kane is able


It’s not the first time they met.
Sadie’s known Lacy for years. They’re classmates at The Academy and Sadie likes Lacy a lot. She’s good at maths and smiles with her teeth shown wide and has big, great Broadway dreams. The thing that makes Sadie cautious is that Lacy is mortal.
Sadie’s always very careful making mortal friends. She had loved Liz and Emma dearly but the more they saw of the House of Life and of Isis and of Brooklyn House the more confused they got. Closer to the end of their friendship they would look at Sadie and not really see her, their brains clouded and confused by the layering of the mortal and magic world.
Sadie has always chosen strong girls for friends but at some point, everybody has a limit.
Sadie doesn’t want Lacy to cloud over like that. She’s too bright. They sit together in the library over their shared free period and yes, technically they could leave because they’re upperclassman but Sadie likes sitting a little too close to Lacy while they share their homework because Sadie actually enjoys English but Lacy struggles and that’s alright. Lacy will probably have to walk her through Geometry tomorrow. Lacy sneaks iced mochas with double shots into school in a pink aluminum water bottle and when Sadie takes a sip it makes her heart buzz.
She doesn’t think it’s the caffeine.

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You’re Next - Yandere!Serial Killer!Jongin X Reader

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Yandere AU - Part of the Yandere!EXO X Reader Series

Genre: Mature, Horror, Angst, Semi-Smut (Not really, just mentions of it)

Pairing: Jongin X Reader

Words: 8,358

Warning: This is a Yandere story, it will contain themes such as stalking, violence, obsession, possessive natures, and just general overall creepiness and swearing. You have been warned.

A/n: Halloween update is here! Even though it’s technically not Halloween anymore, oops. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this one, it’s defiantly creepier than the rest. As always, this is just my interpretation of this archetype and the song. I do not believe Jongin, nor any of the other members, past or present, of EXO would act like this. Feedback is always greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy!

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sunshine over Motorcity

Katsugeki Rant#13 -THE FINALE-

I’ve been waiting to do this since last night. LET’S GET STARTED

-Ooh so Hori was just only added to the flow of history. And here I thought Tetsunosuke was a goner ‘cause Hori replaced him.

-Wait whaaat??? What do you mean it’s been 3 years since you parted with Team 2 Hori?? Or does he mean that he’s been assigned to team 2 for 3 years now??


-Oh what am I supposed to do with you Hori? Not only Kane-san was able to “fix” history, you do realize that because of you a thousand enemies are making their way to Hakodate right?? Way to go Hori, you pulled a Hanamaru Yamatonokami better than the Hanamaru Yamatonokami himself.

-Well at least you finally have your resolve cleared, so welcome back Hori.

-I never knew “Inspirational Speech” and “Knocking Some Sense ” was a sword technique. 

-Wait how is everyone able to catch up with Kane-san, who’s riding a horse?? I mean I can understand that Hizamaru caught up since he’s in-game one of the fastest tachi. But Oodenta, in-game one of the slowest tachis, on the other haaand….

-Damnn Ufotable, back at it again with the unlimited budget.

-RIP Kane-san’s horse.

-Ufotable sure love their glowy circles in the sky huh?

-Yamanbagiri kicking ass with a wounded shoulder.

-The lack of enemy yaris and naginatas is really REALLY disturbing. 


-Mikazuki’s entrance alone killed like 50 enemies.

-The 3 Great Spears of Japan(Only 1 is present), and the 5 Heavenly Swords (only 2 is present).

-Wait whaat?? Jijii and Tsuru-san used to be partners?? So they used to work together before being assigned to different units? I’d like 4 anime seasons, 2 movies and a stage play to explain their past please. Oh and don’t forget to throw in Kogi with it too, thank-you!

-We also need like 2 seasons explaining the origin of Team 1 too, thank-you!

-And yeah, that whole MikaTsuru(or TsuruMika if that’s your preference) scene is going to spark so many fan art, doujin, and fanfiction.

-Ooh Tsuru-san with his feathers special effects. Fancy.

-Anija finally remembers his brother’s name?? Check I guess?? I’m happy yet so confused right now. I mean I’ve always seen Anija’s inability to remember names a running gag in this franchise.

-I’m sure when they’re introduced in Hanamaru there’s gonna be a whole episode dedicated to helping Anija remember his brother’s name.

-Wether Anija genuinely forgets Hiza’s name or is just pretending is still very controversial.

-What’s even more surprising is Hizamaru’s reaction. I was hoping for the man-child to go “OMG ANIJA YOU FINALLY REMEBER!!” and cried tears of joy while still kicking ass. But there’s also a high possibility that Hiza didn’t hear his brother, looking at the situation they were in at the moment.

-Awataguchi family fighting style!!

-Isn’t Yamanbagiri and Hori going to talk to each other like, at all?? YOU GUYS ARE BROTHERS FOR GOODNESS SAKE. AND HERE I THOUGHT BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER.

-Aw Hori don’t cry…

-Mikazuki, being vague doesn’t make you sound old and smart. It’s confusing, be more specific.

-Don’t worry Kane-san, humans randomly die all the time.

-History is all about learning from the past so we don’t make the same mistakes again so we don’t mess up the future. One small change in the past can result in a really really different future. Butterfly effect’n stuff, aruji will fill you up on that once you’re back at Honmaru Kane-san.

-Love how team 1 looks at team 2 and be like “Oh this is just the beginning of your slavery.” Well team 1 is very OP so I totally get that the saniwa must’ve worked their asses out and shaped them into what they are now. 

-But again, there’s like 50 swords in Katsugeki’s Honmaru. Can’t the saniwa arrange new teams instead? Or is that too much work?

-Last rant I said this is not Hori’s kiwame training. I take that back. This 13-episode season IS his kiwame training.

-Things are so intense here while in the game we’re eating dangos and chasing bunnies.

-And finally, I totally underestimated map 1-1. I never knew it was this intense.

Man I can’t believe it’s over! I sound so salty and triggered in this last rant don’t I (lol)? . My expectations weren’t high for this so I really could say that Katsugeki was really well-made. I still don’t like the way they portrayed Kane-san and Hori’s relationship. Also they really need to go more in depth with explaining each character. But it was overall enjoyable, so I’m giving this anime a 3/5!!

There’s also a movie coming up! I hope it’s not just a recap of the series. What’s the movie going to be about? Maybe Team 2′s new mission? Or the history of Team 1?? Or Mikazuki’s and Tsurumaru’s past?? But please move away from the Shinsengumi, Hanamaru and Katsugeki has already given us more than enough.

And since this is the last rant, may I present you: Saniwa Tsukiko’s version of Team 1 and Team 2!!

Basically they’re all OP in my citadel. I really should get the petals off of their faces….oh well haha.

That wraps it all up! Thanks to everyone who took time reading my rants. You’ll still see me with my TKRB event reviews. So..

See y’all later then!! 

Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in



A/N: So despite the rather rude comment I received the other day about “lying” to you guys when I’ll upload my chapters I tried my best to get this up Wednesday. I just want to say again because though it’s one comment I know some may be annoyed that I don’t post that regularly. You guys are amazing to me, more than I deserve and this story got a lot more love than I ever expected it to. I am so thankful. But though I love writing this story, writing is not the only thing i do in life. I am only sixteen, this isn’t a job for me nor is this a career. This is a hobby I love doing more than anything. I have to spend time with family and friends and when i lock myself away in my room writing for hours, I feel horrible because I have ignore my family. I take days and hours to make this story the best i can so i can give back all the amazing support and love i’ve received. Please understand when i don’t get it up regularly. 

Moving on, I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

AGAIN, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Based off of: The 100 02x09 and 02x10

Warnings: none

“What we need is an inside man.” Your ears immediately perked up upon Bellamy’s words, looking up from the ground you stared at the back of his head intently. Opposed to before when you’d been distracted by your own thoughts, you paid close attention what Bellamy said next. “Someone to be our eyes and ears.”

“Forget it, it’s too dangerous.” Clarke dismissed, confused as to why she would turn down a option that could maybe even help you save your friends quicker, you quickened your pace. Sure it was dangerous, and you hated the thought of Bellamy being the one to do this, but it was an opportunity. You fell beside Bellamy, them both immediately turning to you upon your entrance. Looking only at Clarke, you shook your head at her; “Clarke, he’s right. Having an inside man could be helpful.”

