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Honestly, with the exception of some of the mains, Skaikru is so damn selfish. There are teenagers on this show who saved the human race repeatedly and yet there’s always that middle aged white guy who thinks he deserves to live cause he makes a mean panini. Like no, sorry Greg, but you’ve been chopped.

Ode to Percy Jackson

So I was thinking about fandoms the other day and how some Potterheads like to call themselves the ‘Potter Generation’. And then I realized that I can’t count myself to one of them.

When the first book was published I wasn’t even born, when the first movie hit theaters I was too young to watch it. Sure my mom read me the first two books as a kid and I even did borrow the audiobook of ‘Philosophers Stone’ from the library and watched the movies but I wasn’t that interested in it back then. It all started when Deathly Hallows Part 1 was about to be released and I got myself the books and was really joining the hype and the fandom. Harry Potter is the gateway to other fandoms at least that’s what some people like to say. But how does Percy Jackson fit in you might ask. I’ll explain you how:

Since I’m not in the state to say that I’m one of the ‘Potter Generation’ I started to think about other book series that influenced my life. I was always interested in Greek Mythology and I had like many others seen that awful Percy Jackson movie which clearly no one hates more than uncle Rick himself. (Okay confession time: back then I thought it wasn’t that bad but I didn’t know that it was based on a book.) So on one lovely summers day (just kidding I don’t know which day it exactly was) I spent the afternoon with one of my classmates and in her room I noticed a book in her shelf which was called ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lightning Thief’. I asked her about it and she explained that this movie was based on a book series and the story wasn’t even finished yet. When I started reading Percy Jackson we only had ‘Titan’s Curse’ and I basically devoured the first three books in a few days and now was patiently waiting year for year for the next one to be published. And I’m still waiting and pre-ordering every book Rick Riordan writes because this man owns my ass. 

What I’m trying to say is that as much as I love Harry Potter I think I belong to the ‘Percy Jackson Generation’ oder maybe you could better call it the ‘Rick Riordan Generation’ even if it makes me mad that his books are stored in the kids corner in our book shop I’m not ashamed to walk right in there and get whatever this man chooses to write about because you’re never too old to read a book about Percy Jackson, the Kane siblings or Magnus Chase.


Requested By Anon - Would you maybe be able to write a fic in canon where Bellamy kisses the top of Clarke’s head/forehead.

Bellamy had noticed that Clarke had been at his side like she was glued to him recently, as though if she left he’d vanish into thin air and never return. Granted they lived a life where that could actually happen so it was understandable, Bellamy could tell others had noticed it too, commenting on it from time to time making the short blonde blush but just make up an excuse for it. Bellamy didn’t mind it, he preferred having her close and away from trouble for once though he hated it when he was on duty and she’d come to his side unarmed outside the gate. He always tried to usher her inside but she insisted on remaining beside him. He always wondered what the real reason was, he never questioned her on her following him around mostly because he enjoyed it they spent more time with each other than they did everyone else, Clarke spent more time with him than with her mother.

Bellamy headed for the lunch hall in the structure, it was where everyone gathered for lunch when the weather was awful. Today it had been spitting rain and cloudy skies, not even a glimpse of the sun and not even a glimpse of Clarke. That was what was concerning the dark haired boy today, he hadn’t had Clarke by his side at all, he felt a little lost without her. He’d been on patrol early in the morning so he wasn’t surprised to not see her then but he’d been expecting her to be waiting for him with the others at breakfast; but again, she wasn’t there. Bellamy tried not to worry guessing she was probably busy in medical.

“Bellamy Blake without Clarke again? Have you two had a squabble?” Raven asked in amusement as he sat before her, the brunette taking a bite out of her apple, Jasper sat beside her and Monty and Harper beside him as usual and an empty space next to him left for Clarke. Jasper let out a little laugh at Raven’s question, they’d all noticed that Clarke had been missing today.

Bellamy shot a short glare before answering, “No. I just haven’t seen her today.” Bellamy told them, casting his eyes around the hundreds of people in the Ark now, he was looking for Clarke but he couldn’t see anyone that resembled her.

“Well maybe you said something she didn’t like, did you tell her you were fed up with her tailing you?” Harper suggested, covering her mouth as she munched on her sandwich. Bellamy’s eyebrows furrowed.

