kancamangus highway


Chris Evans x reader

Loosely based on “19 You + Me” by Dan + Shay

Warnings: fighting, swears, fluff, implied smut

All credit goes to Marvel and Dan + Shay

Word count: 3k              

            “C’mon, Y/N! Don’t do this! We have to be at set in an hour and it’s gonna be a long day for both of us if we don’t quit yelling at each other.”

            “No, you have to be at set in an hour! I should already be there!”

            “Then just go!”

            “Fine!” You slammed the door shut behind you, leaving Chris alone in your shared home. Stress was high in the Evans household, to say the least. Captain America: Civil War was just wrapping up shooting, and both you and Chris were crumbling under the added pressure, him being the star of it and constantly worrying over if it would do well or not, and you being the co-producer of the movie and also worrying if it would do well or not. They were never big fights, just small, meaningless ones that quickly escalated. They always resolved themselves at the end of the day though.

            You flashed your badge and smiled at a security guard who was roaming the set, watching for any fans that had somehow jumped the fence to get in. “Hey, Y/N!” Kevin waved you over and you gave him a small smile and walked over to him and a couple of the special effect editors. “Check this out, we’re giving Ms. Maximoff her powers!” You watched as the familiar red aura began to float between Elizabeth’s (or Wanda’s) hands. You couldn’t deny it, adding the special effects when everything begins to finish up is your favorite part. You smiled and praised the editors and began to walk away when Kevin jogged up to you. “Hey, you okay? Where’s Chris?”

            You slumped your shoulders, “Chris and I have been fighting a lot lately, nothing serious, but with the added pressure of finishing up the movie, tension’s been a little high. I’m surprised neither of us have gone to live with a friend for a day or two. He’s on his way, though.”

            Kevin winced, “Ouch, sorry Y/N. Do you need some time off?”

            You quickly shook your head, “No, no! Working is exactly what I need so I don’t mope around all day. I’m just looking forward to wrapping this up and doing the press tours and interviews.” You smiled.

            “Well, lucky for you, there’s only two more weeks of this, and if the stress starts getting too much to handle, take a day off, Y/N, you deserve it.” Kevin said with sincerity. You smiled and thanked him, and went on your way to talk to Anthony and Joe about the plan for today.

            “We’re doing the helicopter scene with Sebastian and Chris, taking a lunch break, and then starting the airport scene with Chris, Sebastian, Paul, Elizabeth, Jeremy, and Anthony if we have time. It should be a short day. Speaking of Evans, where is he?”

            You groaned at Chris’s irresponsibility, and excused yourself from the brothers to call him.

            “Hello?” Chris’s voice rang through the line.

            “Where are you?” You all but seethed at him. You heard him scoff.

            “Relax. I’m five minutes away. I brought Dodger to doggy day-care. Not that you would rememb-.” You hung up on him before he could finish that sentence and shoved your phone in your pocket.

            You were walking around the cast and greeting the cast when all of a sudden, a hand smacked your ass. You sharply turned on your foot and saw Chris towering above you, with his signature smirk and boy, did you wanna slap it off of him. You smiled stiffly at him, trying to be civil (hah, get it?) with him in front of all your co-workers. “Joe and Anthony need you, you’re late.”

            “What am I shooting?”

            “Helicopter scene with Sebastian.” He bent down and gave you a kiss on the cheek, placing one hand on your belly and the other on the small of your back. “Kiss-ass.”

            “Only if you want me to!” He yelled, walking away to get ready.

            “Are you sure I can’t take my shirt off for this?”

            “Chris, no, it wouldn’t make any sense.” Joe said. Chris dramatically rolled his eyes at him and laughed, getting back into position. You and Kevin were situated on your chairs right next to Joe and Anthony. You watched Chris as his biceps flexed with the “pull” of the helicopter, but it didn’t go unnoticed, because when they called cut, he sent you a flirty wink. You flipped him off and Kevin laughed beside you.

            “Damn, you’re really giving him hell, Y/N.”

            “He’ll get over it, I decided to be nice and record the Pats game for him while we’re at work,” you checked your phone. “And it looks like they won, so he’ll be in an even better mood. I’m going to go grab lunch, do you want me to bring you back something?”


            “You got it.” you began to walk away, ready to get something in your stomach when Chris stepped in front of you. You looked up at him with an expecting look.

            “I have a proposal for you, or us.”

            “I’m pretty sure we did this 4 years ago.” You said, holding up your wedding ring.

            “No, not that kind of proposal, something else.”

            “I don’t wanna hear it right now, we’ll talk about it tonight.” You tried side stepping him but he grabbed onto your arm and when you looked back at him, he looked desperate.

            “C’mon baby, please. We’re both tired and stressed, we need a vacation. I say we go back to where it all started. We’ll either find some time off now or wait until shooting’s done and we can head up to Kancamangus High-“

            “I’m sorry, Kanga-what?” Robert piped in, seeming to get caught up in word that just left Chris’s mouth. You laughed at his confused expression.

