A favorite.

He watched from afar, keeping eyes on her. She loved the ways her lips curved into the smile, the way she said those filthy words in her mother tongue. Oh, but what he loved most about her, was the way she stood for herself. Could it be? Was he flushed for Damara Megido?It may sound crazy, but the feelings he felt…Indescribable.

She would never love him back, the only thing he would get was a fling, and nothing more. She held her feelings for Rufioh, the troll who cheated, very dear to her. Whenever he attempted conversing with the rust blood, he became lost in her ghostly eyes, imagining the ruby reds she once possessed. She changed a lot, more than anyone had in their session. She was so sweet hearted, then, something inside her had broken. And all Kankri wanted to do was put her back together again, and be the glue that kept his precious Damara their, and someone to cherish. 

(I think I may continue this into a fic….not sure yet. Anyone interested in reading it?)