise and uta in the chapter 36. 2. Why ishida sensei will put again Kosaka (Touka’s best friend) again in the manga?

Thanks so much for the support (´。・v・。`) I do think he’ll get them masks. I talk about Yoriko below.

Anon said: If Haise and the Q’s go undercover as ghouls do you think they would meet Touka and Nishiki? And if this happened how do you think the outcome would be?

They could meet them, but I don’t know how or where. Maybe they’d find Yomo or Nishiki, they seem to be more active than Touka.

Anon said: Do you think haise is planning to wear the mask?

I’m pretty sure he will (≡^∇^≡) Not sure when, though. Thing is, he kept it for a reason.

mimslullaby said: Hello there! First, thanks for your incredible work, your theories are always interesting, I read it everytime! x) I have a few questions for you about the last chapter : 1-What are your thoughts about Haise’s demand, regarding the customade masks? Does he had a certain plan in mind for him and the quinx? 2-Do you think we could see Yoriko more in TG re: ? I didn’t expect to see her now and for her to know Kuroiwa, so it’s a good surprise. Do you think she will be involved in the ghoul’s world? I wish you a good continuation and a nice day! PS : Sorry if my english isn’t correct ><

Hey! First, thanks for the kind words ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Now, I think he asked for two reasons:

  • To get the Quinx some masks.
  • To confirm that the mask Uta send “by mistake” was actually his, as it fits him perfectly.

As for Yoriko, I talk about that below. 

Uta’s conversation with Sasaki, true nature and tattoos.

Anon said: Please clarify something because I feel confused: at first it seems like Uta doesnt recognize Haise as Kaneki and he’s like “Oh i sent the mask to the wrong address I guess” and then he tells Haise to keep the mask anyways…. so does he or does he not know that Haise is Kaneki??? Also do you think that the eye tattoo thing is to hide the fact that Uta’s kakugan is always showing or is it actually why it seems his kakugan is showing? I do know that the eye tattoos are a “thing”/trend in places.. 

He does recognize him and it wasn’t a mistake, but I assume he’d expect Kaneki to remember him and when Haise came in without memories, he lied. This also ties to the fact that he asked the people at :re what they wanted to do about Kaneki and Touka asked him to wait for him to come back by himself (that’s what I think she meant by this):

Anon said: Why do you think Uta actually send the mask to sasaki? It’s pretty obvious that he didn’t just got the wrong adress :o I’m just wondering what Uta is up to since his whole character in tokyo ghoul is so odd Btw your blog and you are just amazing 😍👌

I think he was expecting him to remember or he knew that it would be useful for him at some point. You are even more amazing 」( ̄▽ ̄」)

Anon said: Do you really think Haise buys Uta’s tattoo explanation?

coolcatsunite said: I have a question about the whole hysy meeting. Do you think Haise was unconvinced about Uta’s eyes? Also what do you think Kanae has planned with Hori? Thanks for answering and have a great day~

Sasaki might be a lot of things, among them naive and very trusty of people; yet, he is not dumb.

He often thinks of the reasons behind a ghoul’s acts:

He was able to see the pattern in Nutcracker’s list, leading to a plan that allowed them to get information (leading to the Auction):

Even Matsuri and his subordinates realize he is pretty smart:

He thinks a lot about the actions his squad should follow:

And we need to remember that, even if he is different, he is Kaneki, who was always recognized as someone really smart. I doubt he believed Uta, but it wouldn’t be wise to push on or say something, as he didn’t seem to have his Quinque; however, Uta didn’t hurt him or anyone else, thus why Haise left him be (have a good day you too! n_n). 

Anon said: I have seen ppl pointing toward Uta’s eyes with veins in the flashback but it is on the left eye. Uta pointed toward his right eye being tattooed. What if he is OEG like Eto but he doesn’t want to be killed by V so he had to do that? He doesn’t want to use his kagune since the moment he does, its appearance will have one eye silhouette like Eto and ppl can discover it. Sorry if this sound crazy - what if he is that OEK who was rumored to be nonexistent, bc he masks do well. 

Anon said: Shouldn’t Haise be able to tell by uta’s smell that he is a ghoul ?

Haise? No. Smell is his best sense, but he is far below ghouls. He can’t tell if someone is a ghoul or human by their smell (only when they smell really good, but that’s it). 

However, other ghouls can, so if he was a human or half ghoul, they’d know: human, for obvious reasons, half ghoul, because it is mentioned multiple times how weird and delicious Kaneki smells. 

Yomo and Itori have known him for years, Yoshimura, Asa and the people at Anteiku too; he used to run the 4th ward, so someone would’ve mentioned it at least once if he was not a ghoul. However, no one did. Even Tsukiyama, who was always in the search of weird things to eat, didn’t say anything, so I highly doubt he is a half-ghoul.

