kanai kei


Sparkle Vol.28
Butai Patalliro!

Aoki Tsunenori x Sana Hiroki x Hosogai Kei x Sonde Kanai x Ishida Shun x Yoshimoto Kouki

literally the entire cast of Patalliro without the title character
I especially love how the conversation kept getting to the potential sex scenes between Bancoran and Maraich, like, YEAH THAT’S WHAT YOU GET BY BEING THE NATIONAL OTP FOR 40 YEARS.
And Sana omg he’s such a baby ;A; not only is he the youngest in the cast but he’s SO DEVOTED TO THE ROLE???? Like he literally finished reading the 90+ volumes of the manga and the anime series in their entirety????? He’s so focused on playing Maraich and he really puts his love relationship with Bancoran at the center????? It’s really cute and also so IC????
MEANWHILE Aoki talks about how Bancoran is like “gay James Bond”.

vgviktuuri  asked:

So ah, you have a rec list or something? :D

There are a lot of BL mangas I like and would recommend. I kind of put the mangas and mangaka into these categories:

Adorable, fluffy and more or less drama-free love stories:

Some or lots of angst/drama/tragedy:

Non-con or abuse (mostly not b/w the main pairing):

Lots of really hot sex:

This list is def incomplete so I will probably expand it whenever I remember or find someone new. I hope you read and enjoy at least some of these artists’ works ;)