Right so I just remembered that when Allen and Kanda were sparring right after the Level 4 arc, Chaoji was fanboying over Kanda during the fight, and at first I was kinda confused by his enthusiasm?

but then I remembered that nick-of-time dramatic entrance where Kanda saved Chaoji from Tyki back in Edo

and then Kanda saved Chaoji again when he was about to get pancaked by a chandelier during the assault on HQ

and I have concluded that Chaoji developed a little crush on Kanda after that, because honestly, who wouldn’t.

kanda doing push ups with allen sitting on his back

he did not ask him to sit on his back but he’s too proud to ask allen to get off because that would give the indication that he can’t do it

Froi Tiedoll, anime dad of the year, and his angry son.

My headcanon is that Kanda didn’t talk for most of his first year after getting out of Laboratory Six.

They warn Tiedoll about it when Kanda is assigned to his care--he’s violent, reactive, none of us can handle him, the kid won’t even talk to anybody. We don’t know what to do. 

And Tiedoll is thinking that maybe General Yeegar might be better suited to the job, since he was a teacher before he became an Exorcist, wasn’t he? But the Order thrusts Kanda on him anyways. At least Tiedoll isn’t totally unqualified when it comes to children–he is the beloved uncle of two little nieces, though he hasn’t seen them for more years than he can recall. He thinks they must be much older, now, than the boy the Order gave him.

The first meeting between Tiedoll and Kanda goes pretty well, all things considered. He crouched down to the boy’s level and offered to shake his hand. Kanda just stared at him balefully before running off. Altogether, there was less blood than the others had promised.

Not even a week into the mentorship, Tiedoll realizes that it’s not that Kanda won’t talk to anybody. For some reason, he just can’t. He’d seen people go quiet like that after serious trauma–abundant in his line of work–and Tiedoll wonders exactly what had happened to his sullen little charge. Most of the information on the Second Exorcist project is clandestine, even from him.

So Tiedoll learns to work with Kanda’s nonverbal vocabulary–nods, head shakes, thumbs up, thumbs down, and an impressive range of (mostly negative) facial expressions. He tries not to ask too many open-ended questions. And Kanda points a lot. Tiedoll learns quickly that it’s Kanda’s way of asking him to identify something he doesn’t recognize.

Evidently, a lot of things are new to Kanda’s experience. Dogs, for one, and that was an interesting day. 

(The owner reacted about as well as expected when Kanda nearly decapitated his pet, though really, it wasn’t Kanda’s fault he got startled–the dog was badly trained, to bark at and rush a child the way it did.)

Above all, Tiedoll will never forget Kanda seeing the ocean for the first time. He woke the boy up early in the morning, and despite Kanda dragging his heels all the way, they made it down to the dunes just as the sun rose. Tiedoll waited at the crest of the last hill for Kanda to catch up. It was worth the harrowing experience of waking the boy so early to see the look on his face.

(Somewhere in one of Tiedoll’s old sketchbooks is a drawing of a boy with dark hair, still in his nightclothes, chasing seagulls along the beach at dawn.)

A month later, and eight months into the trip, Kanda says his first words in as long as Tiedoll has known him. His little voice is raspy from disuse, but plenty strong enough when he tells his mentor off for trying to trim his hair, and Tiedoll almost drops the scissors in surprise. 

He never thought he’d be so happy to hear someone call him a “damn old man.”

random dgm headcanon:
the exorcists treat timothy like a kid. 
allen teaches him how to juggle, ride a unicycle or paint his face. he even teaches him how to play poker (and how to cheat of course).
lavi teams up with him and plays pranks on EVERYBODY (but mostly on kanda). timothy gets headbands from lavi to cover his forehead.
kanda is usually annoyed by the child but he never sends him away. timothy reminds him a bit of alma, because he never shuts up and always full of energy. he meditates with the kid to raise tsukikami’s synchro level high enough to possess a level 4 akuma.
lenalee bakes with timothy from time to time. she also teaches him different braiding styles, gives him colorful hairties and hairpins. when timothy gropes her breasts she just lets it and hugs him as tight as she can.
miranda brings him repaired toys and stuffed animals back from her missions. she knows that timothy doesn’t play with them very often but the kid treasures every one of them. 
krory plays chess with timothy even tho none of them are really good players. he lets timothy to water his rare plant and teaches him how to take care of it. he doesn’t get offended when timothy adresses him as the vampire dude. 
maire plays different beats on his innocence and listens how timothy sings stupid made-up songs and daces around him. 

timothy is everybody’s little brother.


