Give me comic book characters talking about social issues.
Give me Officer Grayson talking about police brutality and corrupt police forces.
Give me Bruce Wayne talking about gun control.
Give me Diana Prince talking about immigration.
Give me Clark Kent talking being a refugee.
Give me Stephanie Brown talking about domestic violence and teen pregnancy.
Give me Harper Row talking about the dangers of being an openly queer woman.
Give me Duke Thomas talking about modern racism and the unfairness of the foster system.
Give me more Matt Murdock talking about being blind and successful.
Give me Jason Todd talking about how addiction and organized crimes ruin families.
Give me Roy Harper adressimg the issues that come with modern culture’s glamorization of drug abuse.
Give me Cass Cain and Barbara Gordon talking about being disabled women.
Give me Helena Bertinelli talking about being a biracial woman.
Give me Billy Batson talking about the foster system.
Give me Kate kane talking about being a Jewish queer woman.
Give me more Virgil Hawkins, Icon, Raquel Irvine and other PoC characters addressing the social and economic issues that face modern PoC.
Give me more trans characters like Alysia Yeoh.
Give me jughead addressing asexual erasure.
Give me more characters like Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Jessica Jones, x-men.
Give me powerful characters using their positions as a method of education.

There’s another secret room in the Batcave besides the one holding the tower from Infinite Crisis. It’s a wrestling ring where the entire family, except for Bruce participates in WWE-Style Wrestling matches. Yes, Alfred wrestles too. His finisher is the Jolly Roger Super Kick. And, of course, everyone stares at Dick Grayson’s butt in spandex. They can’t escape it. Even Kate said she would turn straight for Grayson’s booty for one night.


comingupforblair  asked:

Whom do you think would be a good choice to play Kate Kane in the DCEU? I think she's the character I most want to appear.


My top choice:
Jennifer Connelly, gorgeous age appropriate Jewish woman plus experience in superhero movies. Her filmography clearly indicates she could take the role, whether it’s a dark noir secret society monster hunting mystery or a slightly comedic, troubled hero action movie.

Some other considerations:
Daniela Ruah, a bit on the younger side but clearly capable of action sequences and with a pretty decent career behind her I think she could pull it off well. PLUS Sephardic Judaism!!!

If we’re skewing eveeeen younger, Emmy Rossum. She’s proven herself as a great dramatic actress! She may not be able to pull off action, but given the chance I think she may do surprisingly well.

Also just for extra trivia my choice for Bette Kane is Odeya Rush obviously.