“If you can make it out, Clarke. I can make it in.” Bellamy pushed.

“I said no.”

“Since I don’t take orders from you, i’m gonna need a better reason.” Bellamy bit back, and you fell silent, feeling as if you weren’t really needed in this conversation. Though you remained by Bellamy’s side, you kept quiet adversed to how you usually spoke your mind.

“I can’t loose you too, okay?” Your eyes widened, turning to look at Clarke in bewilderment. You guessed you just never knew they were that close… You don’t know exactly why, but her words stung you and you found yourself watching Bellamy’s reaction carefully. He quieted down, almost regretful that he’d pushed her, and that stung even more.

Falling back, you shook your head, you held no real reason to be upset with her words. Why were you even upset to begin with? Bellamy was your friend sure, and you always liked to think you two held something special, but that definitely didn’t mean you were the only one who cared for him and the only one he cared for. 

“Y/N.” You heard your father call, and immediately you lifted your head. You were a bit shocked to hear him call your name, you two hadn’t spoken all that much since he’d come to the ground nor had you spoken about the incident the day before. Nonetheless, you swallowed down your nervousness and stopped so he could fall into step beside you. “Yes, sir?” You replied, knowing he liked formalities.

His hand fell on your shoulder and you stared in bewilderment at the hand, not in a long time, probably since you were a young girl, had your father comforted you. Or at least comfort you in his own way. You weren’t sure why or how, but your father was changing. It seemed for the better and you weren’t complaining, you just hoped your wouldn’t be left behind in this personality change of his. 

“There’s no need to call me that.” Kane said, smiling lightly down at you. it was small, almost non-existent but nonetheless it threw you for a loop, shocked to hear those very words come from your own father. The father that had been hard and strict for as long as you’d known him. All your life you’d been told to call your father “sir” even when you were just a young child and if you hadn’t you’d be yelled at. Kane had told that it was disrespectful to call a member of the council not by a respective title even if you were his child.

“I thought I was always meant to call you that.” You mumbled, staring at your father from the side. It was odd to share such a reclusive personal conversation with Kane. You’d never really been able to speak with him on your own and though you were surrounded by the many now, no one was near to hear your conversation and for once Kane was solely focused on you. It felt like it was only the two of you, and that’s what mattered.

“That was on the Arc, Y/N.” Kane reminded lightly. “We are no longer on the Ark, and besides it seems as if us adults have no true leadership power now.”

You gripped your hands in a death grip, finding it hard to just look at the body you knew belonged to that of Finn. Despite all the times Bellamy had told you it was not your fault, you did not miss the stares you received from Clarke, or the betrayal that filled Raven’s gaze when she found your own. It did not dismiss the guilt you felt within yourself every time you heard his last words. I wish we had…

What did that even mean? No. You knew what that mean and that was crushed you even more, that you’d never even taken the time to view things from Finn’s point. He did some terrible things, but so had you and even before everything he’d done, you hadn’t gotten along with him. And even within his last memorable moments, you two had fought. It had been for his own good but you’d still fought, like you always had. But when you looked at Clarke or at Raven, you felt you had no real reason to feel distress. You hadn’t just lost a loved one.

It had been your one job, to keep an eye on him and you’d been so foolish to turn your back on someone who was clearly ready to set themselves to death. Taking a deep breath, you listened carefully to Lincoln’s translation, your eyes stuck on that of Finn’s blanket covered body.

You expected to see his body erupt in flames but it did not happen, not yet. Instead Lexa handed over the torch to Clarke with certainty. You were not sure why she chose to give the torch to Clarke. Maybe to prove the worth of your treaty or maybe to give Clarke a real chance to say goodbye. You were not sure. Whatever it was, it did not matter as Clarke hesitantly accepted the torch. She took a moment before her hand reached forward and lit the wood that surrounded Finn’s body.

You took a deep breath, trying to hold the tremble you felt as his body would turn into nothing but ash. It seemed Bellamy had noticed your panic as his hand reached forward and grabbed your own. You jumped from the sudden contact, turning to him in alarm before realizing who it was. You said nothing though, the conversation with Clarke from before selfishly flooding into your mind and instead you stared down at the ground.

Yet Bellamy did not give up, and he leaned close so only you could hear. “It isn’t your fault.”

You paused, shaking your head; “are you really gonna do it? Break into Mount Weather?” You asked, redirecting your topic of choice. You heard Bellamy sigh in annoyance and you could only figure it was because you’d shut him out but you did nothing. Instead you lifted your hand, breaking free from his grasp, folding your arms across your chest and waited for his answer.

“Not if Clarke won’t let me.” He grumbled and you finally turned back to look at him, he seemed genuinely disappointed. Though you couldn’t blame him, you wanted to see your friends and save them just as much as he did. Looking over at Clarke who was sharing the company of the commander, you faltered over your decisions. It was dangerous, this mission, stupidly dangerous, but you knew how stubborn Bellamy could be when he wanted. 

Sighing heavily, you dropped your arms. “I could talk to Clarke, she might listen to me.”

“You would?” Bellamy asked in confusion.

“On one condition.” You answered, and his face fell straight as he nodded for you to continue. “I get to come with you.” Almost immediately his face fell into one of pure shock and then it twisted into confusion. Without hesitation, he grabbed your shoulder and pulled you off to the side. You let him, staring up at him as you waited for his answer. 

“No!” He nearly yelled aloud, “Y/N, do you understand how dangerous that is?”

“Do you understand how dangerous it is for you to go in there alone?” You asked, silencing him as he knew you were right. “I will not allow you to go into there and die Bellamy. I won’t let someone else die when I could help.” Bellamy’s face fell and he let go of you, slumping when he knew that nothing he could say would change your mind. Reluctantly he nodded and you smiled smugly, grabbing ahold of his head, you stared intently in his eyes, to reassure him.


“Tonight we celebrate our newfound peace.” You smiled proudly, looking at the other side of the table scattered with grounders. This treaty was a long time coming and you were just happy it was finally happening, even if it cost the life of one of your own. You looked over at your father, smiling softly when he smiled at you and turned to Bellamy who seemed just as skeptical as usual. Despite your conversation earlier, you nudged him, smiling when he looked at you, he only rolled his eyes. “Be happy.” You whispered to him softly.

“And why should I?”

“This treaty could mean helping our friends.” You reminded, looking up at him with an eyebrow raised. “Besides aren’t you tired of the fighting?” You giggled when he nodded his head albeit reluctantly, turning back to Lexa.

“Tomorrow we plan our war. To those we’ve lost and to those we shall soon find.” Lexa and Clarke brought the cups up to there lips before Lexa trusted advisor slammed forward. Your mouth fell open in shock as he stumbled before remembering that he’d tasted the alcohol himself before and your eyes immediately flew to Clarke. It seemed Bellamy had the same idea as he reached forward and slapped the cup out of Clarke’s hand. 

“It was the sky people!” Indra, another grounder screamed in fury, pointing her sword to you all. You stumbled back in fear, staring at Gustus choking to death in helplessness. The grounders surrounded the table, pushing it to the side and stepping towards you all threateningly. Bellamy stepped in front of you, holding his arm out. You looked up at him for an answer, lost on what to do.

“You have to believe me, this wasn’t us!” Clarke shouted pleadingly.

“Please!” You bellowed, trying to make them understand. Lexa shouted something in grounder tongue but you guessed it was towards Gustus as he was progressively getting worse. Indra yelled something as well and suddenly the grounders came forward, pushing you back as they began padding you all down.

You tried to push the grounder before you, hands away but he reached into your jacket pocket, yanking you down and suddenly pulling something out. You stared in bafflement at the small vile. “What the…” You mumbled to yourself as the grounder immediately stepped forward, again speaking in grounder tongue. You didn’t need to understand them to know what he was accusing you of and you pushed forward. “Wait! That isn’t mine!” You shouted desperately, “you have to believe me that isn’t mine!”

Suddenly you remembered how they’d searched you before and your eyes fell open with indignation. “He put it there when he searched me.” You pleaded, glaring up at the grounder. Lexa glared at you and you shook your head pleadingly at her. “Please…”

“Step back!” Bellamy suddenly shouted at a grounder that had made his way towards you. “She didn’t do anything!”

