I ship KaminaYoko so hard that it's probably a little ridiculous.

It’s to the point that right now, while my hormones are a total mess, it’s hard to even look at certain pictures or videos with Kamina and Yoko in them. Because I tear up/get choked up when I do.

I cried while watching Yomako-sensei’s episode the other day, and while a large portion of it is due to pms, it’s heavily mixed with the fact that anytime Yoko mentioned Kamina, even if indirectly (“I’ll bring back the blue sky that you loved” and “I’ll make this a safe place for all the children to live again”), my heart squeezed up and I just started crying.

Even when I’m not an emotional mess, I tend to cry over certain things involving them. I am pathetic like that.

I just. Seriously.

I ship them so. fucking. hard.