kamui (tsubasa)

We asked CLAMP! The "time" that [insert name] likes? [Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle]

Kamui [page 71]

When he’s with Subaru.

In everything, Subaru [is] dearest [to him]. To Kamui, something like a world where Subaru isn’t beside him is unbelievable.

Subaru [page 73]

When he’s in a quiet space.

It’s possible that the water pulled Subaru in because its wavelength matched up with him, who favors silence.

Fuuma [page 75]

When he’s found something rare.

Collecting valuable goods all over the worlds is his job, but he frequently looks for things as a hobby, too.

Himegami [page 91]

When she’s eating noodles.

The moment when she’s eating her beloved noodles is the time of her greatest bliss. Her usual, dignified expression [becomes] slack, too.

[The following ones have only short answers.]

[page 94]

Touya: When he’s taking an afternoon nap on a day with good weather.
Yukito: When he’s eating something delicious.

[page 95]

Tomoyo-hime: When she’s hit upon an enjoyable idea.

[page 101]

Seishirou: When he’s seen just when specific people are in trouble.

[This wraps up the “We asked CLAMP!” section from Caractere Chronicle. Story Chronicle also has this section, about arcs, which I’ll translate eventually, too.]

Сборная солянка из самых милых моему сердцу набросков. Всё в одном месте для удобства.

И теперь пропадаю, бо аврал совсем =/ Не по моей вине, причём >_> Блин.

My favourite sketches from all previous posts. 

Baozi & Hana (ゝ。∂)

Well, I’m quite a bishonen hunter, so these guys can’t slip out of my sight! And here’s what made me love their cosplays :
1. They are male! xD

2. They did BL cosplays (。♥‿♥。)
cute uke!Hana and cool seme!Baozi

3. Both of them can be beautiful and handsome at the same time, see…

4. Detailed costumes, awesome armors, setting and other props

5. Their flawless, high-skill make-up

6. The daily un-cosplay(?) Baozi & Hana are real lookers

Yup, that’s Baozi and Hana for you!
and oh, did I forget to mention how fvcking hot Hana is? L(・o・)」

Look at that tempting lips~ ლ(|||⌒εー|||)ლ
enough to make fangirls dying out of nosebleed!


OT3, а что такого… Додай себе сам, если в оригинале твой любимый персонаж появился на минут так… 5 ._.

Чем мне [не]нравится цубасовский Субару - это своей унылостью-страдательностью. Какой-то микс из Х’овского Субару (по Характеру) и токийского (возрастом-внешностью). Это как-то странно, не могу определиться в своём отношении к нему. 

А вот Камуи перемены к лицу, прям мужЫг, а не фиялка какая! Ну а Сэйширо везде хорош <3