“No sky person leaves this room.” Lexa ordered hoarsely. Before her and her people marched forward, the grounder who searched you shoved you back and you stumbled but Bellamy caught you. You panted heavily as Lincoln stepped forward, calling for Indra. 

She spat something in her grounder tongue and as hopeful as you were, you knew when Lincoln turned around that it did not work. Shaking, you gripped your own hands tightly as you stared at the ground. All you could feel was your heart beating erratically and the fear that made you feel like you were gonna throw up.

Bellamy pushed you behind him, and despite yourself you grabbed onto his arm, peering over at him. Normally you wouldn’t be so cowardly but with the grounders believing you’d poisoned one of their own you knew they’d want some kind of revenge on you. With shaky eyes you looked at Indra as she marched in the room. “How’s Gustus?” Lincoln asked.

“Gustus will live.”

Indra said something and suddenly two grounders were marching their way towards you. You backed up, scared as you were backed up to the wall, you stared around you for an escape but knew it was hopeless. Even if you did manage to make it out of this room, grounders surrounded the outside. Faintly you heard your father shouting at them but all you could focus on was Bellamy trying to shove the man away and the looks of death lust on the two grounder’s faces. “She didn’t poison anyone!” Bellamy screamed at them.

“I argued for all you to die,” Indra interrupted. “But the commander is merciful. She wants only one.”

You paced, your eyes wetting with unshed tears and you tried to back up even further. “She’s innocent.” Lincoln defended.

“I don’t care.” Indra declared, stepping down so she was before you all. “They move, they bleed.” You were suddenly grabbed, as Octavia tried desperately for them to let you go. You looked at Bellamy one last time before you were hauled too far away to see him. You did not cry or scream out for help, realizing there was nothing any of them could do.

“The rest of you are free. When she is dead, so is the alliance. You should run.”

You found yourself shaking uncontrollably as the grounders paid no mind to gentleness, they shoved you forward every time you slowed down. Again and again they shoved you until you reached the top of the stairs and you were brought outside. As soon as you felt the sun on your face you were bombarded with glares and yells of anger from surrounding grounders. You tried to shake the men behind you off but they only gripped tighter as you were brought to a tree-pole in the middle. You stared fearfully up at it for what seemed like forever before your jacket was ruthlessly ripped off your shoulders and you were bare with only a tank top.

You were spun around and smacked against the back of the pole. You looked pleadingly up at the grounder, already knowing it would change nothing as he was the one who’d framed you. He only smirked down as he brought your hands up and tied them above your head, connecting to the pole behind you.

Suddenly you were reminded of all those who wanted you dead as you stared around at the mass number of grounders. You gripped your arms above your head with such force that it hurt, but you did not care. Anything to distract you from the impending doom you knew faced you.

With wet eyes, you stared at Lexa before you. You did not give any of the grounders the satisfaction of seeing you cry and instead held yourself together despite the fear that made you tremble. “I take no joy in this, Y/N.” Lexa spoke surely, “but this time, justice will be done.”

Taking a shaky breath, you glared defiantly down at Lexa. “I didn’t poison him, how in the world is that justice?” You mumbled. Lexa raised the knife in her hand, pressing it against your arm. You hadn’t even know she’d come that close, not until her face was mere inches before your own. You sucked in a breath, your face contorting in fear as you stared pleadingly down at Lexa. She only pressed the knife harder against your skin and scraped down. You let out a muffled groan of pain, biting your lip and twisting your eyes shut as all you could focus on was the pain she was causing you.

It was only a second when she pushed away and Indra stepped forward, lifting your shirt as she stared at you threateningly. You let a tear fall in panic as she pressed her own knife against your stomach and pressed down, slicing you. You let out a scream, clenching your hands in desperation. Your scream burned your throat, but it did not stop Indra, instead gave her more intuitive to press harder.

All you could hear was your own screams as they continued to torture you. By now all you were doing was screaming as you sobbed in a mess, whimpering for help. You faintly caught sight of your people by the entrance of the underground room, but they couldn’t do anything you knew. You bellowed out in pain when a particular painful cut was inflected upon you, stepping up on your tipi-toes desperate to get away, but it did nothing.

It felt like forever, until suddenly the cutting stop. Breathless, you slumped and turned towards what had caught all of the grounders attention. “I need that bottle now.” Clarke ordered. Then suddenly, the grounder from before, continued and you let out another pathetic scream. “Stop!” Clarke yelled in your direction, finally stopping the grounder before you.

“Let her pass!”

“One of your people tried to kill you, Lexa.” Clarke explained, “not one of mine.”

“You should’ve run.” Indra threatened.

“I can prove it.” Clarke stated as she leaned over, grabbing the bottle from Gustus. Before anyone could stop her she took a drink from the bottle, and setting it down as everyone waited. Nothing happened.

“Explain.” Lexa ordered.

“The poison wasn’t in the bottle. It was in the cup.”

“It was you.” Bellamy suddenly declared, looking over at Gustus. “He tested the cup. He searched Y/N.”

“Gustus would never harm me.” Lexa declared, and Bellamy shook his head; “you weren’t the target. The alliance was.”

“We didn’t do this and you know that.”

You waited impatiently as Lexa turned to her advisor, speaking grounder tongue once again. Though he shocked you when he instead replied in english, “this alliance would’ve cost you your life, heda.” He answered honestly, “and I could not let that happen.”

Lexa paused and you could see betrayal flood her gaze; “this treachery will cost you yours.”

You were suddenly cut down from the tree as Lexa yelled something. You slumped forward exhausted but Bellamy caught you just in time. You leaned heavily against him as Abby came and inspected your wounds. Though you paid no mind to her and only focused on Bellamy who looked down at you in worry. You panted heavily as you stared up at him, watching as his eyes grazed your cuts. Your own hand fell on his bicep, squeezing it tightly as you nodded; “i’m fine…”

“How’d you know it was Gustus?” You faintly heard Lincoln ask. Twisting your head from your lain positive, you stared past the body of Bellamy who sat beside you and looked over at him. Staring at Lincoln, you smiled lightly. You guessed he was one of your own, like you heard him talk to Octavia about. He’d even help defend you against his own superior.

Looking over at Bellamy, you smiled lightly and your eyes scattered down to your own body. You were laying directly next to him, as Abby had already checked your wounds and bandaged what was more severe. You felt better, despite the faint pain you felt every time you moved your body. Abby had even bandaged your arrow wound from when the grounder had shot you and then Murphy had twisted it making it worse and the burns from the rope. She’d taken the liberty of lecturing you, as well, on why you hadn’t come to her before.

You guessed you’d been so tired that after Bellamy had gone to retrieve you, he’d placed you directly next to him.

“He’d do anything to protect her.” Bellamy explained, his voice soft. “Just makes sense.”

“Look at the thanks he got.”

“Guys!” You heard Raven shout, and you quickly sat up, figuring it had to be about the radio. Bellamy’s hand fell on your shoulder, and you knew he was trying to tell you to stay down but you only shook your head. Shifting so you could see Raven better as she made her way towards you all. “What is it?” You rasped.

“Listen to this.” Raven ordered, holding out the radio. Everyone fell silent as you listened closely to the radio, turning your head you stared at the ground, focusing solely on the radio. “Forty-seven of us are trapped in Mount Weather.” The message repeated.

“Talk to him. Say something.” Clarke urged. You looked up at Raven only to find her shaking her head in disagreement; “it’s repeating.” She explained.

“They’re alive.” Octavia gasped.

“We need to do something, now.” Bellamy stated, turning to Clarke. Your hopes fell as you realized the meaning behind what he was saying. Gripping your hands tightly, you took a deep breath, listening closely. “You’ve got the alliance. Now is the time to use it.”

“First we need an inside man.” Clarke nodded to herself, and you stared up at her in shock. Shaking your head in bafflement, you thought over what this could mean. It would be helpful, yes, bring your friends home quicker, yes, but it was also dangerous. You hadn’t really thought of it until now purely because you thought Clarke’d never agree but you were wrong. “You were right. Without someone on the inside to lower defences, turn off the acid fog, an armies useless. You should go.”

