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“Ono-san is Kamiya-san’s tranquilizer”by Shimazaki Nobunaga

ಠﭛಠ “Ono-san is Kamiya-san’s tranquilizer [i.e. stabilizes his mind/calms him]” is a statement made by Shimazaki Nobunaga that rocked the worlds of all Japanese fans supporting OnoxKamiya on Sept 22nd 2016. I am just too grateful to Shimazaki Nobunaga that I want to cry (I knew he was a fudanshi!!).

Nobunaga said this during the LINE LIVE promotion for Saiki Kusuo no Sainan, I found the video on twitter but the tweet is protected ><. You guys can also try searching 「 小野大輔は神谷浩史の精神安定剤 」on twitter. Him and Hino Satoshi were originally talking about the recording booth’s atmosphere, and Nobunaga brought up Ono-san and how amazing his acting is, and then somehow Kamiya-san came up in the discussion, and GOD Nobunaga decided to reward us with this statement.

See under the cut for full translation ↓ ↓

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Anyone knows any radio/ seiyuu event / interview / article related to several stories below, please contact me (because I couldn’t remember where’s I put mine, and it’s driving me crazy)

Hanae Natsuki told the story about certain seiyuu who inspired him to be a voice actor, and how he already likes that seiyuu since he was a merely middle schooler. Nacchan several times made attempts to meet him, and when he was in high school (if I remember correctly), he eventually met him at a seiyuu event / a handshake event. Hanae prepared his speech carefully, but in the end, out of nervousness, he blurted out everything in a very frank way ^^; After he became a voice actor and finally met his idol, Nacchan told him that until that day, he still regret how his frank speech made him looks like an idiot.

His idol told him in panic instead, “I honestly couldn’t remember it at all… I was an inexperienced seiyuu that time, you definitely saw how uncool I was!” But Hanae Natsuki laughed and told him, “No, Miyano san. Even that long time ago, you look irresistibly cool in my eyes. I remember how your sempai bullied you, and you dipped your finger in the tea cup, sulking.  I think you are really amazing.” (*Mamo groaned*) — File type: either audio or interview

A story about Kamiya Hiroshi calling Ono Daisuke every day when Ono was ill. — File type: audio. I suspect DGS, but I remember there’s Sugita Tomokazu (and someone else) presents, so it might be another radio program. It’s a Durararara! related story.

Masuda Toshiki asked Umehara Yuuichirou about how long him and Nishiyama Koutarou had been in a relationship with each other (dating), and Ume answered casually, “We’re not dating. We’re MARRIED.” Nishiyama was really embarrassed — File type: supposed to be Boebu seiyuu event, but I read the event report only. Neither source I will be happy to see it again, so please send me the name if you could find it :D (i do watch the one with Ume said that Kouchan’s ass is his, though *lol*)

The one with Daichi papa (Hino Satoshi) said that Suga Mama (irino Miyu) is scary — File type: Haikyuu!! radio. Now which episode…

The story about Suzuki Tatsuhisa (indirectly) kissed his female fan —File type:  Vitamin (something) seiyuu event, but I only read the event report.

Aoi Shouta brought something (if I’m not mistaken, it was chocolate) for staff and everyone else on Valentines Day, because he thought that 1) It was Valentines Day! , 2) They might don’t have anything inside the recording studio, so it will be nice to have some treats. But surprisingly, inside the studio, there was plenty of yummy sweets and treats! Suddenly Shouta feels that the chocolate he brought was nothing but stupid. He tried to hide it but staff found out. They made Shouta, red-faced, gave each to every person in the room, and then they thank him for his kindness. — File type: interview. Definitely interview. *I ‘save’ it for Valentines day, but I lost it instead*

———— There’s a lot of things going on in my life right now. It’s scary, and I’m really scared that everything wouldn’t work out. It will be a long fight. Long, long, harsh fight. Do you know one of the things that make it more bearable? That’s now I really could post whatever I want, including a rant post like this, as much I want, as often as I want. I throw my guilt over the dead sea already.

