Kandriel Goes to Disneyland

Okay but there is nothing Kevin loves more than spoiling his boys. And Andrew likes to help catch Neil up on the things he’s missed on the run. So of course they visit Disneyland.

Neil manages to get Andrew to wear colors (Holy heck guys)
“Andrew it’s going to be like, 80 all day and we’ll be walking around. If you wear black you’ll probably pass out. Wear this blue hoodie and these tan pants.”

Neil gets those Mickey ears for Kevin, but Kevin will not put them on and and he refuses to bend down so Neil can do it. Cue Neil Josten jumping up and down with these ears, trying to get them on Kevin’s head.

Kevin does not like twirly rides. At all. Andrew does.

It’s not fair that Andrew eats the most sweets and vomit inducing food, but Kevin is the one who pukes

Neil likes the water rides, Andrew hates getting wet.

Okay but with the blue hoodie and the tan pants and the blond, unkempt, hair, Andrew looks like a short Jack Frost.

Now there is so kid running towards Andrew at full speed screaming about Jack Frost.

Andrew is /lost/ what? Who?

Kevin is shrugging. “Haven’t seen that one.”

Neil is nodding. “Matt made me watch that last month. This boy died saving his sister so now he’s like a winter god? Oh wait no, he’s just a sprite or something. I guess you do kind of look like him.”

Andrew doesn’t have time to answer because this kid is hugging him and he almost punched a 10 year old.

Kevin is about to die because Andrew is crouching down to this kids height to talk to him???

The kid, George, is ecstatic about meeting Jack Frost and he’s talking a million miles a minute and Andrew is just nodding along with a small smile. Neil is so proud.

“Who’s that guy?” George thinks he’s being quiet when he points at Neil, hes not.

Andrew humors him though, leaning in and stage whispering back, “That’s my boyfriend.”

“He’s really pretty. So is the other one. Who’s he?”

“That’s my other boyfriend. They’re both pretty huh?”

Poor George is about to die because Neil and Kevin are smiling at him. Andrew takes a picture with him and smile before leaving.

“Wow Andrew, that was the nicest I’ve ever seen you be with literally anyone.”

“Fuck off Kevin. You’re buying me ice cream. And Neil, you’re buying me cotton candy.”

Andrew ends up buying Neil a bunch of stuffed animals and Kevin gets a bunch of t-shirts

Andrew spoils his boys, don’t even try to tell me otherwise.

Kandriel never had such an appeal until @grishaneil waltzed into my life

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give me the FLUFFIEST shit u got mate

I gotchu (check out our fluff tag here too!)

The Sweetest Leaves by moonix (G | 3,134 | 1/1)

In which Neil makes tea, Matt tries to ask Dan out on a date, Allison loves gossip, Andrew is known as the grumpy record store guy, and Aaron isn’t getting married.

Say I Do by gluupor (G | 1,297 | 1/1)

Neil’s not sure how this happened.

Well, okay, that’s blatantly false. This happened because he’s a competitive asshole and so is Andrew, although he hides it behind his general apathy. They wouldn’t both be professional athletes if they didn’t have healthy competitive streaks. But what that means is that sometimes neither of them will back down when issued a challenge. Like right now.

When they’re locked in a game of engagement chicken.

out & proud by kayxpc (G | 1,417 | 1/1)

Same sex marriage is finally legalized in Germany and the foxes come to support Nicky and Erik! Lots of love and happiness in this fic, angst who?

The Ballad of Renee and Allison by arguedontfight (Not Rated | 2,034 | 1/1)

On when Allison and Renee started loving each other.

sunflowers by cryptidkidprem (G | 1,205 | 1/1)

Jean hadn’t felt truly relaxed in over ten years; it wasn’t something he’d ever managed in the Nest. But he’d been slowly relearning the feeling since coming to California. He felt relaxed enough at the moment that he could have drifted off to sleep, but he didn’t want to. He wanted to stretch this moment out for as long as he could.

Jean had completely lost track of how long they’d been laying like that, but some time later Jeremy broke the silence. “You,” he started, murmuring gently against Jean’s hair, “Are like a sunflower.”

happy holidays from the foxes by artemis_west (G | 5,446 | 1/1)

This is my gift exchange for Jules, who wanted Fox family bonding during the holiday/post-grad! A fic set in the future after the books, when all the Foxes have their kids. They have a yearly reunion during the holidays! Soft andreil living their happy life, Andrew healing and having a better relationship with Aaron and Nicky, everyone is happy and sappy. Merry Christmas!

Ends of the World by jostenminyard (onceuponahundred) (G | 1,014 | 1/1)

more more more more please if u want idk please i love this what are the tattoes does andrew know how to do it before maybe kevin also gives neil a little tattoo please i’m trash for this

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hi, any good kevin-centric fics with good characterization? don't care about the ship as long as it's not any moriyamas or wymack thnks

hello! here are some that I think you might like

Waiting on Nothing by Sundaye (M | 1,902 | 1/1)

A short piece on Kevin’s perspective of the events that followed the riot at Binghamton.

