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sunshine over Motorcity

Fandom's favourite 1988 moment

So I was thinking of running a bracket-style elimination tournament to discover fandom’s favourite 1988 moment. I thought it could be fun to have some of our favourite moments battle head to head. :)

Before I start it and discover that I accidentally forgot an important moment, I thought I’d check to see if people think I’m missing something. The tournament works best with 32 choices, so if you suggest something new could you also let me know which one below you’d recommend taking away?

1. The World Juniors jersey bet

2. “I love you Jonny, way to step up big!”

3. “No, no. Not until after Tazer does.”

4. Their memories of the Junior Flyers (ESPN interview)

5. Jonny wanted Dale Tallon to draft Kaner

6. Riding a cab to visit their parents before the Olympics (2010)

7. Flirting through the media by way of Phil Kessel (2014 Olympics)

8. 2015 Cup win moments (finding each other over and over on the ice)

9. Jonny manhandling Pat on stage at concerts (post-2015 Cup win)

10. 2010 Cup win intense hug

11. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews Conversation

12. Signing joint contracts and the press conference (vow renewal ceremony)

13. Dance-off / Kaner Shuffle #1

14. Dance-off / Kaner Shuffle #2

15. Jonny dreaming about Kaner winning the Conn Smythe / Kaner thinking about it when he won

16. The 2010 Cup parade

17. Opening the adjoining door between their hotel rooms

18. Nudging each other behind President Obama

19. 2015 All-Star Game flirting (hair ruffling, partners in crime, Jonny Hustle)

20. 2011 All-Star Game flirting (Would you pick me, making Tazer sweat)

21. Just heard “go Johnny go” on the radio. Wow, miss the UC.

22. Twitter drama: birthday wishes and follow requests

23. “We gotta fill this place up.”

24. Kane and Toews wanting to share the cover of NHL 16

25. Comforting each other post-losses (particularly 2009 and 2012 playoffs, 2014 Olympics)

26. Popsicle-eating contest

27. My Larmer is probably Tazer

28. Kaner said he wanted to play with Jonny during the lockout

29. We have our fun in the room.

30. Jonny letting go of the banner so that Kaner could touch it last

31. Congrats to @88PKane on 100 pts and an unbelievable season! #neversatisfied #stayhot

32. Calder Trophy (walking the red carpet together, the bet, thanking Jonny later)

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Reign 1.10 | Sacrifice

Basically an episode, where Bash constantly thought less of himself, his roots and his legacy, than Mary did.

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Kabby prompt: "Can you give me a hug?" I guess I just really need a Kabby hug on the show xD

Thanks for the prompt! I know I added a hug into my last ff but i couldn’t help but write another, I hope you enjoy! :) xx

That was it! He couldn’t take it anymore if anyone he should feel guilty it should be him, if he had forced Abby to go with him when he left none of this would have happened, he wouldn’t have been tortured and she wouldn’t have tried to kill him. Abby had avoided him for days by occupying herself in medical 24/7 no one had seen her since they had arrived back in Arkadia. She had changed, she expressed no emotion anymore she became somewhat dormant. Kane had to do something, he had to find away to break down the wall Abby had put up. He made his way to medical to find Abby reading over medical notes at the end of a patients bed, Kane knew she had probably read each report a million times already, but it kept her in medical which is what she wanted. Her heart was weighed down by pain her eyes were strained and bloodshot, she hadn’t slept in days.

As he approached her Abby felt his presence, he avoided eye contact grabbing her medical tools and moving towards the supply room.

“Abby, please talk to me” Kane pleaded he went to grab her arm but she shook him off.

“Please don’t do this, I’m fine” her voice broke, and her hands trembled

“Abby you need to stop this, you need to face your feelings, or your never going to move past this -“

“Don’t!” Abby turned around, for the first time in days Kane was able to look into Abby’s eyes.

“Don’t you dare use my words against me!” she yelled with tears streaming down her face “All I ever do is put the people in harms way, Jake… Clarke… You!… ughh I am not Jasper or Finn! I see Jake when I sleep, I see you and Clarke when I’m awake, there’s no escape!“

Kane steps forwards and grabs her forearm, the material of his bandages brush against her skin, a flashback of Kane pinned down taunts her, she drops everything and runs towards the supply room slamming the door behind her.

“Abby! please open the door!”

She drops to her knees and screams in agony trying to forget everything that had happened with her hands clenching her face.

