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Honestly, with the exception of some of the mains, Skaikru is so damn selfish. There are teenagers on this show who saved the human race repeatedly and yet there’s always that middle aged white guy who thinks he deserves to live cause he makes a mean panini. Like no, sorry Greg, but you’ve been chopped.

What is life
—  Me when I finish a really good book

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Who do you think will admit their feelings first? Bellamy or Clarke? I mean what do you think it would take for them to finally admit it!?!?

Ooooo nonnie! This is such a tough question….I honestly am not sure? I want Clarke to admit her feelings first….but then again Bellamy has never initiated intimacy with her (aside from the hand nuzzle™)

So I would be all for him confessing his feelings first because it would show such growth for him in being able to express how he feels i.e. His confession to Kane about O “I couldn’t tell her I love her, even at the end of the world”
so if he told Clarke how he really feels it would be a great end to that arc for him!

And honestly Clarke could probably use the affirmation that he loves her as much as she loves him right now she feels like an unloveable villain, and he knows exactly how that feels & she was the only one who still saw him for who he was back in s3 so it would be beautiful for her to see he still sees “her” through the “leader” mask she’s using to distance herself from her feelings & the people she loves.

But also if she confessed how she can’t go on without him because she loves him & he makes her a better person, I would eat that up too! Because it would be so nice to see him get washed over with a wave of love & know it’s just because he’s himself, not for what he can do, or say but because he’s just Bellamy Blake & he matters. So yeah I now have tears in my eyes lol

I could see it either way, but I personally think the show will have Bellamy confess first because part of his arc this season has to do with him facing his feelings & emotions in a healthy way.

Now let’s see if I’m right lol who do you think will confess first anon?!

Thanks for the ask ❤

PJO-fan confession

I don’t like the Percy Jackson movies. I hate them completely. The writing sucks, the acting , for the most part, sucks, it lacks any soul or identity, and it is absolutely nothing like the books.

…But the thing is, if it weren’t for those stupid movies, I would’ve never have tried picking up the books.

I would’ve never been curious enough to pick them up and give them a read. And because of that dumbass first movie, i was able to read the first book out of interest and see how the books were far better than the movies. I was able to realize what I was missing out on and become a full-on Percy Jackson fanboy.

I know that they’re stupid. They really are! But for people like me, a generation that was introduced to the books through the movie, they were the Mrs. Dodds that horrifically dragged me into the world and inadvertently set me on a path to the real Camp Halfblood of the books, the beginning of a quest that no monster or crappy adaptation can pull me out of.