#Repost from @littleblackdiamond ! #KandiForACause is back and ready to help all the families and people who were left with nothing due to the hurricane in the Philippines! All proceeds go to the relief fund. Get your beautiful hand crafted #Kandi at littleblackdiamond.com Every purchase and dollar counts!

✨KANDIFORACAUSE.COM✨ The purpose of #kandi is to spread #PLUR to your fellow #raver. My charity project #KandiForACause takes that concept one step further and works to spread #PLURvibes to society! 100% of the proceeds from all kandi sales are donated to the National Foundation for Autism Research. It’s a cause very near and dear to my heart as my cousin has #autism. Please check out KandiForACause.com and grab some kandi for you or a friend and help a charity effort this holiday season. ❤

Thank you so much @celinabunni for this amazing #kandi!!! I am absolutely obsessed with the skull singles and this hardcore #HelloKitty cuff. Thank you again for your support of #KandiforaCause darling! Also repping @ilovehousemusicwristbands. 💗💓💗💓💗Can’t wait to show these off at a #rave! #plursister #plurvibes #plurgasm #plureverything

✨#KANDIFORACAUSE✨ #Rarity 3D cuff now available at 💎littleblackdiamond.com💎 & ALL proceeds are donated to the National Foundation for Autism Research! Just added a bunch of new unique pieces–snag yours quick before they’re gone and help a charity this holiday season. ❤💛💚💙💜# This piece (and all other #MLP kandi currently on my site) was graciously donated by the amazing @celinabunni!! Please go check out the other #kandi she made on my site. I’m trying to raise even more money for NFAR this month–support a great cause and get your special #plursister or #plurbrother a one of a kind piece. Sending love, light and #plurvibes your way! 💎💙💎💙💎