“No, I wouldn’t say that. I like having her around…I don’t think I said anything that bothered her.” Bellamy worried now, scared he’d said something to offend Clarke and now she was avoiding him. Monty gave his back a friendly slap.

“I’m sure she’s just taking a break from you today, she might think she’s smothering you by being around you wherever you go.” 

Bellamy sighed, “But she’s not.”

“Look, Abby’s over there, do you want me to ask her if she’s seen Clarke?” Raven asked, she knew Bellamy wouldn’t let it drop until he knew Clarke’s whereabouts although Raven couldn’t help but be curious too, she hadn’t seen the blonde either. Bellamy followed Raven’s gesture seeing Abby across the hall, Raven giving a nod of a hello when the woman looked over at her giving her a smile. 

Kane sat with Abby digging into a sandwich, he’d been on guard all day then he had to patrol the grounds in an hour before he could finally sleep. Raven was about to get to her feet but Bellamy held up his hand indicating her that he’d go and slipped out of his seat heading over. Abby saw him coming and gave him a smile like the one she’d given Raven; Abby hadn’t liked Bellamy at first but she soon warmed up to him when she saw how fond her daughter was of him. Though she read his expression and a look crossed her face as he took the spare seat in front of her and Kane, the man pausing his food to look up at the boy, giving him a nod in greeting Bellamy doing the same.

“Sorry to bother you whilst your eating, ma’am. I was just wondering if you’ve seen Clarke today?” Bellamy asked politely, hoping she knew seem as it was starting to be a bit odd that no one had seen. He started to worry that she’d snuck out at some point and headed to Polis for whatever reason.

Abby’s worry dispersed when she heard his question, a smile returning to her lips as she gave him a nod watching as he let out a sigh in relief. “I saw her this morning, she asked permission to head out with the hunting team to collect a few spices.”

“Oh.” Bellamy said, he was a little disappointed that she didn’t come with him when he was out there, but he was glad she hadn’t wandered off somewhere leaving them all clueless.

“She’s been around you a lot lately…more than usual,” Abby started, eyes on Bellamy and Bellamy gulped, he knew what she was going to ask, several people had asked it in the past two days. “Is their something I’m unaware of?”

Bellamy shook his head, looking to Kane for help but quickly looking back to Abby to answer Abby with words. “No, Clarke hasn’t told me why she’s been so attached to me lately…that’s why I was worried why she suddenly didn’t show up today, I thought I’d upset her.”

Abby frowned at that, her protectiveness coming through. “You didn’t try something with her that she wasn’t comfortable with, did you?”

Bellamy looked offended, eyes wide and his own frown came on his face. “I’d never do anything like that, Abby. I lov–” Bellamy stopped himself before he carried on, bowing his head to break eye contact with the now prying eyes of the adults. “I care about her ma’am, I’d never do anything to make her uncomfortable…I just thought I’d said something wrong.”

Abby glanced at Kane a small smile on her lips at Bellamy’s accidental confession, Kane was proud Bellamy had finally said it but they didn’t pry on.

“Clarke should be back tonight, I ordered them to get us a few meals and I instructed Miller to not leave Clarke’s side.” Kane told Bellamy, the boy giving him a thankful nod.

“Which means if she wanders off, something Clarke does often, Miller is with her ready to shoot someone if need be.” Abby added reassuring Bellamy making him smile, glad she was safe. He trusted Miller just as much as any of his other friends.

Bellamy had headed to his room early, he’d been waiting for Clarke to return for a couple of hours and since it was starting to get dark most people had left for their rooms or tents. Bellamy was lucky to get his own room in the Ark as did Raven, Abby and Kane. Monty shared a room with Harper and Jasper gladly slept outside in a tent with many others. Bellamy had gotten halfway through a mythology book - which he’d read for the fifth time - when his bedroom door creaked open, the noise making him lift his head. Clarke didn’t say a word, she simply closed the door behind her, tiredly stumbled over to the edge of his bed, slipped off her shoes and climbed into the blanket with him, her body close to his. Bellamy was stunned, she’d never done it before he hadn’t had anyone in his bed since Gina and here Clarke was climbing into his bed as though she’d done it every night, her back to him and a little space between them.

“Hey.” Her soft voice broke his shock, he closed his book shuffling up slightly to lean over her and place it on the side. Nervously settling down beside her, his eyes on her hair as she faced the other way, he could smell the fresh leaves scent coming off of her from the trip, it was one of his favourite smells. So clean and refreshing, one of his favourite things about earth. He cleared his throat.