Uta is extremely curious over the fact that Kaneki is a half-ghoul, like everyone else; if he had been a half-ghoul too he would’ve reacted differently or at least do something suspicious; yet, he only sniffs him (like everyone else):

Anon said: How do you think Uta got his tattoos if needles can only pierce ghouls in the mucus membrane? The only way I can think of is he used an RC repressor beforehand, but that would be really dangerous

If he did it by himself or with someone he trusts a lot, I don’t think it’d be that dangerous as it is not permament, so I guess that’s the reason.

Anon said: Hello dear just wanna ask, why uta always actives his kakugan?? does he hungry all the times? Or couldn’t control it? ( he never uses his kagune as well) or just want to show off because it looks cool.. just curious, what do you think? Awesome blog you made,i check this blog everyday<3

Thanks so much for the suppport! (。・ω・。) I don’t think he’s hungry all the time, as we see him eating a few times. Maybe he just fully accept that he is a ghoul and is not trying to deny it or to blend into society.

Anon said: What is Uta’s thing with eyes? I mean whenever he is shown eating that seems to be all it is. Human eyes. And he is the only ghoul who always has his Kakugan activated all the time. So there has to be a meaning about that. Or do you think it is a genetic disorder? Like the Tsukiyama family being unable to become Kakuja? Or Rize and Jack who are binge eaters?

To be fair, we see him drinking blood with Itori…

…drinking coffee at :re…

…and eating “something” (quoting Ishida-sensei):

But, the eye thing could be because the eyes are “the window to the soul”, and he’s got a huge appreciation for humans, so I guess that’s the reason. As for his Kakugan, either what I mention above or it could be a disorder, as you said.

Yoriko’s reappereance

shitarasama​ said: In chapter 36 (I’m translating some of it), Yoriko’s name tag says “Yoriko, obviously, but the last two characters in her name look like a 12. Can you shed some light on this? :D

It kinda looks like it, true.

  • Tarot Major Arcana (XII) “The Hanged Man”
    • Upright: Suspension, restriction, letting go, sacrifice
    • Reversed: Martyrdom, indecision, delay

Either way, is not really possitive (maybe it reffers to her letting go of Touka?). Hope nothing bad happens to her.

Anon said: Yoriko was brought into this chapter. It doesn’t seem like her and Touka have talked since the Anteiku Raid 3 years ago. What do you think her involvement in RE will be? It seems as if she knows Takeomi. How would they know each other?

Anon said: Now, now, do I see a V at Yoriko’s collar? And what role do you think she is going to take in the story from now on ?

That’s just a V neck, I highly doubt it’s meant to be a reference to Tarot. As for her role, we’ll probably learn first how she knows Takeomi; it doesn’t seem like they know eachother well (she wasn’t sure of his name and they call eachother by their family names) and they probably hadn’t seen eachother for a while. 

I doubt she’s hanged out with Touka for a while (heck, she probably doesn’t know if she’s alive) and her eyes look a lot sadder than before (I didn’t even recognize her at first because of that Ishida-sensei is too good at drawing expressions), so she must’ve gone through bad stuff. 

First: Shirazu will probably fall for her (first Akira, then Touka). I can see her actually providing information that helps with the investigation, or maybe she gets kidnapped by Rose (oh God, please no). It’d be interesting to see her interacting with Sasaki (you know, this happened):

Anon said: In the past you have said that Ishida Sui never introduces characters for them to play absolutely no part in moving the plot forward or allowing for character development and I think that statement proves true especially with the reappearance of Yoriko! I do hope that no harm comes to her, and I can’t wait to see her reunited with Touka! Her bakery and Touka’s cafe could totally have some sort of partnership too :)

I want to see her reunited with Touka too! Hey… you’ve been here for a while… thanks so much for everything! (๑>◡<๑)

Random question about Haise’s Eyes

Anon said: Hello hello~ in the recent chapter, there is one panel with Haise and him thinking with his glasses on. He seems to be pinching his nose? Or pushing his glasses up or something… do you know if this is an action he took from someone else subconsciously? (Like the palm thinking thing from Hide and the chin scratching from Ken’s mom)As always thank you for taking the time to answer!!

I think he’s pinching the bridge of his nose, which relates to what he says:

I think his eyesight is getting worse (as in, even with his glasses on he sees bad) or his eyes hurt (because of Arima). It could also be a headache; when I get a headache I do that and it hurts less. I don’t remember anyone else doing that. 