I should have done this sooner :) It makes me feel better.

and for Haikyuu!! KuroTsukki shipper, suddenly Tsukki’s seiyuu habit of buying cat related goodies for couple, becomes really cute in my eyes XD

For Kageyama and Hinata (seiyuu) fans, I’m going to post something that might give you cavities, so if you don’t think you want it, just block Seiyuu’s Little Forest, okay :D

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{FIRST} by Seiyuu Little Forest — complication of a lot of seiyuu’s ‘FIRST’ 

The super short and super long one ^^” 


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WORKING!!! 『これでさいごだよっ!ワグナリア~初夏の大大大大感謝祭~』

source: 日野聡 オフィシャルブログ 『ひとりで晩酌かい?』

Yoppi as MC, OnoD, and HiroC, I knew it gonna be a great event with sweet Onkm episode ←never disappointed me (ゝ∀・)b

Hopefully, they will produce DVD お願いします m(._.)m

Some repos:

OnoD paid for meals episode

Start from the message corner, Jun to Hino: “He will pay for this meals."was a great phase.

Jun: This is an episode related to four people, but own three of them know

HiroC: There were four people went out to dinner. Someone went to the bathroom for so long and didn’t come back. Then, I joked,” I guess it’s time to go.“ Then, the rest two people packing up immediately. Hino said to the waiter, ” Ah, this person will pay for this meal.“ and so it was.

OnoD: I was very shocked. Everyone gone when Im back.

Jun: We were hiding and peeking you after we decided to let you pay. Kamiya-san even filming.

(HiroC explaning while laughing so hard)

HiroC: It was intended to be just a joke! But, the other two were so fast. Consequently, you needed to pay for our meals.

OnoD: Yes, I really did.

HiroC: Sorry, really sorry.

OnoD: It’s fine. It’s really fine. Baka~
((*´艸`*)←Me )

Addition messages

OnoD to HiroC: Please don’t be mad and listen to me. You really suit Soma-san.

HiroC to OnoD: There is no particular! 特にありません!

Onkm DV Counting
kicked three times (One was requested by Ono himself), Mic poked once

①  OnoD saying inexplicable thing again while greeting, ” 大大大大大….感謝祭", kicked on the ass by HiroC

② OnoD was asked to guess how many people(only for male seiyuus) like Space Cobra here, and all male seiyuus could only choose yes but he answered 9 (including female seiyuus).
Yoppi: Really 9 people? Please you, Ono-san.
HiroC poked him with mic and stood Cobra’s pose. Jun and Hino poked too. Then , OnoD answered correctly.
Jun: Im Crystal Boy.
OnoD: Then, I’ll be Lady. (Stood pose, but ass toward the audience)
Kicked by HiroC www

③ Gesture game, OnoD need to do “Rolling”. He signed HiroC to kick him. HiroC softly kicked up, and then OnoD started rolling on round.

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I am very happy that I finally got to watch the Hakkenden event in Pacifico Yokohama. I saw .gifs on weibo, and was on the hunt. Someone on my tlist (who is also on tumblr but I’m not specifying for reasons -> like people might bug her for it) linked me very kindly. 

It was incredibly funny and very Hakkenden style. LOL. I will never get over the Inu pun forever. AND MAY I SAY, MIYAKE JUNICHI IS REALLY PRETTY. (He’s really my type, visually)


Origami Ancient Dragon head Tutorial (Satoshi Kamiya and 觅晨 Mi Chen) 折り紙 エンシェントドラゴン оригами дракон https://youtu.be/s-Ty5KHJMaQ


Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun Oidemase! Konaya ni Pacifico Yokohama Event

Poll question! Who would be your ideal older brother?

Akesaka Satomi’s answer is!

Akesaka Satomi: For me it’s Sousuke.

Takagaki Ayahi: Ohh!

Hino Satoshi: Ah! That makes me happy!

Akesaka Satomi: Since he’s very kind and is there to protect you. And emits that feeling of wanting to help you with your studies. Until you understand the answer.

Hino Satoshi: I’ll teach you.

Kakihara Tetsuya: Teach her what? What?

Yonaga Tsubasa: Watch your language, watch it.

Hino Satoshi: Assisting her with her studies, of course. I’m not saying this in a strange way.

Akesaka Satomi: Maybe I won’t choose Sousuke after all.

Hino Satoshi: It’s not Sousuke’s fault. It’s my fault.