            “Kancamangus Highway, it’s in New Hampshire, it’s famous for its scenery, that’s where Chris and I met,” you laughed. Robert mumbled a small ‘oh’ and curtly nodded, before heading on his way again. “Anyways, you were saying?”

            “We find a space in our schedules, head up there for a couple days or a week. We can spend the days by the rivers, splashing around or reading, we’ll find a hotel for the nights and take advantage of the continental breakfast in the mornings. Let’s just go back to where it all started; where we started.”

 Flashback (2010)

            It was around 11 p.m. when the car skidded to a stop. You looked at your friend, Lisa, who had been driving and she groaned. “I think the car just died.” You looked at her incredulously.

            “Are you serious? We’re on a highway in New Hampshire, 5 hours from home and 32 miles from the nearest gas station. Tell me your phone’s at least alive.” She looked at her phone.

            “Nope,” she said, popping the ‘p’. “Alright, let’s just stay calm, we’ll get out of the car, sit on the hood and hopefully someone will drive by and help us.”

            “Or murder us.”

            “You always have such a positive outlook.” You rolled your eyes, you were tired as hell and wanted nothing more than to get back to your hotel, which was off the exit of the excessively long highway.

            “Where even are we?”

            “No clue.”

            You guys sat on the hood of the car for what felt like an hour, even though it had only been twenty minutes. You slapped your friend’s shoulder when you saw headlights, but quickly stiffened up just in case they weren’t exactly friendly with you. A truck pulled up next to you and the passenger rolled down his window. “You guys need any help?”

            “Our car died and our phones are dead, so clearly death is a common theme tonight if you decide to kill us.” Lisa laughed. The guy laughed, too.

            “Well we won’t kill ya, but we can help,” You stared at the guy’s face, he looked so familiar, but you couldn’t place where you knew him from. “Chris?”

            The driver and passenger got out of the car and each of them shook your hands, the passenger introducing himself as Sebastian, and the driver introducing himself as Chris. “It’s nice to meet you, even if it isn’t under your ideal circumstances.” Chris said to you. You smiled.

            “Trust me, I don’t mind. I’m Y/N.” Chris smiled back at you and Sebastian came up behind him, patting a hand on his shoulder.

            “Triple A said they can’t have someone out here until at least another two hours.” Chris winced at his friend’s words.

            “Well, we’d hate to leave you out here by yourselves. Have you guys had anything to eat?” You and Lisa shook your heads. Sebastian and Chris looked at each other.

            “There’s an all night diner about 10 miles back, do you guys want to grab something to eat until someone can pick up your car?” Lisa spoke before you could, and with one look at her, you knew exactly what she was doing. She was practically undressing Sebastian with her eyes and you swear he had been doing the same.

            “We’d love to.”

            The diner was mediocre, but it was better than sitting outside by the car and waiting for someone to come and get you. Sebastian had let Lisa charge her phone using his car charger, and your phone was still dead in your pocket. As Sebastian and Lisa talked, Chris looked over to you. “So since they’re so wrapped up in conversation, what do you do?”

“           I actually just graduated college with a masters in theatre production. I start an internship at Marvel Studios. I’ll be working for Kevin Fiege and hopefully it’ll go from there.”

            “No way.” Chris laughed.


            “I’m Chris Evans, you’ll be producing my movie,” your jaw dropped. “Captain America, at your service, ma’am.” You and him laughed.

            “Well it’s an honor, I’m very sorry your first impression of me will go along the lines of pissed off at my friend and looking for a ride,” You smirked at him and he returned it. “So should I know him as well?” You whispered, leaning forward on the table, not wanting Sebastian to hear and seem rude to him.

            “That’s Sebastian Stan, he’s from a lot of movies, you’ll see him in my movie too. He plays Bucky Barnes.” You nodded slowly.

            “Is he in Hot Tub Time Machine?” You asked, kicking an eyebrow. Chris laughed and nodded his head. “I knew he looked familiar.”

            “Well have you seen me anywhere else?” You stared at him long and hard. You had seen him somewhere else. Where had you seen him?

            “You were in the Fantastic Four movies. And I believe you were also in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.” Chris nodded.

            “I was in more, but I don’t expect you to know them. Maybe we can talk more about that over dinner one night, you know, after you have a running car.” He laughed.

            You blushed, but with a certain new-found confidence, “Dinner it is, trying to get on the producer’s good side?”

            “Well you don’t see me asking Kevin Fiege out on a date, so maybe you’re a special one.” You smiled slyly at him.

End of flashback

            “Call it a done deal.”

            “Is the car packed up?”


            “Dodger’s at your mom’s house?”


            “Did you make sure we have the hotel reservations?”

            “Yes, you need to stop worrying. I got this.” Chris said, placing his hands on your arms and looking down at you.

            “Says the guy who can’t tie his own tie,” You mumbled, lifting yourself into Chris’s truck, a hand slapping your ass as you climbed up. He closed the door once you were fully inside and came around to the driver’s side, easily sliding in next to you. “You know, you really should be more considerate of your wife’s height, not everyone can be 6 feet tall.” He laughed at your complaint.

            “You’re mean when you don’t have coffee.”

