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Alongside some very kind words directed at us was the sample-heavy piece “Limbo Romance A+B” from Barcelona’s Kamutao (a.k.a. Tony Martinez). The track comes off of his newly released EP Kamuflage and the album itself is a collection of 2 different sampled tracks woven together and is said to be a memorandum to the week spent recording the material. Samples run wild in the vein of a very exotica-driven and sunbathed, lo-fi fashion, hints of ‘60s pop whimsically seep into the production, and the diverse beat work is ever so stylistically blended. You can grab the track down below and head over to Bandcamp to grab the rest of the beautiful EP via PIR▲.MD Records.

MP3: Kamutao - Limbo Romance A+B


  • Jumping Roofs Back Home
  • Kamutao
  • Kamuflage EP

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Kamutao - Jumping Roofs Back Home

This little gem comes from the inbox. Kamutao sent me a link to his EP, Kamuflage, a couple days ago and it’s been getting constant play over here.

Jumping Roofs Back Home has this almost tropical feel to it, in the same way Baby You Were There (TV Girl) does. The song features a really sunny sample looped and faded out to replace it with another. It’s simple and straightforward but an intelligent simplicity that’s keeps things minimal in all the right ways. The samples simply ‘work’ and it offers a really nice vibe.

Grab this track and the rest of the EP below.



Kamutao In The Planet Of Storms