@rosemarymonth Day 10: AU week day 3, 4RE W3 TH3R3 Y3T, THE RETURN

In which Dave wusses out of skating on his new, sick, UNREAL AIR so Rose decides to show him its no big deal, and proceeds to Totally Eat Shit.

Edit: Rose then proceeds to hit on her own wife whos just trying to feed her crackers

collab with @rose-ebottles, SNOP.png made by @kanayamaryamistrans and @frantastically

bonus hospital scene:


this will FOREVER be my fave homestuck animatic 


The jewelry is very very relevant in this here Paradise AU. The Striders (really all of the desert dwellers) wear a lot of thin gold pieces, light and loose, form and function. They don’t always have it on tho, that would be bonkers. The colored stones are vivid and soft, think a variety of topaz and quartz, with wire wrappings around blown glass in similar hues.

Jake, however, mister rough and rowdy gentleman himself, wears a mix of vine/leather strung fangs and vertebrae (ie his bracelet). His jewelry tends to run heavier, but less in number. Think Aztec with deep colored gems like Emerald, Cobalt, or Serpentine. He also carves bone into things like knives and little figures, but that’s a later conversation.

Phew long winded post. Anyways Jake’s tattoos are still on the mend, but there’s gonna be foliage and skulls I can guarantee you that.

Watch me wake up tomorrow and rewrite all this.