kamille te

“Together. For you, it will be for life. For me, it will be for a moment.”

Following this prompt jess-o and I decided to RP the rest out-in game, and this is where Cadence is cleaning up Alkrenon. After that followed the most heartwrenching RP for the both of us.

I’m not going to drabble from the start because, man, we’re talking years of RP (since like mid-Wrath I think). Alkrenon and Cadence met when they were both in Kamil te Kar, and they did not get along. Eventually, over the years, they’ve sort of softened up to each other, but there’s still a lot of tense, almost hostile moments - Alkrenon’s often the instigator. 

But like, at the same time, they love each other. It’s no secret. But it’s never gotten anywhere. Everything’s too different. Physically and culturally and Alkrenon often can’t see things from a human’s point of view and that frustrates him a lot. So he overcompensates and is very protective over Cadence, but that often involves getting in the way and of course she hates that. They’ve separated, each staying with their own people, but the opening of the Portal has brought a lot of the Alliance together and Alkrenon and Cadence met up again. 

They both understand that nothing can really happen between them. If they did commit, it would mean that Cadence would have to devote her entire life, and Alkrenon’s time with her will be just too brief. It’s a sad reality for races with drastically different lifespans.