Simplyvague 1.0

I had started off writing like, on a roll and shit, but then, I don’t know, my mind  kinda fizzled out. in any case, it’s been a long while since i’ve posted any writing for tumblr (which i’ve rarely done anyways) so enjoy this thing I mostly whipped up  basically just off the top of my head. I had an idea thought up like saturday, but yea i pretty much whipped it together now

I may do something else to this one , maybe I won’t , who knows, lol

I hadn’t used people s/n’s in anything like this for tumblr yet, so I thought i’d bring it on over to tumblr

The bolded italicized words, if you haven’t figured out are well tumblr screennames

So yea.. enjoy this quick one i came up with::

We just can’t escape, even with the key dangling in our faces. Those crustydollparts  will rot for entirety together, as distant as can be

Will someone break  out? Maybe some vamparie? A prettygirl-twistedmind that will whisk them all into the night?

  Nope says the kandydevil, no such luck cause when pepperattacks with that chaoticneutralsugar, during the blackmachina, we’re fucked

Just a bunch of forgotten-phoenixes,  grounded in a eternal hell
with demonic creatures in floral-fields, their story, no one can tell

Awake I spring from the madness, from all the dreams-and-trance, the younggalaxxy of craziness in my head more lost than i’ve ever been, as I  play my bassrx.

Such a conventionallyunconventional  sleep, as I change my corriepants, my  fragmented brain, trying to spring  it’s prison, always with onemorestep2go, then onetrueslayer appears, then back into the hell they go

The teennightmare might as well be reality, as to me it’s unknown, if I should try for the dirtyred69 as part of my adventuresofabisexualgirl, becausesex-sells to my brain, and I bought it hook line and  sinker, or if I should try and eatmypoop300 times.

Despite the complexity or easiness it seems, the fog never completely strays.

Any and everything, is always  simplyvague.