           It was four hours into the car ride, you had your feet up on the dash and was happily sipping on your iced coffee you had gotten from the Dunkin Donuts you had just passed. You looked over at Chris, who had one hand on the wheel and the other on your thigh. He caught you staring.


           “Just thinking.”


           “How long it’s been since we’ve done this; got away from everything for a bit.”

           “I believe the last time we did this was our honeymoon. Which was 4 years ago. It’s been awhile, huh?”

           “We’ve been quite the busy couple.” You said, a small laugh escaping your lips, you continued looking out the window, enjoying the scenic views of New Hampshire. It was late August, the leaves were just beginning to change and it was the perfect temperature, especially for New England. You smiled when you saw the exit for Kancamangus Highway and a rush of memories came over you.


           You and Chris were sitting on the edge of the bed of his truck, watching as Lisa and Sebastian were really hitting it off. You sipped at the beer that you guys had bought after your late dinner, and Chris spoke up. “So, how far are you from home?”

           “Trying to get rid of me already?” I laughed. “But about 5 hours. We live in upstate New York, we’re staying in a hotel off the exit.”

           “We could’ve driven you back there if you wanted, that’s no problem.” Chris laughed back.

           “Well, I was going to suggest that, but the way Lisa was eye-fucking Sebastian, I knew that was out of the question. Besides, you’re not all bad company.” You nudged him with my shoulder. He smiled.

           “Do you have a boyfriend?”

           “No, why?”

           “So I can do this.” And then his lips were on yours and yours were on his and wow did he have good lips. He pulled you closer with his hand wrapped around the back of your neck and one gripping your hip. When he pulled away after what felt like only a moment, he looked at you for any sign of doubt or disinterest. When he found none, you were the one to pull him back into you, twisting him over your body as you leaned back into the bed of the truck.

           The kiss was quickly getting heated until you heard Sebastian yell, “How come they’re kissing and we’re not?” You pulled away and laughed at how Sebastian was pouting and watched as Lisa pulled him in harshly. Chris shielded your eyes.

           “At least we didn’t announce it!”

End of flashback

           You were pulled out of your thoughts when you heard Chris’s door slam shut, only for yours to be opened twenty seconds later. He grabbed your hand and helped you down from the obnoxiously high truck. You looked around, breathing in your surroundings. He had brought you to the exact spot your car broke down, with the small clearing in the woods that opened up to a shallow river with rocks lining the sides. God, it was even more beautiful in broad daylight, you and Chris had only seen it at night, but it was certainly one night worth remembering.

           Your husband set up two beach chairs on the rocks, directly overlooking the river. “Do you think it’s moose season?”

           You shrugged, “Do moose even have a season?” You sat down in the rainbow striped beach chair and let the sunshine warm up your body. You didn’t realize how cold your skin was from Chris blasting the A/C. He sat down beside you and took your hand, bringing it up to his lips and kissing the diamond ring.

           “Man, have I missed this.” He breathed.

           “Missed what, exactly?”

           “Traveling with you, getting away with you, having date night whether it’s at a 5-star restaurant or on our couch watching a movie in our pajamas. I miss you. I’m sorry we’ve been fighting so much, we both have a lot on our plate but I think we take for granted that we’re on the same boat as far as movies go. You’re my best friend, I couldn’t ask for anyone else to share these experiences with and man, am I lucky to call you my wife. I love you, Y/N.” You smiled and bit your lip, leaning over the arm of your chair and placing your hand on his.

           “I love you too, Christopher Robert Evans.” You gave him a long, sweet kiss and when you pulled away, you guys sat in a comfortable silence. Holding each other’s hands as you watched the sun sink under the horizon until darkness enveloped you.

           “You want to head to the hotel, get settled for the night?”

           “Sure.” You grabbed the beach chair and folded it up, walking back to the truck to throw it in the back. Chris did the same with his, again helping you into the passenger seat, closing your door, and getting into the driver’s seat. He put the key in the ignition and the car didn’t roar to life per usual.

           “How crazy would it be if the truck died this time around?” You widened your eyes at him, watching as he stared at you with a look you couldn’t quite read before he burst out laughing. “I’m kidding! I put the wrong key in!” You slapped his thigh and rolled your eyes at him, but you couldn’t hide your smile at his joke.

           You stood in front of the mirror in your hotel room, the short satin robe hugging your curves, but hanging open in the front, showing the black lace bra and underwear. You tousled your hair and touched up your makeup. You even shaved your legs. Your eyes flicked to the door when you heard it being unlocked, and you leaned against the large pillar that was placed 10 feet in front of the door and crossed your arms. Chris walked in with large brown paper bags.

           “Hey babe, I got Chinese takeout from down the street, they even had that weird chicken you- woah.” Chris finally looked up from the lock on the door.

           “Remember how we said we were both a little stressed?” You smirked at him. Chris slowly placed the food down on the counter, and within seconds had your legs wrapped around his waist, kissing the tops of your breasts as he walked you two to the bedroom.

           “Have I mentioned that I missed this already?”

That’s it guys! I’m really happy with this one so let me know what you think, please?