Kevin has to deal with the realization that Neil isn’t returning to the Foxes once he goes missing following the riot at Binghamton. Being the only person who knows the whole truth about Neil’s father, he makes that realization before everyone else.

/Graphic Depictions of Violence

call it new by cave_canem (T | 3,106 | 1/1)

Kevin and Thea patch things up, even when the fabric is threadbare.

asking for it by wesninskids (M | 4,500 | 1/1)

Kevin and Neil make a deal to be honest and clear about the things they want. This slowly turns into a game of give and take, and Neil’s only shot at asking for what he really wants.

Tastes Like Damnation by deathanddestruction (Not Rated | Incomplete | 8/?)

Kevin Day didn’t like his job at the local coffee shop. He didn’t particularly hate it either, but he could count the number of reasons why on one hand and still have extra fingers. One - the hours left him plenty of time for exy. Two - the discounts. Three - a certain customer named Andrew Minyard.

ignominy by Saul (M | 83,130 | 4/4)

That sentinels - marvels of science, human beings enhanced to the edge of human perfection - fell apart without someone to focus on was, by every scientist’s account, complete bollocks. That all his running went down the drain because Neil happened to match with one was, in his personal opinion, even more absurd.

Meanwhile, Evermore Laboratories continued to care not one bit about what was or wasn’t possible, and weren’t about to let a little matter like basic human rights stop them.

okay but like think about kandriel and cuddling

i know this has been done before but let me finish

like kevin is such a diva and his bed would be big and fluffy and comfy and sometimes andrew and neil get swallowed up by it and kevin just thinks it’s super cute

and like when they’re all cuddling and sleeping in the bed together and kevin rolls over and basically suffocates andrew/neil bc he’s twice the size of them

and neil’s like “kevin. kevin. kevin. wake up. you’re suffocating me. kevin. I can’t bREATHE.” and he pushes kevin off of him and onto andrew and then andrew’s pissed and the whole time kevin’s still asleep bc this man can sleep through anything tbh

and kevin totally sleeps spread eagle don’t test me on this

and so one day andrew and neil are out and they come back and kevin is literally taking up the //////entire//// bed bc he can

and so they just kinda curl up on either side of him and he just kinda wraps his arms around him bc his boys are home and they’re his and as much as they frustrate him, it’s the three of them and he loves them

and then when they’re in the dorms and they’re in twin beds and kevin has to squeeze onto them anyway, sometimes they’ll all crawl in one of the beds together and it’s crowded and it takes a few times for them to get it down bc it ends up being more like stacking them on top of one another

and kinda lay there and it’s so nice and they all kinda feel warm inside ??

and one day they’re all watching a movie but none of them are really interested in it (esp kevin bc when has that boy been interested in anything that wasn’t exy since he’s been alive) and so they kinda end up falling asleep on each other in the bean bag chairs

and nicky and allison walk in on them and they just ?? think it’s so cute n they scream a little inside but before anyone can take a picture andrew wakes up just enough to give them his Death Glare™

n everyone knows about it the next morning at practice and dan’s giving neil some shit for it bc dan is his tru Mom and just thinks it’s so great

i just. the boys and cuddling is so cute

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Hey hey hey <3 if you're still taking requests can you draw Kevin Andrew and Neil? Being stupidly affectionate (Kandriel is a nice ship)

probably not what you were expecting with being stupidly affectionate but- have this LOL sry that took awhile

I saw this post once about how kandriel (kevandriel?) is disrespectful or dismissive of Neil’s sexuality.
That we like to ignore the fact that he’s Demi.
I’d just like to say that just because you are demisexual doesn’t mean you can’t love more than one person, it’s not an ‘I’m only ever going to want to screw one person, ever, my entire life’ it’s not true love. It’s 'I need an emotional connection and understanding before I understand want’
Now I, myself, am not demisexual (possibly could go for Demiromantic pansexual?) and we’re not going to get into that because we’d be here all day.
But I just feel that it’s so wrong to box Neil in like that?

If Nora had decided to go with a poly relationship it would be fine, right?
We’re not trying to disrespect Neil and erase a part of him that is important to his character and to the queer community. And we’re not trying to belittle the relationship between Neil and Andrew, because that would be going against everything the series stands for.

We, as with most fandoms, are expanding and building on the world created for us, building a story that is especially important to each of us individually. We are exploring the could-have-Beens and what ifs.
We’ve been given so much with this series already it’s almost bad of us to want more. But we’ve been given something so beautiful that many of us just want to carry it on in a way that relates to their hopes.

The way that some people do it may not be your cup of tea, but I know that most fanfiction writers and fandom members try very hard to keep the story they’re telling true to the original vision.

Kevin is an interesting character and the relationship is an interesting concept. The best writers take interesting and make it a book.

If you’re not comfortable with a poly relationship or Andrew allowing more people close to him. Or if you just don’t think Kevin would fit, that’s fine. But please don’t say you think we’re taking away a piece of someone to fit our standards.

