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柴田阿弥 ‏@_shibata_aya
9:34 AM - 25 Oct 2016

Good morning ❤️😋
That reminds me, yesterday morning, for the first time in a while,
I burned my forehead with the curling iron
All of you girls, be careful 😨💭

柴田阿弥 ‏@_shibata_aya
4:53 PM - 25 Oct 2016

Today, after a long time, I met a cameraman
who has photographed me for magazines
many times in the past
💓😂 I was surprised!
Because I was very happy,
I wished the shooting would never end

柴田阿弥 ‏@_shibata_aya
9:30 PM - 25 Oct 2016

I could have stayed sleeping for at least another hour and a half,
but I completely woke up. It’s frustrating.
I’m mad

柴田阿弥 ‏@_shibata_aya
11:00 PM - 25 Oct 2016

@_shibata_aya But I slept enough, so I’m energetically heading out to the radio! Please listen to MBS Radio’s The Hit Studio starting at 1 am 💓