As a being from the afterlife, I believe it is my duty to spread my story all around, to warn others to not repeat my mistakes. Thus, I’m spreading my message now to you. Please take my warning seriously–it may save your life one day.

I was a young and ignorant little girl. At the age of only thirteen I was already sexually active. This was a terrible, terrible mistake. However, I believed I was in love with one of my classmates, and the boy who I soon got into a relationship with, and I trusted him enough to do those sorts of things with him.

That being said, one afternoon while my parents were at work, he was over at my house, and we were doing “things”. He had managed to sneak a condom from his older brother and we definitely took full advantage of it. We had done things before, but that day we decided to try out something new. He wanted to try out anal sex. I, in the heat of the moment, agreed, not predicting at all what would happen next.

While we were getting down to business, the condom snapped. It turns out it was pretty low quality–though that shouldn’t have come as such a surprise. His brother was pretty cheap, even when it came to protection. That wasn’t the worst part though. When it snapped, the condom managed to make its way into my anus. Yes, I know, it sounds ridiculous. It was a very real situation, though. I panicked, and even though my parents didn’t know that my boyfriend and I were sexually active, I called them right away and had them take me to the hospital.

Even after hours spent in the emergency room, it was useless. The doctors weren’t able to remove the condom without proper surgery, which I couldn’t afford and insurance wouldn’t cover. The force of the snap had also caused internal bleeding, which also couldn’t be properly taken care of. With the instructions to go home and just try to remove it by using the restroom like normal, I was off.

I tried and tried as much as I could to excrete the broken condom, but it was useless. Every time I would try to force it out, the cut inside of me just became more aggitated. I also couldn’t properly get rid of my body’s waste, causing me to become ill. A few days after the event, I passed away.

Let my story serve as a warning. Be careful when having sex. Not only is it risky on its own, but the risk factor increases when you’re young, stupid, and your boyfriend has a shitty condom.