kan you not

A beautiful song written by @truereset based on The Adventure Zone and the Stolen Century arc. Thank you to them for letting me cover this song! It’s such a beautiful piece and I had a lot of fun trying to figure out fingerpicking for the first time.

Check out the original here:
Kanayadasgray – 7-birds

Lyrics below the cut!

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Sayo Yamamoto: “I’ve always liked figure skating. When drawing action scenes in a storyboard I began to add figure skating elements, like “if I put a movement similar to the flying camel spin here it might be interesting”. (x)

Bill Skarsgard Imagine

Bill Skarsgard x reader

Requested: “Hii Can you write a imagine when you are Bill’s sister’s best friend and you are dating Bill. But she do not find it strange instead she loves that you and Bill are a couple? Sorry for my English it is not my first language.”

Originally posted by beverlysmarsh

You and Eija, Bills sister, were the best of friends. You guys had met when you and her were modeling for a clothing line. Ever since you guys were pretty inseparable, you even moved to Sweden with her. That’s how you met Bill. You were over at there house hanging out with Eija when Bill walked into the room. It was like love at first sight. Eija didn’t mind though, that you were dating her brother, she actually found it cute. 

Dating Bill and Eija being your friend, you kind of felt bad for them that they could only talk to you in Swedish, you were not from Sweden. Bill sometimes talked to you in Swedish, forgetting you were american and didn’t understand him. You felt guilty, you didn’t want to take that Swedish part of them away, if that was even possible. So Eija agreed to teach you Swedish so you could talk them and if you were being honest, you just wanted to flirt with Bill in his language.

You and Bill were laying in bed together just staring at each other. 

“du är vacker (you are beautiful)” Bill whispered softly. 

You smiled, “What does that mean?” Bill just looked at you and smiled. Eija was now at the door. 

“Hi” you said and she nodded. 

“Jag ska gifta mig med dig en dag (i’m going to marry you one day),” Bill said softly ans slowly. Once he said that he smiled and blushed and looked down. Eija just smirked. 

“kan jag låna din flickvän (can i borrow your girlfriend)?” Eija said to Bill. 

“nej (no)” Bill replied back. 

“hon var min vän först (she was my friend first)." 

"jag bryr mig inte, Jag har en konversation med henne (i do not care, i’m having a conversation with her).” You sighed not knowing what they were saying, which kind of upset you. 

“hon förstår inte ens vad du säger (she does not even understand what you are saying).” Bill and Eija were now staring at each other. Eija was giving him that look and Bill knew he was losing. 

“bra du kan ta henne (fine you can take her).” Eija just smirked. 

“Come on y/n, lets hang out." 

"Okay,” you said and got up to go with her. You kissed Bill and walked behind Eija. 

“You guys are cute.”

“Are you just saying that because I’m your friend?" 

"No, I’m saying that because when I look at you two and see how happy you guys are it makes me happy as well.” You smiled. This is why you loved Eija, she was always honest with you.

You were in Eija’s room and she was teaching you Swedish. Right now she was just teaching you the ‘need to know phrases’ like how to ask for directions, how to say you don’t understand Swedish. You were on her bed while she was on her computer. She was doing her own thing while teaching you. 

“Do you know what Bill said to me earlier?” You asked. Eija looked at you like you were crazy. 

“Of course I know what he said to you. I do speak the same language he speaks.” You face palmed yourself. 

“That was a stupid question." 

"Yes it was.”

“Can you tell me what he said?” Eija looked at you. 

“He called you beautiful." 


"And what?" 

"Bill said more than that to me. What did he say?” Eija looked at you. She wanted to tell you what her brother told you but she also didn’t. She wanted her brother to ask you.  

“Please tell me,” you begged. She just looked at you.

Bill was in the kitchen cooking you guys breakfast. You walked up behind him and put your arms around his waist. He smiled. He turned around to face you and you guys shared a passionate kiss. You guys pulled away and he saw the huge smile on your face. 

“Why are you so happy?” Bill asked you.  

“ja jag kommer att gifta mig med dig (yes i will marry you)” you told Bill softly. He looked at you in shock. 

“Eija!” Bill yelled. 

“wwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaatttttttttt?” Eija yelled back as she walked into the room smiling. 

“du berättade för henne (you told her)!” Bill yelled. You looked confused. You felt as though he didn’t mean what he said earlier. 

“vad skulle jag göra (what was i supposed to do?" 

"berätta inte för henne, Jag ville inte att hon skulle veta (not tell her, i did not want her to know)!” Eija looked at you. 

“du skrämmer henne (you are scaring her)” Eija said. Bill looked at you. You had tears in your eyes. Bill grabbed you and hugged you.  

“It’s not what it looks like,” Bill said softly. You started cry. 

“Please don’t cry, darling.” Bill grabbed your face in his hands and forced you to look at him. 

“I do want to marry you. I swear I do. You mean everything to me. I just wanted to surprise you with a proposal,” he said. He kissed your head and wiped your tears. 

“Come on, smile for me. I want to see your beautiful smile.” You loked at Bill and smiled sotly. 

“vacker (beautiful)” He put his arms around you and held you. Eija just smiled and walked towards you guys. 

“du är ett vackert par. Jag stöder dig och henne. men om du skadar henne ska jag döda dig i sömnen (you guys are a beautiful couple. I support you and her. but if you hurt her i will kill you in your sleep).” Eija looked towards you now. 

“You guys are so disgustingly cute.” She smiled, which caused you to smile and she walked away. Bill was petting your head while holding you, you holding him. 

“What did she say before?” You ask. Bill looked at where his sister left and smiled to himself. 

“Don’t worry about it love.”

A Rating Of Rose Style Variants In Homestuck

0-10, 0 being a good Rose, and 10 being an Amazing Rose, who I undoubtedly have saved to my phone. This is not a complete collection, as it is long enough.

The original- not great, but acceptable for the task at hand. I want to pretend I have some respect for the original, but when Rose was dying and they switched back to sprites, I said No out loud. The replacement looks better, and can be taken more seriously.  3/10

The replacement- good. Similar style, but more expressive. Look at this face. Sprite Rose made faces sometimes, but she was less colorful and less aesthetically pleasing. 8/10

Kanaya’s fantasy- very good. Not a fan of species swaps myself, but Kanaya was being very gay here, so it’s a nice Rose. 7/10

Rorb Lalorb- :) 10/10

One of the early attempts at varying from sprite style- very pretty, looks good. Probably took too long. 7/10

Grimdark Rose- looks fed up but is crying on the inside. Sad, bottles her pain. All Roses are good Roses, but this one needs a hug and a good cry. 6/10

Video Game Rose- good for walking around. Could not lead this Rose into a friend’s arms for a hug, so it could do with some improvement. 6/10

Act 7 Rose- Stands under trees. Leaves less to the imagination, and just not my favorite Rose. 2/10

A very detailed Rose- soft, innocent, a good change of style to portray the emotions that this closed off teen is feeling upon facing her death. A good Rose. 9/10

Injured Rose- Fighting, strong. Looks even more like a lesbian somehow. Is holding Kan’s hand out of frame. 8/10

Round- happy, smiling, nice shading. 6/10

Determined- small, fierce, simple. Gets the point across. 8/10

Talksprite- makes good expressions and looks very nice. Portrays her personality pretty well. 9/10

Embarrassed- has a good thicker look to her. Needs a hug. 10/10

Married, happy, SMILING, thank you homestuck and papers for my life. You get Kan, too. 20/10