“I thought you hated that plan. That I would get myself killed.”

“I was being weak. It’s worth the risk.” Your brows furrowed when you heard Clarke’s words. Shocked that she would say such a harsh thing, you placed both your hands on the ground, grunting as you stood up. Everyone turned their eyes on you when stood up, shocked to see you moving so fast. You pushed Raven’s hands gently out of the way. “Y/N, you should-”

“To me it isn’t worth the risk.” You declared, glaring at Clarke.

“Y/N-” Bellamy started once again but you held your hands up. “I’m not gonna stop you, you wouldn’t even listen to me. But I told you, if you’re going in there so am I.” You said, raising your head and sucking in the pain. You chose to not open your mouth again when you saw his face fall.

“Y/N, it’s too dangerous. It’ll be quicker if I go by myself.”

“True, you might move quicker, but who’s gonna watch your back when you get in trouble?” You asked, smirking up at him. “I’m going with you, and that’s final.”

He shook his head, clearly distressed by your determination. “Fine,” he sighed, before turning back to Clarke. Clarke said nothing upon your words or your argument, pulling out a piece of paper from her jacket. “My map of Mount Weather. Find a way to get on that radio and talk to us.” Bellamy reached out, grabbing the map. “Good luck.” Clarke said before walking off.

“Bell, how are you gonn-”

“I can get you through the tunnels.” Lincoln offered, nodding at Bellamy. You looked over at him and he nodded, almost proudly at you. You smiled lightly, hugging your jacket tighter around yourself. 

You ran slightly behind Bellamy and Lincoln, holding your head down as you tried to keep your breathing even. With all that was going on, you were surprised you were as calm as you were. Running down a hill, your eyes fell on the deer lifeless on the ground, stopping just before it.

Panting, you looked over at Bellamy who nodded at you, staring back at Lincoln. Taking a deep breath, you watched as he slit the deer, opening it’s stomach. Twisting your face in disgust, you turned away as Lincoln begun wiping the blood over his cheeks. Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath to calm your nerves.

“Okay.” Bellamy spoke up, kneeling beside Lincoln. “So we make it to the intake door without any of the real reapers seeing us. What happens then?” You turned, knowing that this was of importance to hear and stood behind the two boys.

“I kill everyone, and you two slip inside.” Lincoln explained, looking up at you. You held your head high, trying to hide the fear you felt within as he gazed at you but he only nodded. “Limestone.” He called, holding his hand out to Bellamy who didn’t falter to hand him what he asked for. You watched with interest as he painted the warrior paint over his face, signaling he was a “reaper”.

“Let’s go. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover before dark.” You followed behind the two, trailing through the many different trees and trying not to trip on anything because of your nerves. You tried to ignore the way you found yourself shaking as you always did, you thought you should be used to it by now, but you didn’t think you’d ever be. It rattled everything within you.

“What happened after the intake door?” You asked Lincoln, looking over at him. He turned to look at you, and you could tell he hesitated though you weren’t sure why.

“They remove your clothes, blast you with boiling water, and douse you with something that burns even worse. From there, we were sorted. The others were tagged harvest. I was tagged cerberus, turned into a reaper.” You felt your breath stop hearing the harsh treatment you’d soon experience.

“Cerberus. Three-headed dog that guards the underworld.” You turned to Bellamy questioningly, confused that he would know such a tale. “My mom read mythology to us all the time. Octavia loved it.” He explained, and despite the moment you smiled upon hearing something of his family.

You looked down at your own hands in thought, trying to remember if you shared any familiar memory. Your smile fell when you found you couldn’t. “My mother was too sick to read to me.” You mumbled, confused as to why you shared that. When you looked back up, both Lincoln and Bellamy’s gaze were on you. You smiled, trying to change the conversation. “I don’t know why i just shared that. Ignore me.” You waved off.

“I’m sure she loved you all the same.” Bellamy reassured and you nodded small-y, looking back at the ground.

You twisted your hands in the semi-tight restraints, trying to get use to the feeling of your hands tied beside your head. As well as the uncomfortable feeling of the log lodged behind your head. You hadn’t ever been restrained like this but it didn’t matter, in order to get into Mount Weather you needed to look the part, which involved behind tied up like you’d been captured and strung along by a rope connected to Bellamy, and then held by Lincoln.

Panting quietly, you ran behind Bellamy as you looked down to watch your steps. You’d been running for what felt like forever but was probably nothing more than a few hours. Nonetheless, your legs ached and you felt sick but you kept pushing. You needed to do this if you were going to save your friends.

You looked up as a raindrop fell on your face, before you felt Bellamy slowing down. Following his lead, you stopped beside the two, looking over at Lincoln as his breathing grew heavier. You stared at the entrance of the cave, already knowing what this meant for the three of you, but even more so what it meant for Lincoln. 

“You okay?” You asked softly, Lincoln’s head turning to you, you offered a small smile gesturing over to Bellamy. “We’re going in with you, Lincoln. We’ve got this.”

“Come on, let’s do this.” Bellamy helped encourage and Lincoln took a deep breath, crouching as you slowly made your way inside. You continued walking until you were in the depths of the cave, none of you said anything. But every so often you felt Bellamy’s gaze on you and you’d share a look of uncertainty. You knew what he wanted you to do, what he wanted to tell you do to. That you should go back while you could. But he also knew that you were stubborn and if it was his life on the line you wouldn’t back down. You liked to imagine it was the same for him regarding you.

Though you knew you were failing at hiding the fact that you were shaking with nerves. Sneaking into a place that had your friends captive and were using them like lab rats was already scary enough. But the fact that you didn’t know what would happen when you get too far in to walk away was even scarier.

Suddenly in the midst of your thoughts, Lincoln stopped. Almost immediately Bellamy turned around, you following in his lead, “why are we stopping?” Your eyes fell down to the empty glass container that held what looked like red liquid. Your mouth fell open in realization and with sympathy you looked back up at Lincoln. He stepped forward, pressing his heel against the container, breaking it.

“You okay?” Bellamy asked.

“After the intake door, we attack.” Was all Lincoln replied. “You both must not let it close, after they’re dead, you sneak in. I’ll make it look like you guys escaped. Once the both of you are inside–” You nodded, understanding his instructions.

“We know.” Bellamy interrupted.

“Another raider party.” Lincoln suddenly panicked, and you turned to look up at him beside you. His hands fell on your shoulders and he shoved you back, pressing Bellamy against the wall as well. Your brows furrowed, turning to look up at him in confusion. “What are you doing?” You asked in confusion. Lincoln began untying your restraints and you shook your head at him, trying to get him off. 

“We have to go back. It’s the only way.” He pushed.

“Go back?” Bellamy whispered in panic, leaning closer to Lincoln. “No way.”

“There’s three, maybe four.” Lincoln explained, ignoring Bellamy. You tried to stop him as he continued to work on your restraints. “We can fight them.”

“We can still do this.” You urged. “Lincoln, we can still do this!” 

“We’ll never get a better chance than this.” Bellamy suddenly spoke, helping you. You turned, nodding and agreeing with him. 

“I thought I could do this, but I can’t.” Lincoln admitted, whispering it in a panicked hush. “It’s over.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Lincoln. Lincoln.” You repeated, moving your head so it was in front of his own. He paused when he saw your eyes, “we can do this. It’s not over, we’ve got this. Please, this is our only chance.”

“We can join them.” Bellamy strategized. “Listen to me. When they bring out the red, you grab it and you run like hell. The reapers will go nut, the grounders will run, and the Mountain men have to deal with it. No one will be looking for two grounders running into the mountain.”

“I said no!” Lincoln bellowed, grabbing the log holding Bellamy’s arms and swinging it over his head. You lurched forward seeing as you were connected to Bellamy, suddenly closer behind him as your wide eyes fell on the reapers heading your way. You were suddenly pushed forward even more as Bellamy ran up to Lincoln, pressing the log against his throat. You missed what he whispered to Lincoln, too focused on the reapers heading your way.

In one swift move Lincoln had Bellamy on his knees, knife against his throat. Because of the rope connecting you to Bellamy you had once again been lurched forward, brought down on your knees yourself but it worked because it made it seem like you’d really been captured by Lincoln. Panting you stared up at the reapers in fear, this was it. There was no going back now.