Get to Know Me Meme (anime version): 3/5 male characters 
↳Kanda Yuu from D.gray-man. Kanda, a master swordsman and one of the most fearsome exorcists in the Order, is a product of the Second Exorcist Program. His traumatizing past led him to internalize bitterness and hatred toward the Order as well as cynicism and mistrust toward most people, but underneath his cold exterior lies a person who cares deeply about his friends and comrades. Because he and Johnny Gill searched for Allen Walker after the Order declared him to be a Noah and thus a traitor, the only way he can escape execution is by becoming a General. 
We’re destroyers. Not saviors.” 

thedragonfairy  asked:

Could I have Lavi and Kanda relationship headcanons please?

You certainly can! Thank you so much for dropping by and being my first ask! I’m sorry these took so long, but I hope they’re okay (*´︶`*)

[ Lavi Bookman Jr. ]
- Lavi knows that developing personal relationships with others is something a bookman should avoid at all costs, but he can’t help seem to himself after meeting you. Because of how dangerous their line of work is with being an exorcist, Lavi will be very protective of his S/O and do everything in his power to protect them.
- Lavi loves to spend every free second he has with his S/O. Even if he’s a bit busy, he’ll push things aside just to be with them. He’s a master procrastinator, so this isn’t anything new.
- If he’s ever swamped in books to read and things to record and his S/O stops by to check on him, he instantly drops everything and talks with them for a while. Sometimes he’ll even read aloud some of the passages he’s helped to record if they’re interested (when Bookman isn’t around).
- Lavi loves to give his S/O silly nicknames. Some are cheesy, but others can actually be pretty cute.
- Whenever he walks past his S/O, he’ll pop a quick kiss on their cheek just to catch them off guard.
- He loves to give his S/O random little gifts just to surprise them.

[ Yu Kanda ]
- Even if he had a S/O, Kanda will continue to act as his usual aloof self, and won’t really be seen by your side very often.
- He’s not a fan of being with his S/O in a place where people can see them together, especially since Lavi likes to tease Kanda about your relationship, such as saying that he’s surprised that Kanda was able to get a significant other before him. This said, he’s not a fan of PDA in the slightest.
- Kanda will sit by his S/O during lunches, but chatter will be kept to a minimum. The conversation will mostly be carried by his S/O, with Kanda’s only replies being small or simple replies.
- Kanda couldn’t care less about who you hung around with, but if he EVER sees Allen talking to you, things won’t end well. At least for Allen. (Poor Allen)
- Romance isn’t really Kanda’s strong suit, so obvious signs of affection such as kissing or cuddling won’t be found often. If there’s ever a mission he’s been assigned to that he knows is somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, he’ll try to bring you back a little memento and leave it in your room in some place you’ll find it easily.

for lena’s birthday allen and lavi decide to get her flowers because they are complete and utter dorks, and kanda just goes along with it, not without some protest of course, so they wait in her room to surprise her. however, by the time she gets there, the flowers are scattered all over her floor and a pissed off kanda is in the corner with his katana out while both allen and lavi are trying to shove a rather colourful flower crown on his head. all lena can do is shake her head at her dumb/cute boyfriends, and the grin stays on her face, because they may be having fun now, but they are going to have to clean up their mess later, and she knows they won’t like that.

“Practice Makes Perfect,”

or, “Kenzie wastes literally her entire day off writing self-indulgent, platonic little!Kanda and Marie fic even though she has literally never written a fanfiction before, go figure.”

(Based on my headcanon that, when Kanda has nightmares about his past, he goes to Marie, and has ever since he was just a wee thing)

Word count: ~2k 

Rating: E for everyone 

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