kampo trexo


Field Trip, March 4, 2011

I woke up 4:30am, arrived school at 5 (I came to school early because they said the bus would leave at 5:20), it was so scary ‘cause it’s dark and I’m alone :)) Then when CJ & Jasmine arrived we decided to go ghosthunting, but we called it quits 'cause CJ can’t see anything in the dark. We left like 6:30, okay, I woke up so early :| =)). We went straight to Kampo Trexo, we went hiking, trekking, repelling, rock climbing, wall climbing, and there was these obstacle courses which was soo tiring. After that I ate lunch, Chicken Nuggets with rice woohoo ;) then after that we went to the bus and go to this coffee shop called “Cafe Amadeo” but me and CJ didn’t bother to go inside 'cause we’re sleepy. Then after that we went to this lake called “Balite Lake” Fresh Water!! yeah! at first I didn’t want to swim but I did anyway :) It was so fun, after that we went straight home, the first thing I did was lying down my sister’s bed and checking out facebook and tumblr :)

Photo courtesy of Sarina Shine S. Dela Cruz

Hindi ko alam kung bakit gustung-gusto ko itong picture na to. HAHA. Kewl. Wala. Parang ang cute. Namiss ko tuloy yung pagsisiksikan namin sa tent KO pati sa tent ni Max. :))


Ako yung naka-blue na PJs na Hello Kitty, si Max yung naka-yellow. Si Shine, obviously, siya lang yung kita yung mukha jan. :) Miss ko na si Baby Tine.


Naalala ko, pagkauwi ko galing trexo, binilhan ako ni Mama ng Manila Bulletin, haha. Tapos binigay sa akin yung NYT. Eh, hindi naman kailangan. Wala lang. Share.