kamryn green


“It all started in middle school when I was torn between the crisis of dating this boy as a cover and liking this girl I actually wanted to be with. He always told me I was acting sketchy and it took a while until I broke up with him and dated this girl. We first started dating secretly but then her parents and the school and my parents knew. And it was a constant cycle of breaking up and getting back together
When I first told my family, I came out in tears and to my surprise they all accepted it. But that was just me being bisexual. However, it took my grandmother two years just to accept it. It felt like she hated me for the longest time and it hurt.
In June of 2014 I decided that it should be said that I felt like a male trapped inside a female body. My mom accepted it right away and took me to get the clothing necessary and the haircut. Again, my grandmother was the only one that did not accept it right away. And yelled at me and my mother for letting me “dress like that and cut my hair”
It is now 2015. I am 16 years old. I have been through heaven and hell but I now have a fully accepting system of friends and family and an amazing girlfriend that also accepts me and sees no flaws.”