Kam Confession

I’m toiled with this for awhile. Even tried to hide it. Bury it deep with the rest of my emotions. Occasionally it slips out. Freudian mishaps, boiling over. Keeps me up at night. The speculation is now over. I’ve come to grips with it. No longer hiding it. Weight off my shoulders, here it is……..

I am an assman.

Macklemore Hate

I’m just stating my opinion and what I believe is the nature of the Macklemore hate that people have. I’ve listened to the guy, liked his album, it was decent. Listened to his lyrics. Fine. But here’s where I start to have a problem. It’s not even the artist I dislike it’s the fans, it’s his hype, this pushing of this machine for Macklemore. I hear a lot of “oh he’s not like other rappers. He’s deep. He raps about issues and social topics.” Really? He’s the only one? The first rapper ever to pick up a mic and rap about things that are wrong? That’s where I have a problem. I believe that’s where other hip-hop fans have a problem. To me because he’s white media will focus on him more because of it. Therefore you get new or fairweather fans who might’ve heard a Jay-Z or Lil Wayne single thinks that rap sucks but hears Macklemore and think “wow this guy’s deeper than them.”
To me who’s been a hip-hop fan from practically day one and who did history on it (and believe me it’s got plenty of history) to hear people who think that he’s the only rapper to state political issues to lyrics is like ……wow really. You got rappers still relevant are still social conscious. Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Nas, Immortal Technique. You got rappers from the old school that did it when saying the truth was controversy. Public Enemy, NWA, Grandmaster Flash, KRS-1.

I’m just saying the problem that I’ve rolled my eyes at when people praise Macklemore is its coming from those who don’t know hip-hop and don’t want to know hip-hop saying that this is what hip-hop needs.


RIP Fedora. you’ve served me well throughout the years. Me and you have been through many of parties, photo shoots, and dances. We were a team of 2. You were my Robin, my Pippen, my Lancealot, my Brutus. But we suffer scrutiny that we thats tearing this team apart. Duchebags and faux gangsters, and lame dudes forever plague us. Okcupid and friendzoners have robbed us of our dignity. We can no longer hold our heads up hi. So with …(give me a moment)

With these sad words I we part our separate ways. One day after the dust has settled, maybe then can we reclaim our tarnished friendship.