Kelley’s Kandor series stems from the myth of Kandor, Superman’s hometown and the only surviving city on Krypton, which is preserved in a bottle which the comic hero possesses. No definitive representation of Kandor exists, so Kelley explored various representations over the years.

Image: Mike Kelley. Kandor 13. 2007.


“My name is…


Normal humans can’t survive Kandor’s conditions, but Bruce can…because “he’s Batman??

Superman and Supergirl are having trouble adjusting to a Kryptonian environment, even though they’re Kryptonians and have indestructible Kryptonian armor suits, but Batman has only minor inconveniences because his “suit’s reinforced”??

Holly crap, Batman!!!

And let’s not forget Bruce recently suffered a “bullet” wound.

Aaah-ha-ha! I really can’t believe the stupidity of this!

Ode to Batgod or Batman/Superman #19, if you wish, perpetrated by Greg Pak.