kandi cook

there was no school today so Kandi and I are cooking vegan chilli in the crockpot and baking this apple pie with fresh apples from the north Georgia mountains and listening to Christmas music and the house smells like heaven and it’s cold outside and I’m drinking peppermint mocha coffee and I love everything!!!

my final instax pics from our incredible cooking day!!! kandi made a quiche and cheesy potatos, we had mimosas with raspberries, and neichelle made creme brulee (kinda)  and deviled eggs!! (I can’t cook but I documented it all in my sketchbook and with my camera.) It’s so beautiful out and all the windows were open and my house was so sunny/full of life/full of good music & good ppl & good smells! now my tummy is full and i’m about to go buy a pet fish! what a day. i hope you are all having a good day too!