The two shared a conversation that you couldn’t understand until suddenly Lincoln stood up, taking Bellamy with him and the reaper that had been speaking to Lincoln grabbed you as well, hefting you up. You tried to ignore the way your heart beat fast as you were led over to a log filled with other grounders. The grounder untied your arms, setting you behind Bellamy and tying your hands around the width of the log.

You could do nothing as he grabbed a thin sheet of clothe and tied it over your eyes. The only thing that helped keep you calm was the knowledge that Bellamy was in front of you.

You were suddenly placed on your knees, bare in only your sports bra and underwear. Your breath was frantic as you could see nothing but blackness because of the blindfold over your eyes. Suddenly it was ripped off and you blinked, trying to clear your vision.

Turning your head, you immediately checked to make sure Bellamy was still beside you and you let out a breath of relief when he was. You looked over at him and he nodded at you to try to give you a small amount of reassurance. Trying to steady your breath, you looked around you to find only men and closed your eyes to calm yourself. When you opened them, the intake door had been opened and two people in blue suits stepped out. 

A loud noise echoed as the reapers immediately backed away in what looked like fear. You turned to Lincoln who pretended to back away and looked back over at the people who’d stepped out. Your heart fell when one of the mountain people closed the intake door and you turned to Bellamy in alarm, though he only looked to the ground in disappointment.

A woman in the blue suit began stepping across the line, ordering words. Your attention fell to another one of the mountain men giving the same red liquid, what they called doze, to each of the reapers. You turned to Lincoln who looked at the both of you in alarm. Suddenly there was a shadow in front of you and you turned to find the woman in front of you. Holding your breath you anticipated her words as she uttered; “harvest.” You barely had time to register before she moved on to Bellamy.

Looking over at him, you waited for the woman to say cerberus or harvest and breath of relief echoed when she ordered harvest. You begun looking over at Lincoln who looked as if he was about to cry as he shook his head in disappointment. You shook your head at him when he begun kneeling, secretly hoping that despite the door he’d still follow through with the plan. 

Your hopes fell, when despite you and Bellamy’s best effort, he fell to the ground, tilting his head to the side. Opening your mouth in shock, you watched as his eyes rolled to the back of his head, accepting the doze. You turned to Bellamy in alarm, unsure of what to do. Lincoln was your only way in, and with your hands tied like this there was nothing you nor Bellamy could do.

You felt the sweat pour down your face as you felt yourself grow weak. Lincoln clearly hadn’t been ready and despite that you’d all continued with the plan anyway… Looking over at Lincoln, you closed your eyes in sympathy as he fell to the ground, succumbing to the drug.

“Harvest them all.” The lady ordered. 

Hands fell to just below your arms, hefting you up. You jumped when you heard Bellamy shout in anger, struggling against his captivators arm. You looked over at him, tears in your eyes as he was beat up but had to tear your gaze away as you were led into the building.

“Bellamy!” You shouted in alarm, trying to push the man’s hands off of you. You began struggling yourself, kicking wildly as you fought to go back out but the man easily kept a hold of you. “Please, Bellamy!”


Ok, listen to me. Yes, this is indeed a very sad moment for both Kane-san and Kunihiro and it’s all I can do to not sob all over my keyboard that they have to watch their beloved master die again.

But…with this, Kunihiro can finally properly mourn for Hijikata. Up until this last ep, we haven’t seen him cry. Not even once. Kane-san got to shed his tears but Kunihiro didn’t. Not even during all the drama that piled up between the both of them. Hell, this is possibly the very first time Kunihiro cried. Ever. In his entire existence up to this point.

In fact, I believe he didn’t allow himself to cry because he couldn’t afford to get distracted from what he needed to do. He had to figure out what he really has to protect, he had to think what was the best way to help Kane-san, he had to constantly question himself on whether the path he chose (wanting to save Hijikata) was the right one.

And now that he’s finally put all that behind him, now that he’s no longer hesitating over his decision, he can say goodbye. He can let Hijikata go.

Think of all those years he’s held onto the memory of Hijikata’s death, how he wished he could’ve done more for his master, how he harbored those feelings and regrets for centuries, how hard it was for him to struggle with the hope of preventing it from happening when he’s been sent back to the past, how those three years he spent by Hijikata’s side must’ve been so difficult as he weighed over which was more important. Hijikata’s life or preserving history. 

And now it’s over. Kunihiro no longer has to suffer uncertainty. He doesn’t have to hold back anymore. He can cry, let it all out, and be able to accept his master’s death.

Remembering Hijikata will always be a painful, that’s for sure. But during those three years he stayed by Hijikata’s side, Kunihiro did all he could for his master. He did everything he couldn’t do when he was still just a sword.

And I’m sure that definitely meant something. That his choice to go after Hijikata was worthwhile after all. Even if it did change history, it was a good change. Because even though Kane-san and Kunihiro couldn’t see Hijikata’s expression the moment he died on the battlefield, I’m positive it was not the same look Kunihiro saw the first time. The look that almost broke his heart.

This time, because Hijikata was able to meet and talk with Kunihiro and Kane-san, he was able to die peacefully. He was able to pass on with no regrets.

And as a reward for his utmost loyalty to Hijikata, for his service that included these three years, Kunihiro was finally released from his inner turmoil. He can finally begin to move on and truly dedicate himself to this new life and purpose he’s been given by Saniwa.

If Hijikata was aware of Kunihiro’s true identity, I’m sure he would’ve wanted that for him as well. For everything he’s done, Kunihiro deserves to be freed from the past. He deserves that much, he really does.

Ep. 10 - The Reverse Parallel (?)

It’s been over 72 hours and…well, I’m still not okay but I’m ready to talk about it cuz if I leave this hanging over my head for the rest of the week, it’ll drive me insane.

So from the top.

This entire episode was practically set up for you to read between the lines.

Already from the start, we see Kunihiro asking many questions, gauging the very expressions of the people he asks, because he’s not sure what he should do.

He needs references and for the swords who have been there longer to guide him.

“I want to save my old master, I want to save Hijikata-san from his fate…but I know that’s wrong. I know it’s wrong to change history but I still want to save him.”

Which is why he brings up so many “what-ifs” throughout the episode. Kunihiro hasn’t done anything yet but he thinks he just might. 

So he’s letting the swords within his Unit know that he’s reaching his limit. That the new turn this extended mission has taken (protecting Ryoma from getting caught/killed by the pro-Bakufu forces) is giving him tremendous amounts of doubt and he needs someone to stop him before he does something dangerous.

He needs someone to prevent him from going off to warn Hijikata of what’s to come when he becomes too confused to stick to the right decision.

But most importantly, he needs someone to understand him first. He needs someone to say “I know this is hard for you and it’s okay for you to be sad. It’s okay if you feel you need to save your old master. It’s not wrong to feel that way.” Because mourning their former masters and cursing at the unfairness of it all are the only things these swords are allowed to do. They can’t change history but they can at least express their frustration and sadness over it. They do have that right, at the very least.

And it’s better that they let it all out, too. Bottling those feelings up or setting them aside is never a good thing. Even if you were to complete the mission, the negative emotions will still linger inside and lead you to have regrets about it later. Regrets that can very well come back to consume you.

That’s why Kunihiro needs someone to tell him that. Maybe if he hears those words, things will become a little clearer again and he won’t feel so lost. There will be less guilt on his conscience for not being able to save Hijikata because he made the bigger choice of protecting the future. That he protected the history that Japan and the world needed more.

Kunihiro needs to find a place within himself to store this sense of necessity for the “greater good”…even if it means it’ll tear his heart to pieces because it requires him to trade the master he cherishes so much for that “greater good.”

And the person who’s most suitable to help him is none other than Kane-san, whom he shared the same master with.

Kane-san should know better than anyone what Kunihiro is going through right now and he’s also the one Kunihiro is willing to listen to the most.

But all Kane-san has done was be practical and cold about dealing with it. “Forget about meeting Hijikata, focus on the mission.”

It doesn’t help alleviate Kunihiro’s distress at all.

But that’s not to say Kane-san doesn’t make a lot of very valid points because he does.

With history shifting due to the time-space distortion around that era and their current mission centered primarily on protecting Ryoma, who’s practically surrounded on all sides by people out for his head, they can’t afford to get side-tracked by even the tiniest distraction.

