kandi pants

LA premier party -

Dear diary, It was wonderful to see all the girls together. Kandy shit her pants (again) and tried to blame it on her luggage getting lost (?) Kennedy was rude, as usual. Fame didn’t look that good which was kind of surprising. Trixie and I had sex for almost four hours, which is a new record for us. Ginger is now smoking weed, thank God. Pearl seems a little distant, but it works for her. Violet and Max think they’re cool, and they are, which is obnoxious. Kasha and Tempest won’t shut up about the peace talks in Ukraine. Sasha tried to bite my leg and I was like “excuse me, please don’t do that it’s rude” Jasmine sure does have something to say and that something almost always is “How do I know if what I’m feeling is real?” None of the busboys or security guards knows quite how to answer that. I thought I overheard Jaidynn calling Ru the n-word but turns out she was telling a story about her friend Paul whose foot is infested with jiggers. All in all a good night, 4 out of 5 stars.

Surprised audra with these pants a few months back, but finished the shirt only last night. Frog pants from a vintage cotton sheet I found a this vintage store where this cool ex-jnco promo guy works and decided to make the most use of this fabric.

Pants include back pockets with mesh cargo sides and velcro closure tabs woven into the butt-reinforcement shape fold; Side pockets with velcro tabs and mesh cargo sides; Button-fly waist with drawcord adjusters; Drawcord enclosures on the bottom hem that wrap up into the side pockets so that the cord can be gathered inside of the pocket instead of on the hem where it might unravel; and two front pockets made from mesh with backing of the original material behind them so they are not see-through.

Shirt has one of the frogs embroidered onto it as well as stripes from the original material as well, and audra helped me make the matching bows as well.

The frog’s mouth zips open to be a backpack, and the frog is the same frog as the ones in the print. I did not make the plush, but I added the zipper and inner lining, as well as adjustable strap in the same color to the arms and legs of the froggy friend.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could do a perfectly girlie-fitted button-fly design, fitted to a specific size WITHOUT needing drawcord or beltloops; due to my expirimentation with button-flys in the past (when I was about 17/18) not being the exact measurements I wanted it to be.