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I almost forgot…Kandi does make music:)


did not know that kandi sang this

Tasteful Tuesdays

In Kandi Buress’ infamous words “I stay prayed up” and this week we are staying prayed up for better weather and better fashion choices. It’s time to send out a stern little friendly reminder of what’s kosher for warmer weather apparel now that tights season has passed. When you are trotting along in your oh-so-pretty new spring mullet skirt or hi-low dress it’s devastatingly important not to put the red in the red carpet like Anne Hathaway. Don’t play coy girl, you know exactly what we mean. Cross those legs ladies! We have seen it all before and we don’t need to see it again. That age-old adage, once, twice, three times a lady simply does not apply. And should you make the daring decision to gallivant sans pant like the aforementioned annoying a-lister (not sure why you would, it’s just not sanitary) then take extra precaution in just about every single move you make. Also, if you get caught walking down a windy street panty-less and show the whole wide world your world, well that is just what you get when you throw caution to the wind, “Marilyn.” Plus you will be forever known in our book as an easy, breezy, “beautiful” Covergirl. Keep it tasteful this Tuesday and truly understand what less is more means. 

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NAKED 0.0.


If your river is low, my heart will fill it up. // If the mountains run high, I’ll be the one to lift you to the sky. //

Don’t give up.

I could search every forest, sail every sea. // Dig up the earth to keep you here with me. // I’d walk to the moon, ride the ocean blue. // I’d give you the sun, just don’t give up on you. //

Don’t give up, don’t give up. The world is your jewel. // Discover, shine it new. // Don’t give up, don’t give up. // The sunshine, the sky blue.. Don’t give up.// I’d rally all the voices. Shout out in tunes. // I’d paint the sky yellow and pink with cartoons, to show my love for you. // I’d trek every desert, bear the heat ‘till I’m black and blue. // No matter the valley, no matter the lows. I won’t give up on you. // I’d soar to the sky like an eagle. // I’d walk the storms from start to end. // I’d bear the weight on my shoulders. I’m your shelter through and through. // Moving all mountains for love, for strength.. It’s all for you. // Don’t give up, don’t give up. // You’re a jewel, shine yourself new! // Don’t give up, don’t give up. // You’ll never walk alone.. My home is safe to call your own. // Don’t give up.. I.. Believe ..In.. You. // Don’t give up.. It’s just too soon.. //


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“Somebody has to tell the story… why not it be a blogger” #truee 


Back to Atlanta! So the girls are back home and the drama starts immediately.

I feel bad for Porsha because she’s so blind to see that she is controlled by her husband. She says “Kordell feels I’m not ready for a baby and a career and his opinion means a lot to me.” What kinda crap is that. Then she tries to plead her case in how she can have both because her mom did it as a single mother. Kordell goes to say that Porsha is not her mother and that there will be no nanny to help her…DYSFUNCTION

My girl NeNe didn’t appear much in this episode. We follow her on a press tour for The New Normal in NYC. Her first stop is Kelly and Michael and then the Today show.

Cynthia and Peter’s scene with her trying on dresses to his upcoming event seemed really fake. How are you trying on dresses talking about Kenya and non-factor Walter? Kenya and Walter’s drama is so overplayed. Their relationship was FAKE anyways from the start. Cynthia is tripping with wearing a suit to this event (which she does). A mess!

Again, we are forced to sit through more of Controlling  Kordell and Passive Porsha. Porsha decides to tell Kordell on how the girls felt he was controlling because she didn’t want to do certain things on the trip out of respect for him. The first thing he says is that hes “in control but not controlling”. Porsha explains that he is only in “control of their family’s vision but not her desicions”. Bullcrap. Before they even had the conversation they way he asked her what she was drinking was controlling. He asked her as if she had better not be drinking an alcoholic beverage if they were still attempting to make a child. Kordell explains he’s the man of the house and he doesn’t have to cook or anything because she doesn’t have baby or a career job. She crys to him and explains she can have the job and the baby. He refuses to believe she can do either other than to serve him.

Peter’s Mens Health Event was next and a lot happened. Why does Cynthia keep wearing that side ponytail? She gave us realness last week with the natural blowout hair and I loved that, but its time to give that ponytail a rest. Then she wore a suit! No ma'am. Kenya shows up to the event with former famed Falcon player Jamal Anderson to send waves because she knew Walter would be there. Her drama with Walter is played out. Walter reveals that him and Kenya didn’t work out because she was too old. Lies! Phaedra is a fool for saying Peter “looked so good that she could bury him” !

Kenya and Phaedra bury the hatchet with their drama…MMMKay that truce will be over by the next episode. Kenya also mentions and invites everyone to her black movie star themed party but tells everyone who she wants them to come as. She was so wrong for telling Porsha to come as Halle Berry from Baps.

The next day Kenya and Cynthia meet up to shop for the movie star party. They turn the conversation to Peter’s event. Cynthia tells Kenya Walter was talking smack about her to the guys and how Kenya should expect Walter to be at many events she goes to because Atlanta is small. Kenya goes off about how Walter is a downlow brother for not giving it to her on their previous trip. Tired! So tired of the foolery with these two! Kenya should just come out and say she paid Walter to be her man for a few episodes.

Next up, Kandi’s finished houses! Kandi’s houses are the BOMB.COM! Decor and everything was on point and in perfect order! Her housewarming party seemed to be a real good time in the beginning.

Everyone shows up with gifts. Walter comes with his date Tamecia and Kenya doesn’t even know Walter is there until Kandi pulls her to the side and explains to her. She goes off on a tantrum and abruptly leaves like a drama queen that she is. Next week expect more Kenya drama!