Neil is still the same person, just with a heart for two people instead of one.

Feel free to fight me or agree with me on this I’d love to discuss it with someone.
Sorry if I’ve offended you. But yeah.

FUCK. Yall really hitting me with the good stuff tonight and being distracting and I love it but I will hate it at 2am when I am still not done this case study. 

Who falls asleep on the couch: Neil is the absolute king of falling asleep in random places but Kevin is easily the queen (get it?). Too often does Andrew come home to find them both snoring against each other on the couch. The door opening usually wakes Neil up so he’ll let out one last snore before jolting awake. Kevin, however, sleeps through it and continues to drool on Neil until Neil shoves him away. 

Who wakes up first: Andrew always wakes up first shortly followed by Neil. As soon as the sun comes up, Andrew is usually opening his eyes and lighting a cigarette. A lot of his demons find their way in during the night and when the sun is up again he feels a bit more at peace. But that doesn’t mean those nightmares don’t put him on edge. Neil wakes up because of Andrew’s movement but chooses to stare at both Andrew and a sleeping Kevin with heart eyes until Andrew glares and tells him to quit it. Kevin doesn’t wake up until Andrew starts dramatically slamming dresser drawers or letting the cats into the room which means Kevin always wakes up grumpy. Neil fixes this with kisses.

Who cooks the most: Kevin is a surprisingly good cook. It seems like it’s a natural talent more than a practiced one. He finds it quite easy to follow instructions to a T (probably from his upbringing) but sort of finds solace in being able to accomplish it. Despite being happier and healthier that he’s away from the Ravens, there are some things (like specific routine and instructions) that he misses about it. He’s finding a healthy balance between mourning and moving on. 

Who’s in charge of the tv remote: Kevin and Neil. All they watch is Exy. Occasionally a history documentary will slip in when Neil is away. It’s a sort of silent bonding time between Kevin and Andrew that they watch them together. They usually end up having pretty lively and intelligent discussions about the content of the documentaries that neither of them can have with anyone else. The sharing of smarts ends up turning them both on and well….let’s just say those nights usually end with a lot of satisfaction despite Neil’s absence. 

Who takes the longest getting ready: Andrew usually takes slightly longer than the rest because he does not care about being on time and nobody is going to call him out for being late. This drives Kevin absolutely crazy because Andrew usually drives and Kevin is trained to be on time for things. Neil doesn’t really mind and usually calms Kevin down when he gets too frustrated. They’re both learning to be a little less uptight about it and Andrew is actually doing them both a favor (he realizes this though).

Who takes up most of the bed: Sometimes sleeping in the same bed as Kevin is too much for Andrew. Neil is a very still sleeper. Kevin can be except when he’s having bad dreams. On those nights, he tosses and turns which means that Andrew retreats to another room to sleep (door locked) and Neil ends up on the couch. Neil usually shuffles back in around 4 or 5 to make sure Kevin doesn’t wake up alone though. Andrew joins a bit after to smoke. 

If/what pets they have: It’s just the cats. Kevin learns to love them but it takes a lot of time. Mostly they wake him up in the morning by climbing on his head which drives him nuts but if he’s caught cuddling them later that afternoon…well. 

So in the all for the game universe Exy is fairly new but super popular, so there are definetly a lot of movies about it being created, so there are probably a lot of movies with young Kevins and young Rikos playing together, being brotherly and adorable. How many times do you think Kevin has watched those movies and thought about what his childhood could have been

Guys, I have a lot of Kandriel ideas where Andrew and Kevin are already a secret thing before Neil shows up, but then when Neil shows up he balances out the parts they don’t like of each other. Andrew couldn’t care less about exy? Neil’s there to obsess with him. Kevin won’t get off his healthy ‘I am not getting lung cancer with you’ high horse? Neil’s there to smoke with Andrew.

And when Andrew and Kevin find out that they both have a thing for Neil, they totally agree to the idea of whoever can capture Neil’s attention having a side thing with him. And it kind of becomes a competition to attract Neil, but then they realize ‘doesn’t swing’ Neil is a lost cause. Until Andrew slips up and kisses him and then suddenly Neil wants to try and swing.

When Kevin approaches Neil after, Neil says 'What about Andrew?’ Kevin doesn’t ask if Neil means what about Kevin and Andrew or what about Neil and Andrew. Neil isn’t entirely sure which he means. Kevin gives Neil that look like he is so stupid as he tells him that Andrew is fine with this and what’s the difference if Neil’s trying out swinging with no feelings. Neil is as interested in the offer as he is pissed that Andrew and Kevin discussed him behind his back and decided to pass him back and forth without even asking him first.

Neil knows it is a dangerous game experimenting with both of them and he’s bound to get burned, but he’s not planning on being alive for long enough for that to happen, so he figures what’s the matter? Besides, when he dies Kevin and Andrew will have each other and they’ll be fine. Right?