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柴田阿弥 ‏@_shibata_aya
1:36 PM - 27 Aug 2016

It’s the photo event now! There’s a lot of people
who are waiting in line, I’m sorry
I’ll hear a lot of stories at the handshake event, right 💓
Let’s enjoy ourselves! Please treat me well 😉
#Chicken LINE

柴田阿弥 ‏@_shibata_aya
1:38 PM - 27 Aug 2016

@_shibata_aya Because there are so many people, the line for the photo event has been cut off, those who won’t be able to get their picture taken, I’m sorry 😢 Wait for the handshake event!

柴田阿弥 ‏@_shibata_aya
12:50 AM - 28 Aug 2016

My last photo event has ended!
This was the first time I was with the fans when the date changed
Everyone, thank you for staying so late 💓😢
It’s unusually lonely (lol)
#Chicken LINE

小林 亜実 ‏@kobayashiami112
12:52 AM - 28 Aug 2016

@_shibata_aya Thanks for your hard work☺️

柴田阿弥 ‏@_shibata_aya
10:18 PM - 28 Aug 2016

@kobayashiami112 Thank you 💓😉

Shibata Aya’s Ameblo 160828

Shibata Aya ♬ To everyone
2016-08-28 01:10:31

Everyone, good evening!

This is Shibata Aya (^^)

After yesterday’s Graduation Thanksgiving Festival,
today, my final photo event & handshake events
have been finished~

Thank you very much!!!!

You waited even after the date had changed,
so you could say farewell to me,
really, thank you so much!

I want to write about it in more detail,
But for now I just want to thank you!

Everyone, truly, truly, truly,
Thank you so much!!!!

I’m happy I was able to meet all of you!!!!

From now on, and for forever,
please treat me well!

Shibata Aya