kandy coated kackles


Halloween Shindig 2012

This year a lot has happened up to this point. Alan & I have been enjoying the end of each October in our own way since we met in 2007. It all started with the tradition of pumpkin soup that has lead us all the way through the years, from my home in surrey, his home in london, to my old student home to this year finally, 2012 in my dream home in Greenwich. Its funny though thinking about it, while searching for my current home, Alan & I had drawn in the Alovera Comic our own made up apartment, that ended up looking very much like my own! 

So here it is! The start of the best line of parties I could ever wish for! This year was especially awesome! We had made our own buntings, carved pumpkins, our friend Ali who came over brought beer and balloons, and we played the kickass music that we had been gathering all autumn, thanks to Zach here, for the Kandy Koated Kackles mix tapes, they have made our month! Does this all sound a tad familiar

KCK Halloween Mixes on Bandcamp or Soundcloud?

Time and time again my Kandy Coated Kackles Halloween mixes have been uploaded and deleted from file sharing sites. Someone recently suggested I upload them to Bandcamp. Doing some research I found a lot of mixes are also uploaded to Soundcloud. My question is…which one is better? Bandcamp? or Soundcloud? If anyone has any insight, please leave a comment and hopefully I can get these mixes to the public once again!