FLOWERS in swedish

The illustration is Blommornas Festival by Elsa Beskow (1914)

the article to all of the words below are “en” and not “ett”

suggested by @the-happy-fox

blomma - flower

bukett - bouquet 

att växa - to grow

att vattna - to water

tulpan - tulip

ros - rose

förgätmigej - forgetmenot

maskros - dandelion (technically a weed though)

lilja - lily

prästkrage - daisy 

solros - sunflower

orchidé - orchid 

andmat - lilypad

näckros - waterlily

nejlika - carnation

blåklocka - bluebell

vitsippa - wood anemone

pelargon - geranium

kamomill - camomille 

viol - viola

gullviva - cowslip

#2 Nadia

A/N: I’ve actually changed the tag for the fics, it’s mw: 50tl (that’s 50, a T and an L if it’s hard to read).

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Prompt #2: Nadia - She gave Jay amusing glances that morning, knowing well that Erin had not slept at her place.

Word count: 1996

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