The Perfect Combination - by KAMUEL
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/? (ongoing)
Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Rating: M
Relationships: Noctis x Prompto , Gentiana x Luna
Additional Tags: Yaoi, Sexual Content, Romance, Psychological Drama, Sexual Humor, Fluff and Smut, plot not to be taken very seriously, Awkward Sexual Situations, Resolved Sexual Tension, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting


Noctis finally faces his intimate issues. But instead of meeting Dr. Caelum - his father who is the most popular and highly regarded sex therapist in the whole country - he unexpectedly meets Prompto. A guy, with whom Noctis not only has to survive awkward sex therapy sessions with, but also the guy who once confessed feelings of love towards him far back in high school, which he instantly rejected without remorse. The perfect combination for disaster.