“Abby please let me in! Let me help you!” Kane wanted to kick the door in but he also wanted Abby to be the one to open the door, he wanted her to want him to be there. Kane swallowed hard, he didn’t know what else he could say. Thoughts rushed through his mind so fast that they made him feel dizzy, he needed to compose himself and put all of his thoughts into an appropriate sentence that wouldn’t cause Abby pain.

“Please Abby, I love you….” His words ringing through Abby’s mind. The painful image of Kane’s face when he was pinned down was clouding all of her emotions, she didn’t know how she was going to get through this, her eyes gazing over at the pile of scalpels on the shelf in front of her, it wouldn’t take long and it could all be over, her pain, her suffering…

Instead the door knob twisted and the door opened slightly, Kane slowly opened the door to find Abby on the floor with her back facing him curled up in the foetal position with a scalpel in her hand. She had given up, she didn’t want to do any of this anymore.

“Marcus, I can’t - I just can’t do this anymore…”

“Yes you can Abby, or you wouldn’t have opened the door….. Just let me help you.” He approached her calmly and carefully removed the scalpel from her hands. He sat down behind her wrapping his hands around her arms and chest pulling her back into his. “We’re in this together, I will always be here for you” he reminded her as he kissed her forehead.

It had been a long time since someone had truly taken care of Abby, she was always so busy taking care of everyone else, always putting everyone else’s needs and well-being before her own, it was time for her to receive some TLC. She lent back and nuzzled her her face into the crook of his neck, Kane could feel her tears running down his chest, he cupped her face and wiped away her tears with his thumb. He felt her arms pull wrap around his waist embracing him. The comforting hug had taken so much weight off her shoulders, who would have thought this may have been all she needed, for now anyway. For the first time since the end of ALIE she felt a small glimmer of hope, she wanted to stay here in this moment forever.

“I love you too.”

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Abby Griffin in every episode | 3x09 Stealing Fire

“I won’t let this happen to you.”

I Won’t Let This Happen To You -meta

Guys we need to talk about the weight behind Abby’s words in that trailer, “I won’t let this happen to you.” Because not only is this the man she said was her hope just a few episodes ago but this is coming from the woman who fiercely declared that ‘hope is everything’ (reading between the lines, it’s not hard to come up with a ‘you’re everything’ out of that, almost to the point that it feels painfully intentional)

But let’s just take a moment to remember the last man that Abby was this close to: her husband, committing treason by defying a direct order from the council; deliberately undermining those instructions in order to do what he believed was the right thing; and then that man was sentenced to death and executed and he was executed right in front of her. 

So when she tells Marcus that she won’t let this happen to him again that has the full weight of history behind it. It’s not just about not letting this happening to him; it’s about her not going through it again; not standing back and watching one of the most important people in her life be killed before her without doing anything about it. 

Her face in the trailer when she is presumably finding out about Marcus’ fate speaks volumes. Can you imagine what’s going through her mind in that instant? She’s falling for someone else after losing the love of her life, the father of her child, her family, her friend, her everything. She’s let herself be strong, she’s let herself open up again, she’s let herself have hope again, she’s let herself find hope in Marcus again after losing it, and almost everything else. And now she stands to lose it all over again. 

History is repeating itself for her in the cruellest way possible and when she stands in front of Marcus and tells him that she’s not going to let this happen you can hear her pour every ounce of who she is and what she has into those words. 

Frankly, I’m beyond ready to watch Abby Griffin tear down the world and stride through hell itself without batting an eyelid to save for the sake of her hope; Marcus Kane. 

Sometimes sports can take away a little bit of the pain of what’s going on in the world.

-Patrick Kane

I’m never gonna be able to explain how much this quote means to me.

I got into hockey during the hardest time of my life. I had gone through a really intense traumatic event that was incredibly damaging both emotionally and psychologically and during this, I was living in New York which was almost a thousand miles away from my home and friends and everything I ever loved in Chicago. I was homesick and angry and incredibly self-destructive.

But then one day, there was hockey on at work. It was the Blackhawks against the Rangers. And I got into it watching it during lulls and breaks in the shift. That day changed me because I was cheering for something and it was the first time I had felt something positive in a very long time and it became a safe haven while I was away. For 60 minutes (plus overtime), I had an escape from my own life and god I cannot thank this team or this sport enough for that.

Hockey didn’t fix me. It just gave me something to cheer for when I couldn’t cheer for myself.