Week One in Vienna Recap:

Feel free to scroll on past, I just figured I would try and recap things so Mo and I could have a little diary of events and remember some of the fun (and not so fun) things that happened while we were in Vienna.

The trip got off to a rocky start. Our flight was delayed for two hours, then four, then cancelled. Awesome. We got rescheduled on a flight the next day, however we couldn’t get our luggage back. I should’ve heard the warning bells then. 

When we boarded our first flight the next day (fresh in our same clothes and feeling like it was ground hogs day) at the last minute an airline attendant came scurrying on our plane and provided us with updated baggage tickets. Hallelujah, bring on the wine. 

After a layover in London and then a quick flight to Vienna, we landed safely, to find that only ONE of our bags had made it. Mo’s bag arrived. My bag and our mutual bag did not (Jesus take the wheel how does this always happen to me?) 

Finally 48 some odd hours later (maybe longer?) I finally got my bags and was able to change clothes (Praise Beyonce). From there things had no where to go but up. (It’s amazing what clean clothes will do for your attitude). 

Our apartment is quite adorable (albeit tiny) and it is located where a lot of the Vienna locals live, right next to the Danube River. It is the perfect place to go for long walks, bike rides, pack and picnic and just relax in the sun. Mo and I are learning how to cook in our tiny two burner kitchen, and work, eat and sleep all within the same 25ft by 25 ft space. 

This last week we did a lot of exploring. We figured out the public transit system, which is fantastic. You can get any where in the city within 20 mins of hopping a tram, U-line, or subway. I have definitely confused myself more than once with the German names of each of the stops, but surprisingly have found my way each time. 

We got to explore some of the outdoor gardens (my photos don’t do it justice), we found our first beer festival, made some friends, learned about a local drinking game that involves swinging the skinnier end of the hammer at a nail head on a tree stump (can entertain you for hours). We made some friends that were kind enough to buy us some beers, show us some local spots, and offer to be tour guides while we are here. We’ve explored the Museum Quarter, the old city, and our little area in the 22nd district. We are planning on attending an outdoor concert this week and hopefully checking out a few of the museums. 

This first week has been quite a whirlwind, but in the best way. Mo’s work schedule hasn’t been too hectic so we have had a lot of time to explore, catch up on books we have wanted to read, and get comfortable in our surroundings for the next four weeks. 

Now if my German could just magically kick into gear, we would be cruising. 

Each day when I venture out to go and sight see, walk around, read a book in the park, consume an entire pizza at Vapianos (see post about starting to run), or just enjoy a latte, a book and some people watching at a little cafe, I am always stunned by how big of a smile spreads across my face when I return to our home tram stop. 

Every day but Sunday there are rows and rows of gorgeous fresh fruit and vegetables. I love walking through and seeing what looks good, talking (in my very limited German) with the sellers, and deciding right there what will be a great snack or accompany dinner for the evening. Each day its different and each day no matter how much I grab, it is always less than two euros. 

I think that is what I have enjoyed the most about Vienna so far. The little things that have become familiar things. The public transportation, remembering to bring bags when I leave the house in case I want to stop by the grocery store. Needing no less than three keys to get in to our building. Hearing the sounds of guitar, cello, flute and violin coming from the flat on the first floor where they give lessons. Having windows that open completely inward so you can basically stick half your body outside and assess the weather for the day. My constantly second guessing myself about which milk to buy (each time I purchase one, it is different than the last and I still have no idea what the percentage of fat is in any of them. There is even a strong chance I have been purchasing goats milk for us. I honestly could not tell you).

And of course this fresh outdoor market. It really is the little things. 

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I will take complete and total shit shows for $600 Alex...

What is Mo and myself trying trying to get our luggage down two flights of stairs from our current apartment, to the subway station, on to the subway, then to the train station, then on to the train, and then to our new apartment. On the fifth floor. With no elevator.

I have a new appreciation for New Yorkers. Or, well, anyone who walks to a grocery store and therefore has to VERY carefully think out what they will purchase and then how they will carry it home. 

My wine intake alone makes this a (very) daunting (and heavy) task.

Apparently I have found my cardio option in Vienna.