Good Smile Vocaloid Earphone Jack

Currently up for pre-order are the cutest Vocaloid earphone jacks ever! There are four Hatsune Mikus, one Kagamine Rin and one Kagamine Len to collect. Pre-ordering one box will give you a random assortment of eight of these cuties. Hopefully if you’re lucky, you’ll get at least one of each kind. Also included, are stands for your Vocaloid earphone jacks, in case you don't want to display them on your phone. But how can you resist not having an adorable Vocaloid hang off your smartphone?  

These cuties are due to be released late August and can be pre-ordered at:



Since there were many who took pictures of my tattoo at Anime Expo, I’ve decided to post it.  I was gonna wait until it was completely done to post, but that would take a while.  I still need a lot of color.  This was when the outline was just finished, but I’ve gotten some color here and there.  So here it is, my Miyazaki tribute tattoo….

Kawaii Desu Ne - Candy Sushi

I just couldn’t resist making a post for this! Candy in cute little sushi form?! That’s win win!!  I don’t think this will compare to the deliciousness of real sushi. But it’s still quite cute to look at and looks extremely fun to make!!!!

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Editor Side Note: Thank you to the COURTEOUS reader who KINDLY pointed out the mistake in the Japanese grammar. May you continue to be friendly and thoughtful with others and their inaccuracies across the Tumblr universe.

Kandiiholic's Cosplay Pick - Panty and Stocking

I noticed there are a lot of Panty and Stocking cosplays out there already (more so with Stocking than Panty), so I decided to post my favorites!  It’s kinda funny, the pictures of the characters I have are separate, yet I was able to find different cosplayers of Panty and Stocking doing basically the same kind of pose. 

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Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll Motion Test

Culture Japan’s mascot Mirai Suenaga 60cm Smart Doll prototype moves for the first time ever! Danny Choo has been hard at work creating his lovable mascot Mirai into a ball jointed doll. When we first heard about a Mirai smart doll on Culture Japan’s blog, we thought Danny Choo was making a clever April fool’s joke. But he has proved us wrong, and has dedicated himself into bring the first ever 60cm Smart Doll to a reality.

Mirai will be controlled with Android-based devices and she will also let you know when you receive a Facebook or Twitter notification. The great thing is Danny Choo plans on mass producing Mirai, so that every fan can enjoy a Smart Doll across the world. To keep an eye on future updates on Mirai Smart Doll visit http://smartdoll.jp

[Danny Choo Facebook]



Pre-order Play Arts Kai Vincent Valentine

For those of you who have the original version of Play Arts Vincent Valentine, throw that out and replace him with the new and improved Play Arts Kai version!  

This version of Vincent Valentine on steroids is just too badass to pass up. The details are insane, everything is beautifully sculpted from the details of the buckles, folds on his pants the the rips on his cape. I especially like the black wash on the cape and the chrome on his armor.  

Vincent comes with Cerberus and is listed at ¥8800. Pre-order him at:



Kawaii Desu Ne - Mini Bottle Art

I discovered this while looking at some crafts on Totoro.  So I looked more into it and discovered Egyptianruin on deviantART who makes very cute mini bottle charms.  Must be hard sculpting something so small and then trying to place it in such a tiny bottle.  They are very cute, though. I really want to try making some myself now!

Kawaii Desu Ne - How to Train your Dragon

Happy year of the dragon! To celebrate, I’ve decided to post crafts from the cutest dragon I can think of: Toothless!

Enjoy these super cute clay sculpts to the super cuddly plushies. I hope the year of the dragon brings you much luck! 

Hit the break for more kawaii Toothless crafts!

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Sugoi Desu Ne - Origami Animals

I knew I just had to post this when I first discovered Dreams-Made-FleshI love origami and I was especially impressed by how realistic his creations look.  Though he does follow books and instructions, it still takes a lot of skill to fold something as detailed as these.  

See more Origami Animals after the break!

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Kawaii Desu Ne - Nail Art

I’m used to seeing the same kind of nail art – flowers with some rhinestones here and there.  Then I discovered xtheungodx who paints adorable-themed nails that are a real work of art! I would love to be able to do something like this, but I’m really not patient enough, and when it comes to painting my right hand, it gets pretty sloppy.


Kandiiholic's Cosplay Pick: Anime Expo 2011

I’m so sad Anime Expo 2011 is over, but even sadder that I didn’t have time to cosplay this year.  I was mainly admiring everyone else’s cosplays with envy.  There were a lot of amazing cosplays, so I just wanted to showcase my favorites.

Photos taken by Pop GO member somakun.



Pop GO is on Facebook and Twitter!


Summer WonFes 2013 Teasers

Wonder Festival! A place I wish I could be. There’s so many wonderful figures to look forward to! Enjoy this small teaser of future figures from Wonfes. I am most looking forward to Fire Emblem Marth Figma and Persona 3 Aegis Nendoroid.  

[MyFigureCollection , GoodSmileFacebook]


Kawaii Desu Ne - Cosplay Hoodie

Everyone loves hoodies! Something quick and comfortable to throw on that would go with just about anything.  But to have one of these adorable custom cosplay hoodie made by Calgarycosplay would be ten times better!  It’s amazing how well Calgarycosplay is able to interpret certain characters into a hoodie with such detail.  They’re pretty pricey, but then again,  how many people do you see walking around in these cute hoodies?  To see more of Calgarycosplay work visit http://calgarycosplay.deviantart.com/gallery/12496222

Kawaii Desu Ne - Miniature Foods

I’ve seen a lot of polymer clay miniature foods around, but no one makes it looks as delicious as fairchildart does.  Her skills look good enough to eat; just looking at them gets me super hungry. The detail is amazing; if didn’t see her finger by some of her creations, I would’ve thought they were just photographs of real food.