on a positive note, kanaya maryam has a meat pinterest. it’s just pics of steak and brisket and shit and rose finds it through earth c buzzfeed. “Hey Kanaya…” she says, trailing off. her wife is at the breakfast table and is deepthroating a medium rare steak. how did she not see this coming. she asked for just steak instead of an actual cake on her wriggling day. she made a dress with a pattern that you fucking guessed it, involved steaks. shes an enigma. a legend. the arby’s goddess. “You know what, never mind.”

kanaya mentions all trolls having black lips naturally, but only female trolls are seen with this implying this may be a form of sexual dimorphism in trolls. kanaya also applies black lipstick in this panel, which would then represent presented femininity. from this we can clearly infer kanaya is trans and uses black lipstick to combat dysphoria, in this essay i will

Hey guys imagine:

So, Terezi was like the only troll who knew about Karkat’s hue right? I just fuckinf imagined like

Okay imagine everyone gossiping and discussing about Karkat’s potential hue, talking about how his behaviors match certain castes, and everyone keeps saying shit like,

“I don’t know, he likes to take charge a lot so he might be in the Highblood category?”