Moreover, Kane-san is right. If he saw Hijikata now as he’s trying to protect Hijikata’s enemy, the person partially responsible for the fall of the Shinsengumi and the hardships his former master will face in the days ahead…how can that possibly be not painful for him? Of course, it would. 

Kane-san is pretty much paving the way for Hijikata’s death.

All the more reason why he can’t let himself see Hijikata. Seeing Hijikata is the equivalent to the fact that he, Izuminokami Kanesada, aided in killing the master he holds in such high esteem. And that would surely crush him.

Except it didn’t. In fact, something totally unexpected happened.

Kane-san actually felt happy when Hijikata appeared in front of him.

Yes, it’s still painful because history is still the same. Hijikata will still die. Nothing has changed.

But just being able to see Hijikata’s face, even if it only lasted for an instant, Kane-san has received something akin to a catharsis. That despite Hijikata’s doomed destiny, his master is still the same as he remembered. Still unyielding, still strict and above all, still fearless.

Up until the day of his death, Hijikata will still be Hijikata. Knowing that, Kane-san can now turn his complete attention to the mission at hand. Any misgivings or worries he had before, they’re gone now. He’s going to protect Ryoma, to protect history, at all costs.

However, just because Kane-san was able to clear away his doubts doesn’t mean the same will happen for Kunihiro.

If anything, overhearing what Kane-san said only worsened the condition of his already troubled mind on this matter. Because to Kunihiro, it probably sounded like Kane-san was seriously choosing history over Hijikata.

For Kunihiro, whose love and loyalty to Hijikata is equal to Kane-san’s (maybe even more because technically, he’s been with Hijikata longer), that is perhaps the worst thing to ever occur in his existence. He never thought this would happen, especially right in front of him.

That Kane-san would pick anything over their master, that’s impossible.

How? How can Kane-san make such a decision? How can Kane-san stand up and resume fighting so quickly when Kunihiro is barely holding himself together, trying to convince himself that what he wants is wrong?

So Kunihiro comes out and confesses everything he’s been thinking up to this point. How he almost let the Time Retrograde Army have Ryoma in the hopes that it can alter Hijikata’s fate. How it’s killing him that he can’t even help Hijikata.

They’ve been given these human forms. They can talk, run, fight and do so much more than when they were just swords. And they’ve been sent back to the past where their former masters are still alive.

Yet they can’t even follow what their hearts whisper to them. Because to the world at large, what is right for them is automatically considered wrong.

Do you have any idea just how painful it is to be told that? You care for someone so much and want to save them and have everything in your power and knowledge to save them…but because of one rule, you are forbidden to do anything. You have no choice but to watch them die. Again.

Then where does all those pent up, unfulfilled feelings go? Where do all your regrets, now amplified twofold, go?

This is the pain Kunihiro feels. Because a sword’s loyalty towards his old master is profound and deep and above it all, it still exists very strongly inside him. It is more than enough to keep him from doing his duty.

And he knows he can’t go on like this or so many people, including his comrades, will get hurt. So he needs to know why and how.

What should he do to help himself overcome this problem?

And Kane-san answers the why alright, but not the how.

He reminds Kunihiro of the person Hijikata is, why that will not work for history and also explains why he chooses to follow the path that is best fit for himself.

Because Kane-san’s overall character is based a lot on the type of person Hijikata was. Kane-san takes after Hijikata in personality and spirit and shares a lot of traits with his former master so it’s no surprise that he will come to this conclusion.

Hijikata dedicated his entire life to his ideology and Kane-san will live his by devoting himself to the mission. That is what is makes sense for Kane-san.

It’s how Kane-san can come to terms with Hijikata’s fate. By steeling his resolve to protect history, he’s honoring the memory of his former master. Emulating Hijikata is how Kane-san shows his loyalty .

But I think what Kane-san fails to realize is that what might work for him will not necessarily work for Kunihiro. Hence, the title “Where Loyalty Leads”…or rather, “Where Loyalty Splits”.

Kane-san thinks he can show his loyalty to Hijikata by adopting a similar perspective towards the goals he has now. But Kunihiro is different. Kunihiro isn’t like Kane-san so he won’t show loyalty the same way as Kane-san does.

Kunihiro is a person who devotes himself to others. He’s the type who wants to do anything he can for those he cares about. That is Kunihiro’s brand of loyalty.

And there is nothing wrong about that.

Yet their job makes it seem like it is and that’s why it’s hurting Kunihiro so much. Not just now but from the very beginning as well. He wants to help people, to answer to who he is inside, but the task to protect history won’t let him. It’s outright denying what Kunihiro is.

So he asks if Kane-san, at the very least, shares the same feeling that he has right now. Does he not also want to save their former master, despite their mission absolutely banning them from interfering with that part of history?

Kunihiro isn’t asking for Kane-san’s permission to save Hijikata or for them to abandon their responsibilities. That’s not what’s going on here.

He just wants to know that he’s not the only one who’s suffering over this. He even asks three times to confirm whether Kane-san would save Hijikata if he wasn’t bound by restrictions set on them by the mission. Because if he doesn’t know that it’s okay to think that, to just have this feeling, he can’t move on.

Wanting to help Hijikata is a very essential, vital part of Kunihiro. Because Hijikata will always be his and Kane-san’s master. That is fact that will never change. It’s only natural that Kunihiro would want to protect him.

If their duty takes that away from him, if he’s not allowed to even find a way to carry this burden of leaving Hijikata to his eventual death with him, then how can Kunihiro dedicate himself to the mission?

Is the mission worth giving up the loyalty he still feels and shows for Hijikata?

This is the how. And he needs Kane-san to tell him how to figure this all out. Not for Kane-san, but for him, Kunihiro.

But Kane-san doesn’t give him an answer. He probably thinks agreeing will give Kunihiro the incentive to act and for the sake of the mission, he can’t let that happen.

In regards to their job, Kane-san’s decision is correct. He’s right to be cautious, especially when Kunihiro has mentioned multiple times of wanting to see Hijikata. If he were to say “Yes, I also want to save our old master”, it’s possible Kunihiro will take that as a go ahead to do just that. Kane-san is wary of Kunihiro’s impulses and he sees it as his job as captain of this unit to rein him in.

So Kane-san just stays silent before telling Kunihiro to focus on the mission, nothing more.

Which is probably one of the worst and quite frankly, dumbest ways he could’ve dealt with this situation.

Because it’ll drive Kunihiro into more misery. It would almost have the same effect if Kane-san were to deny that he also wants to save Hijikata.

Not only does Kane-san further solidify Kunihiro’s fears that he’s given up on their old master …not only does he not provide a solution or help Kunihiro come to terms with his dissatisfaction so that he can move on from this…but he also treats Kunihiro’s feelings as if they are not important.

The way he brushes Kunihiro’s inner struggle aside, turns his back on his partner, and puts the mission before someone who’s begging for his advice, someone from his own unit whom he, as the captain, has the obligation to look out for…it’s so cruel.

I mean, I know it’s not in (Katsugeki’s) Kane-san’s nature to be gentle, especially when it comes to staying on their objective…but it’s not like him to be this cold either. Why can’t he just talk this out with Kunihiro? Why can’t he put himself in Kunihiro’s shoes and just fucking understand how hard this is for his partner? Is he so terrified of “failing” a mission again or so wrapped up in this newfound ego of his that he cannot see how much he’s hurting the one whom he trusts the most? The same person who trusts him, who believes in him, Izuminokami Kanesda, the most?

This is exactly why I labeled their interaction a “reverse parallel”. Because in ep 8, when Kane-san opened his heart and asked Kunihiro for validation, Kunihiro was nothing but incredibly supportive and caring towards Kane-san. But now that Kunihiro is one who needs those things the most, Kane-san won’t even spare him the time. He just walks away from Kunihiro and doesn’t look back. Doesn’t even acknowledge Kunihiro trying to reach out to him one last time before he goes the other way.


To make this whole ordeal even worse, when Kunihiro apologizes under his breath, it leaves so many depressing implications as to what he could possibly mean by that.