“Hey.” Bellamy wasn’t sure where to put his arm so he just led it between them, “So uh…did you get the spices you needed?”

Clarke’s eyes were closed but a smirk crossed her face at his question, he’d been asking where she was. “I did.”

“That’s good…you know you could’ve went to get those spices with me, I wouldn’t of minded.” Bellamy told, he noticed how she shifted and flipped over so that they were nose to nose, a little smile playing on her lips.

“I know, I just thought I’d let you have a Clarke free day today, did you have fun?” Bellamy frowned, so she did think she was bothering him. Bellamy shook his head against the pillow, Clarke’s smile still staying on her face. “And why is that?”

“Because I like having you around, I have fun when you’re around.” Bellamy shrugged, his mocha eyes never leaving her blue ones. “I missed you.”

Clarke’s face brightened even though he could see she was exhausted, her heart raced at his words and she gave him a warm smile. “I missed you too.”

“Clarke?” Bellamy questioned, his eyes locking with hers, she hummed an answer. “Why have you been around me a lot more than usual lately?”

Clarke ended up being the one to break their eye contact, her eyes falling between them where she’d lifted his hand at some point and was playing with his hands but he kept his curious eyes on her. Things were hardly ever quiet between the two of them now, they’d talk about anything and everything, they’d joke around with one another, tease each other and it seemed to be the only time anyone ever saw the pair smile. Clarke looked up at him with sad eyes.

“Because we’ve spent so much time apart, because I love being with you…you make me smile, I forget about the fact that in a few months we could be dead and because if there was someone I was going to spend my last months on this planet with; I’d choose you.” 

Bellamy’s heart felt as though it had melted, he ran a hand over her face, caressing her cheek smiling happily down at her. He leaned forward, pressing his lips against her temple closing his eyes and letting the kiss linger for a minute before breaking away and looking down at Clarke.

“I feel just the same, Princess.” Clarke felt her cheeks burn, looking at him with all the love and care she carried within her. Clarke turned back over once more, this time shuffling backwards until her body was against Bellamy’s chest, Bellamy glancing down at her. He didn’t want to put an arm around her just in case he overstepped a line but Clarke ended up reaching back for his arm, pulling it over her waist, entwining their fingers as his hand rested on her stomach keeping her tucked against him. Bellamy gave her a soft smile at her action. 

Bellamy knew Clarke had fallen asleep when her grip on his hand loosened and her breathing evened out, soft snores coming from the blonde his his arms. He was happy about the height difference, it meant he didn’t have a mouthful of hair, he’d rested his chin on the top of her head, the blonde falling asleep in his arms like that. He liked this, the warmth of her body radiating to his, the fact that they shared a pillow, that he got to smell the fresh scent coming off of the girl and the fact that Clarke cared for him just as much as he cared for her.

Abby came into Bellamy’s room half an hour later, wondering where her daughter had been since she couldn’t find her in her bedroom and her heart swelled when she found her. Abby’s eyes falling on the young leaders wrapped around each other sleeping peacefully, Abby was glad that Clarke loved Bellamy, in her opinion he was the best person for her and Kane thought Clarke was the best person for Bellamy. Raven passed Bellamy’s room, popping her head around the door when she found it ajar, a broad smile appearing on her face when she saw Abby taking a blanket and covering it over Bellamy and Clarke, placing a kiss on her daughters cheek the girl shifting in her sleep, turning in Bellamy’s arms to lay her head against his chest, grabbing a fistful of his shirt in her hand, falling back into a peaceful slumber. Abby turned on her heel after smiling a final time at the two and practically jumped out of her skin when she found Raven standing there, the girl grinning from ear to ear.

“We should let them sleep.” Abby whispered to her, taking Raven arm to lead her out of the room knowing the brunette would gladly wake them up to celebrate their relationship. Raven grumbled but Abby had taken her out of the room and closed the door before she could protest.

What?” Of all of the ways she imagined him responding, panicked and hurt wasn’t one of them. Relieved, yes. Calmly accepting, definitely. But this? She chanced a look at his face, and saw his eyes were wide. “No,” he said, folding his arms, though his shoulders quickly slumped. “I mean, I can’t force you, but… please, Faye. You can’t kill it. It’s our… our kid.”