Well, this was long. Sorry for that. Also, we hit 8000 followers (and I say we because you do half of the job, guys)! Forgot to take a screenshot, sorry. You all are awesome. 

Random fact: I just had a mini heart attack because my browser was about to crash. On that note, I shall leave and get some rest. This was meant to be posted earlier, but my dad bought me (finally) “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” and I binge read it (books don’t last me long). Have a good day/night guys (◍•ᴗ•◍)

i think that Mutsuki (aside from beingparalleled to Kaneki) is being paralleled to Touka and/or Hinami.

Why do I think Touka (And Haise'sparallels to Arima) :

Because of this most recent chapter. He saves Mutsuki just as he saved Touka. He apologized to them both for being late, and had the urge to protect both of them, though none of what they went through was really his fault.

He blamed himself for what happened to Touka because he couldn’t protect her from Ayato.

He blames himself for Mutsuki being hurt because he’s Mutsuki’s mentor.

Now we see that Touka and Mutsuki are starting to mirror one another, and I’m not going to say there’s a love interest, because I don’t think that manga supports a ‘love interest’ between Touka and Kaneki, but that’s just me.

Now we see that Touka and Mutsuki are starting to mirror one another, and I’m not going to say there’s a love interest, because I don’t think that manga supports a 'love interest’ between Touka and Kaneki, but that’s just me.

However, due to Mutsuki’s feelings about men, and with the manga suggesting that he had a bad past with them, I can’t see a relationship between the two of them. However, if we’re going by the theory that something happened in Mutsuki’s past with a guy, then I can see a huge character shift in the way he looks at Haise.

Mutsuki sees Haise as a father, and I think Touka saw Kaneki as a placement for Arata too. If Mutsuki has a weariness of men, then Haise is certainly showing him other wise. This panel speaks to me, because it’s almost as if you can see the “shift” in his (Mutsuki’s) body language. It’s the same kind of realization Touka had in her eyes, after Kaneki saved her:

During this scene, with Mutsuki in a dress, and being saved by an knightly looking Haise, It made me think of a knight rescuing a princess.

This actually makes a lot of sense. Recall in TG Jack when Minami and Taishi were talking about Arima, they said he reminded them of a knight. So for Haise to be paralleled as a knight, in the act of saving doesn’t surprise me.

Just like Arima saved Minami, Kaneki saves Touka, and Haise saves Mutsuki. That’s certainly knight like to me.

Not to mention, Haise’s hair is getting a lot whiter. Look at the two pictures again, I just noticed this.

When Haise is saving Mutsuki, his hair is dark in the center.

When Kaneki is saving Touka, his hair is dark at the tips.

And with Kanea and Haise about to square off, perhaps he’ll remember soon. I think it’s clever how Ishida makes Kanea speak German, and not French, because a phrase in French could’ve certainly triggered Haise’s memory.

Mutsuki and Hinami:

I say Mutsuki is mirrored to Hinami because while she couldn’t do anything physically for Kaneki, she knew if he was uncomfortable, she knew if he was hurting, etc. No, she wasn’t the strongest one in the anti-aogiri team, but she didn’t necessarily have to be strong to help Kaneki.

She was there for Kaneki,  in the same way that Mutsuki, who’s not strong or outstanding or anything like that, is there for Haise. He keeps him company. He’s not necessarily his moral support, but he’s like his cheerleader. They relate more than anyone from the squad.

Just as Touka looks up to Kaneki, Hinami looked up to him too, as does Mutsuki.

reluctant-reflection  asked:

What is Crow's brightest memory?

There is snow outside and all the world seems hushed by it. The interior of the old barn is warm, though, and even the howling of the wind can’t compete with the brilliance of the child’s laughter as she toddles through the old hay, stopping occasionally to pick it up and throw it in the air.

“She’s not frightened at all…”

He can tell that Kanea is just as smitten as he is; it’s in the airy tone of her voice, the gentle way her translucent hand clutches at his arm where they’re cuddled together.

“No. She came right to me.”

“She must be a changling. Or fae-blooded.”

He only shrugs, shaking his head. “She was alone. That’s all I know. I took her.”

He can feel Kanea smile without even looking at her, and when she kisses him he feels like he might burn right through the floor.

“Can we keep her?” he asks, almost teasing, and his heart swells when Kanea laughs, nodding as she snuggles up against him, her tiny body hungry for the heat he offered.

“Yes,” she says. “Yes, we’ll keep her.”


It had never been the whirlwind romance Crow had expected, the one he would idealize it into when he thinks back on it years in the future. The sentiment is there between them, the heady rush of affection and need to be close, but there is little tender brushing of fingers or eyes that Crow could fall into and drown forever. He suspects that if he tried, his wrist would be broken.

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