I don’t think he’s sorry because he refuses to fight alongside Kane-san this time. I don’t think that at all. Because as Kunihiro said at the end of the episode, there’s nothing he wants more in this world than to fight by Kane-san’s side.

I think his “sorry” meant “I’m sorry that I disappointed you.”

“I’m sorry I’m not strong like you.”

“I’m sorry I failed at being your partner.”

Kunihiro is blaming himself. Which is so very, very wrong. Kunihiro has nothing to be sorry for. Kunihiro hasn’t even done anything yet to deserve this self-loathing. He even stopped himself before he could do anything.

It’s just this mission is asking too much of him before he’s mentally ready. It may be Saniwa’s fault for sending him out too soon (this is his second big mission and he’s still the most recent recruit!). It may be Saniwa’s fault for sending him back to a time where it would obviously cause his loyalties to be divided. And Kane-san won’t escape criticism either for having sensitivity lesser than that of a paper guillotine (this idiot Dx<).

But it certainly isn’t Kunihiro’s fault.

Kunihiro, who from the start, was always afraid of holding everyone back because of his inexperience and tried his best not to be a hindrance. Kunihiro who now finds himself in that very predicament he wanted to avoid but couldn’t climb out by himself and feels ashamed for it.

Kunihiro doesn’t deserve any of this and it just breaks me over and over how he has to deal with it all alone. That he can’t even rely on the one who should be there for him.

Which brings my own fears closer to reality.

With Kane-san pushing him away (again) and his own state of mind confused on what he should do next, the possibility that Kunihiro might be captured and/or corrupted by the Revisionists has increased.

I still don’t believe Kunihiro will fall into their grasp, though. That or I still believe he’ll do his best to resist the control of the enemy if that happens… but a person can only remain conscious of their actions for so long when they’ve become as emotionally drained as he is now. I’m sorry, I’m so upset over this that I ended up confusing myself. What am I saying anymore?! ;A;

Or maybe it won’t have to be that bad and someone might reach Kunihiro in time before the worst can happen. I doubt it’ll be Kane-san, though. At least not this soon with the split between them still fresh.

Maybe Kunihiro will get to meet and talk to Hijikata and be able to overcome his troubles that way.

Hell, maybe instead of Kane-san, Mucchan will be the one to go after Kunihiro. Since he and Kunihiro seem to get along real well in spite of everything (oh, and I mean everything). Not to mention, Mucchan was present for this whole conversation and he just sort of faded into the background in the middle of it so it’s time he should pop up again because “WTF, YOU TWO, GET BACK HERE AND SORT THINGS OUT! NOTHING IS ALRIGHT LIKE THIS!”

…and stuff.

…I just want them to make up asap…and for Kane-san to either apologize or give Kunihiro a hug I know you can do this, ufotable (see SorMik) …I just want them to stop hurting my baby. Is that too much to ask, you bastards? ;_____;

And one last thing. I don’t know how relevant the preview skits are to the actual story but it will never cease to amaze me how Kunihiro is always, ALWAYS thinking of Kane-san.

Even when it’s Kunihiro who’s suffering the most, even when Kane-san is blind to the fact that he’s one of the causes for Kunihiro’s pain, Kunihiro doesn’t hold any ill feelings towards Kane-san. In fact, he worries about KANE-SAN crying and what he can do to help Kane-san while his own heart must be bleeding itself dry.


How does Kane-san not realize he’s hurting the only person to ever give him unconditional love? Who loves Kane-san more than he loves himself?

And why can’t he see that the more distance he creates between him and Kunihiro, the greater the chance he’s going to lose Kunihiro a second time?

Is that what you want, Kane-san?! Do you want to lose Kunihiro AGAIN?! Hurry up and get him back before it’s too late, YOU MISSION-OBSESSED DUMBAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!


BLM Ranger Locates Missing Arizona Family

Bureau of Land Management rangers are always prepared to offer assistance to local law enforcement agencies during emergency situations. As most of us gathered with our friends and families to enjoy the 2016 holiday season, rangers from the Arizona Strip District were called on to aid in a critical search and rescue operation, after a family visiting from Pennsylvania found themselves snowbound near Fredonia, Arizona.

On Friday, December 23, a call came in to the Kane County Sheriff’s Office in Utah from a stranded motorist. The caller relayed that he and his son had traveled 10 miles by foot on Forest Service Road 22 under extreme conditions after becoming stranded the day before. The caller also said that his wife had gone in search of help, but she had not been seen for nearly 24 hours.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin drives a zamboni to the ring
[September 28th, 1998]

At Break Down: In Your House, the WWF Championship was defended in an interesting match. The champion, Stone Cold Steve Austin, would defend the title in a triple threat match against The Undertaker and Kane, who weren’t able to pin each other in order to win the match. This led to a double pin situation, leaving wrestling fans wondering who the champion was. One thing was for sure: Austin had lost the WWF Championship. 

While typically, in a moment like this, the champion would retain and the match would continue. However, since Austin was a thorn in the WWF Chairman Mr. McMahon’s side, the title was taken from the champion and a ceremony was held the following night on Raw. A ceremony which Austin wasn’t invited to… but that wouldn’t stop him from showing up. I remember thinking this was so funny, seeing Austin just tear through the arena and running stuff over, then hitting the ring on his way to attack McMahon. Their feud was one for the ages!

Fandom's favourite 1988 moment

So I was thinking of running a bracket-style elimination tournament to discover fandom’s favourite 1988 moment. I thought it could be fun to have some of our favourite moments battle head to head. :)

Before I start it and discover that I accidentally forgot an important moment, I thought I’d check to see if people think I’m missing something. The tournament works best with 32 choices, so if you suggest something new could you also let me know which one below you’d recommend taking away?

1. The World Juniors jersey bet

2. “I love you Jonny, way to step up big!”

3. “No, no. Not until after Tazer does.”

4. Their memories of the Junior Flyers (ESPN interview)

5. Jonny wanted Dale Tallon to draft Kaner

6. Riding a cab to visit their parents before the Olympics (2010)

7. Flirting through the media by way of Phil Kessel (2014 Olympics)

8. 2015 Cup win moments (finding each other over and over on the ice)

9. Jonny manhandling Pat on stage at concerts (post-2015 Cup win)

10. 2010 Cup win intense hug

11. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews Conversation

12. Signing joint contracts and the press conference (vow renewal ceremony)

13. Dance-off / Kaner Shuffle #1

14. Dance-off / Kaner Shuffle #2

15. Jonny dreaming about Kaner winning the Conn Smythe / Kaner thinking about it when he won

16. The 2010 Cup parade

17. Opening the adjoining door between their hotel rooms

18. Nudging each other behind President Obama

19. 2015 All-Star Game flirting (hair ruffling, partners in crime, Jonny Hustle)

20. 2011 All-Star Game flirting (Would you pick me, making Tazer sweat)

21. Just heard “go Johnny go” on the radio. Wow, miss the UC.

22. Twitter drama: birthday wishes and follow requests

23. “We gotta fill this place up.”

24. Kane and Toews wanting to share the cover of NHL 16

25. Comforting each other post-losses (particularly 2009 and 2012 playoffs, 2014 Olympics)

26. Popsicle-eating contest

27. My Larmer is probably Tazer

28. Kaner said he wanted to play with Jonny during the lockout

29. We have our fun in the room.

30. Jonny letting go of the banner so that Kaner could touch it last

31. Congrats to @88PKane on 100 pts and an unbelievable season! #neversatisfied #stayhot

32. Calder Trophy (walking the red carpet together, the bet, thanking Jonny later)

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The war between our love (Loki x Reader) Chapter Ten: This can’t be happening...

Note: Fluff(?), and another forced marriage!! :D

Words: 1845

Loki had lost his mind, no wait, scratch that. Loki was losing his mind as he tried not to glare across the table to Sydia. He hadn’t been able to get a single moment alone with her so that he could ask her about this man again. Part of him believed she was actually avoiding him and that angered him even more, because it had almost been two weeks since (Y/N) left. Loki had told Thor, but they couldn’t tell Odin due to him probably wanting the name of the man, or he wouldn’t believe it. Even Thor couldn’t get her alone so he could take her to Loki and it was upsetting both of the Asgardian Princes.

