New picture of Harry and his fiance in their last night on the fashion show in Paris. Selena Gomez finally show us her beautiful engagement ring! .

Related news about Harlena, E! news revealed tonight the cost of the engagement ring that Harry bought for his girl months ago. Julianna said: “So far the engagement ring Selena Gomez exceeded engagement ring Kim Kandashian (6.8 million) while the famous singer of One direction not care to spend on her girl as it has a value of 8.9 million and was prepared by the famous designer engagement rings lorraine schwartz who also designed the ring Kim and Beyonce! Harry Styles is the husband that every girl wants in their life now” .

Many months ago Harry talked about the ring and he said “ I don’t care the money… I just care about her happiness” selena is a fucking lucky lady!
What do u think about it?