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So Superman is usually shown living for millions and millions of years. Why not Supergirl or any other kryptonian that's ever shown up? But that brings me to my next point: What if Krypton was supposed to be the source for the Fifth World? The next wave of gods for when New Genesis and Apokalips fell, but its premature destruction extended the age of New Gods artificially. Like if you could knock out the four horsemen before Judgement Day.

I’ve heard some ideas for tying Krypton to the New Gods before, and even once kinda had one of my own, but these days I think the New Gods shouldn’t really be tied to Superman beyond that he’s gotten inadvertently wrapped up in their affairs by virtue of being the one hero on Earth who can even kind of endure it.

As for the lifespan, that’s a good point; I suppose Supergirl and the rest could live to the end of time with him and they’re just…elsewhere or something, but that kinda takes a lot of the poignancy out of it. The immediate answer is that she dies saving the universe ala Crisis, but that kind of feels too much like it’s subsuming her ultimate fate to facilitating his. Maybe instead because she was raised under a red sun she actually does age over the course of thousands or millions of years, letting her live out a natural lifetime? Krypto has no such explanation, but him dying to save the universe or at least his boy actually feels on-point, because him ever going away is automatically going to be the saddest thing ever and at least that way he goes out as The Best Boy that we all know he is. The Phantom Zoners perhaps decay over time (even the reformed and released ones might have shortened lives due to their time in there), and with the version of Kandor that my version of Superman would have, it isn’t a consideration.


The Chronological Superman 1963:

One of the most grim Superman stories, written by Edmond Hamilton (co-creator of the original Starman), takes place in Action Comics vol.1 No.300. Trapped in the distant future by the Superman Revenge Squad, Superman is left powerless by Earth’s bloated, aged, now-red sun. His one hope for salvation lies in the Fortress of Solitude, accessible only by a veritable death march across a dried-up ocean bed populated by strange and deadly creatures.

The story goes a long way towards establishing – as do many stories in 1963 – Superman’s resourcefulness and toughness, qualities left uncelebrated as long as he possesses his tremendous powers. This must have been an engaging read for fans who had become accustomed to Superman juggling suns for amusement.

Famously, Superman Under The Red Sun contains a massive continuity error which was repaired in later reprintings: Finding his Fortress abandoned and the Bottle City of Kandor – whose science he hoped to use to return to the modern day – presumably relocated and enlarged, he uses Red Kryptonite to shrink himself sufficiently to use a left-behind Kandorian rocketship to break the time barrier. As many readers pointed out, Kryptonite only affects super-powered Kryptonians, and Superman was powerless under the red sun of Earth’s distant future…

Hello MTV and welcome to my crib. I call this joint the FORTRESS of SOLITUDE bc as an alien I feel pretty alone some times, and fortresses are pretty cool I guess… Check out these sick ice spikes that my dead space dad hooked me up with in 07′, yeah pretty neat right. And I got all sorts of dope alien things in the back like the bottle city of kandor and the phantom zone projector – probably shouldn’t show you that last one though… but the point is you won’t catch this kind of equipment in the Batcave, - no shade tho bats, no shade,


New trailer for the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie: Superman Unbound. This film is based on 2008 story arc Superman: Brainiac. Although I am not the biggest fan of the art and coloring right now, I am excited to see Supergirl in another animated feature. I hope she kicks just as much ass as she did in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. :]