kandus johnson

Imaginary People

I was smoking magic and predicting the future.
You were harboring my bad habits and calling me your tutor.
I can’t taste the past anymore and you think I’m lying.
You wanna see me laugh and I wanna see you crying.
Dragging my face through bad decisions won’t save you.
I was a character before you ever claimed to,
love me more than I’ve ever felt.
It’s unhealthy to think I’m someone else.
I write stories and live in fiction.
I’m amused and hopelessly predicting.
You can’t comprehend what I see.
It’s a foggy imagination, but a colorful dream.
It’s 25 years and after 7 beers it’s becoming clear.
I haven’t done shit and this regret will be my biggest fear.
We swallow the guilt and deal out the hate.
You’re burning bridges faster than my rage.
Around the corner, I collapse into myself.
You were away at the time, and couldn’t tell.
I never pray because you’re an easy prey.
No one has ever really seen this side of me.
I am capable of more than you think.
Time to rhyme my way onto other things.
You wanna read poetry or get a life?
I am releasing myself and you don’t know why.
People don’t know what others have seen.
We like to pretend a smile and blend into the scenes.
So good at faking, but who are you trying to fool?
I’m a fictional character trying to reinvent you.
Or is it you that’s creating me through time?
The seams of life slowly unwind.
You’re scared now because you never thought of it.
How something so beautiful will never be permanent.
And you thought the news was here to protect you.
You’re in grave danger and I’m scared too.
So rewrite your terrible life.
It’s not over until you say goodbye.