Faye stared at him. “You really think we deserve to bring a kid into this world? Do you know the first thing about being a parent?”

“We… could learn? Look, if it happened despite the pill, then doesn’t it mean it’s meant to be?”

With a sudden flash, Faye remembered Kane confessing to her that his family was stupidly, deeply catholic, and she wondered if some of that had rubbed off on him.

Once Upon a Time @ Comic-Con: Season 7's Secret Roles Revealed, a 'Prominent LGBTQ Storyline' and More
Once Upon a Time fans can finally put names to some of Season 7’s mysterious new faces.
By Andy Swift

July 22, 2017

SDCC Panel Rundown

Once Upon a Time fans can finally put names to some of Season 7’s mysterious new faces.

Once Upon a Time: Who Are Lana and Colin Playing in Season 7? And Are Emma/Hook Still Happy? New Details!

Exclusive Comic-Con Portraits From Favorite ShowsLaunch Gallery

The ABC drama’s cast — returning players Lana Parrilla, Colin O’Donoghue and Robert Carlyle, along with new additions Dania Ramirez (Devious Maids), Gabrielle Anwar (Burn Notice) and Andrew J. West (The Walking Dead) and executive producers Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsis and David H. Goodman — assembled Saturday for its San Diego Comic-Con panel, where some major secrets were revealed about the upcoming “reboot”“reinterpretation“:

* First things first: Anwar will play the “new wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine” (aka the mother of Ramirez’s “new” Cinderella).

* Mekia Cox is playing Tiana (aka the heroine of The Princess and the Frog).

* English actress Rose Reynolds is playing a new version of Alice “because no one watched the [Wonderland] spinoff,” Kitsis revealed/confessed.

* Adelaide Kane (Reign) is playing Cinderella’s stepsister Drizella, and according to Kitsis, she’s “super wicked.”

* “We had a plan for the original show that ran six seasons — at a point, we felt like it was time for some characters to get some happy endings,” Kitsis said, adding that nothing from the past six seasons will be erased. “We are going to take a few new characters and go on a new journey, and we hope you’ll come along with us.”

* “I’d like to know more about Hook’s mother, which is something we haven’t touched upon much yet,” O’Donoghue said. (Yet, eh?)

* “You’re going to see the same versions of Rumple and Hook and the Queen,” the EPs cleared up. “Henry wants to visit other storybooks with different stories and characters. He falls in love with Cinderella, much like the romance his grandparents had. He gets into some trouble and calls out for help from his family. [Hook, Rumple and Regina] come to his rescue.”

* Regarding exited vets Jennifer Morrison (who will be back for one early epsiode), Ginny Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Jared Gilmore, Emilie de Ravin and Rebecca Mader, Horowitz said, “It’s our hope that we’ll be seeing a lot of them pop up from time to time. We miss them as much as you do.”

* Fans were shown the first two scenes of Season 7: Young Henry (played by Gilmore) tells Regina he needs to leave Storybrooke in order to find out what his own story is and where he belongs (after finding hundreds of other books in the sorcerer’s mansion. Did you know there’s a French Snow White? And Italian?”) “How long will you be gone?” Regina asks, to which Henry replies, “As long as it takes.” He then hops on a motorcycle — which August taught him how to ride — before riding off through a portal to a new realm.

* We then see West’s grown-up Henry riding his motorcycle in another realm, “years later,” at which point he accidentally crashes into Cinderella’s carriage. #MeetCute

* “I didn’t know I was auditioning for Cinderella,” Ramirez said. “I loved [the show], so I was super excited.” She got into the audition room, still in her vacation clothes, to see if she had chemistry with West. (Spoiler alert: She did!)

* “I was also on vacation, and I got a call from my agent,” Anwar recalled of her involvement with the show. “I said, ‘Once Upon a Time?’ and my 13-year-old daughter went, ‘What?!’ As I’m talking to my agent, my daughter is grabbing me going, ‘Hook! Hook!’ So I said yes. I didn’t know what I was saying yes to, but I owed it to my daughter.”

* Asked about featuring a “prominent LGBTQ storyline,” Kitsis answered, “I would say that we are planning to do it this year.”

* “I think it would be interesting to see [Hook and Emma having children],” O’Donoghue said. “Hook and Emma love each other, and they’re married, so I think the next logical step would be … to have a baby.”