The moment dinner ended the maids helped Sydia to her room as Loki and Thor looked to each other. “Now.” He said standing up as Thor nods to his father before they left the room. Loki arrived at Sydia’s door when he looked to Thor who knocks gently before they heard a hum in response. “Sydia, it is I.” Thor called. “May I enter?” He asked softly. “Of course!” Came her voice when Thor opened the door as the two brothers stepped inside. “Oh, Loki.” Sydia said softly. “I thought you were alone.” She comments. “I never said I was.” Thor countered as she frowns. “You’ve been hiding from me.” Loki snapped as her attention turned to him.

“I have not.” She said rolling her eyes. “Sydia this is the first time I’ve spoken to you since I’ve tried to get the name of the man you are truly bearing a child to.” Loki hissed when Thor placed a hand on Loki’s shoulder. “Calm down, Brother. Anger will not get the answer you seek from her.” He spoke softly as Loki sighed softly. “I’m sorry.” He comments as Sydia nods tearing up due to the emotions that boiled through her randomly changing at times. “Listen my Lady, please we need your help. You have to understand what you are doing is wrong.” Thor said bending down in front of her before gently taking her hands. “I-I know.” She whispered.

“Then you understand that if your actions continue there will be consequences. Please, help yourself and this child by helping us. Whoever this man is has no love for you.” He said as she flinches biting her lip. “But you could find someone better than him.” He said cupping her face as she looked to him in tears. “I-I love him though… He’s the one I wanted for so long.” She whispered as Loki’s heart actually clenched at her confession. “Sydia, you are a beautiful woman.” Loki said walking over as he sat down beside her. “There are other men out there who could give you that same feeling and return that said feeling.” Loki explained to her.

“But I’m pregnant, they will not desire me. I have another man’s child within my stomach.” She whispered looking down to her swollen bump. “I’ve allowed myself to be deceived, he was drunk when he loved me… I was hoping that love would remain.” She let out a sob before Loki pulled her against him as he ran his fingers through her hair. “I deluded myself to believe someone could love me.” She whispered as the two brothers looked to each other. “What if I took you as my own.” Thor spoke up as Loki and Sydia looked to him in shock. “I beg your pardon?” She asked in utter shock. “I do not think I stuttered.” He spoke looking confused when Loki stood up.

“Thor,” He whispered yanking him to the corner as she sat there with a stunned expression. “What are you doing?” He asked softly glancing back to Sydia before looking to Thor. “If she wants someone to love her why not I? I have spent time with her, and she is more than meets the eye. I feel I could love her if given the chance.” Thor explained to him softly as Loki blinked. “Also, I wouldn’t mind being a father to a child that is not my own.” He whispered causing Loki’s expression to soften. “You are set on this aren’t you?” Loki asked as Thor shrugged. “You and (Y/N) are happy together, I hope I can have that with Sydia.” He smiled to Loki.

“Dear Gods… No wonder Odin always favored you… You are too good for your own well being.” He whispered as Thor chuckled. “Or I have learned to be thankful for what is given to me instead of expecting more.” He said as Loki quirked an eyebrow, but said nothing. “You truly want this woman?” Loki asked softly. “Yes, I believe I do.” Thor said before looking to Sydia who was fiddling with her fingers when they walked back over to her. “Thor, you don’t have to pretend.” She whispered when he silenced her with a finger on her lips. “Give us the name of this man and I shall convince my father to allow you to be mine.” He whispered.

Loki was still stunned by Thor’s words as she looked up to him. “You are willing to have me? When you can have so many others, I am bearing another’s child!” She exclaimed like that answered everything. “You think that I care? No, I do not. I want happiness and I feel you and this child could provide it in ways no other can.” He said kneeling down as he placed his hand onto her stomach as tears flood her eyes and trailed down her face. “Now, give me a name my love.” He whispered as she swallowed wiping the tears away before looking back to him. “His name is.. Maddox.” She whispered feeling like a weight was off her shoulders.

Loki immediately stood up as Thor looked to him. “Are you going to Bevollion?” He asked as Loki nods. “Don’t let anything happen to her Thor.” He spoke looking to Sydia as she looked to Thor. “Did you mean what you say or was it to convince me to give up his name?” She asked when he cupped her face. “I meant what I said.” He stated firmly. “I am leaving now.” Loki said as going out the door. “Be careful dear Brother.” Thor called as he held Sydia who was sobbing into his chest close to his body. Loki had anger, no rage, coursing thickly through his blood as he left the palace and mounted one of the horses. “I’m coming for you my love.” He whispered before taking off towards the portal.

(Y/N) and Kane hadn’t been able to sneak out as planned due to her parents barging in her room and trying to see if she was okay until she passed out from exhaustion. She hadn’t been allowed to be alone since then, it was mostly just Kane hanging out with her, but Maddox was persistent on being around her as well. Not that she didn’t mind, but even Kane wanted to tell him a few colorful words that would get soap in his mouth. (Y/N) and Kane sighed in relief as they escaped Maddox for what felt like the millionth time this past day. “Can I hit him now?” He asked panting as he leaned against one of the trees in the forest.

“No, You’d get in trouble and I’d be alone.” (Y/N) countered leaning on her knees as she tried to catch her breath. “Ah! This is infuriating!” (Y/N) hissed scrubbing her hands down her face. “I’m going to lose my mind if I don’t see Loki soon.” She whispered in tears as Kane’s face softened at her claim. She slid down one of the trees in the small forest in the village. “Do not worry, I feel like you’re gonna see him soon.” Kane patted her shoulder gently as she wipes her eyes sniffling. “Thanks Kane, at least one of us has faith.” She sighed when Kane slumped down beside her. “You should have faith as well. If you two are meant to be it shall happen.” He grins.

(Y/N) grins back before hugging him tightly as he returned the hug with a happy chuckle. “I hope so.” She whispered softly. “Lady (Y/N)! Lady (Y/N)!” A maid called as (Y/N) growled softly. “I swear on my life if this is another little family activity tongue I might try and retch all of my organs.” Her eye twitched as Kane looked at her in disgust. “Please don’t do that. I won’t be your friend if you do.” He said standing up as he offered out his hands to her which she gratefully took. “Thanks.” She comments as he rolls his eyes playfully when she pushes him away. “Shut up.” She giggles walking towards the distressed maiden.

“There you are my Lady! You must come to the Throne room. Your father has an announcement to make.” She said pointing back behind her with her thumb as (Y/N) nods looking to Kane. “Come on, I can’t wait to see what it’s about.” She spoke with sarcasm dripping in her voice as he walked with her down the hallway towards the Throne room. “I have a bad feeling.” Kane said frowning when he held his stomach as she frowned with him. “Are you okay?” She asked when the doors opened to reveal her mother and father on their thrones. “I don’t know.” He whispers. “But whatever he is about to say isn’t good.” He mumbles as she looks back to him.

Worry was now forming in the pit of (Y/N)’s stomach as she frowned before looking up to her father trying not to hold her uneasy stomach. “Someone informed me that you have an announcement.” (Y/N) said with a bow along with Kane. “Yes, it is one I’m most excited for!” Her father grins practically from ear to ear. “What is it?” (Y/N) asked when she finally took notice that Maddox was in the room standing just a few steps down from her father. She frowned as she took in the smile that was plastered across his lips when her attention turned back to her father. “Now I know that you are upset about the whole incident with Loki.” He comments frowning.

“I am not anymore.” She said softly. “Anyway,” He says waving it off dismissively. “I am very happy to announce that you shall be married to Maddox.” He said gesturing to the young man as if she hadn’t seen him before. Everything froze as Kane and (Y/N) both swallowed before her father claps his hands together excitedly along with her mother. They were mad, completely and utterly off their thrones with this idea that she was going to marry Maddox. “And because I don’t want this to wait the wedding shall be tomorrow!!” Her father said like he was adding salt to the wounds when (Y/N) looked to Kane before laughing breathlessly as she collapsed into his arms.  

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Author’s Note: Can we just take a moment to appreciate Thor in this chapter? Not only is he willing to help this pregnant woman, but he’s willing to be a father to a child that isn’t even his! Like he’s the real MVIP


I mean I could, but why would I want to?


Reign 1.10 | Sacrifice

Basically an episode, where Bash constantly thought less of himself, his roots and his legacy, than Mary did.