Thank you Melanie. :))


1. Post the rules

2. Answer the questions by the person who tagged you and write 11 questions by yourself. 

3. Tag 11 people and link them in your post.

4.  Tell them you tagged them


1. Do you love K-pop? Why?

- Quite, because my sister is a KPopper =))

2. How many boyfriends did you have? Can you name them all?

- 2. Why name them, though? Lol

3. What’s your favourite food?

- Anything Pizza and Pasta. :))

4. Have you done something stupid to someone? Why?

- Nah?

5. Do you believe in ghost? Have you seen one?

- Nah, but in bad spirits, yes. :)

6. Where do you want to go in the future?

- Japan!

7. Your favourite color?

- Pink and Grey

8. Are you a pro or an anti-RH Bill? Why?
- Neutral. :3

9. What do you prefer most? Hugs or kisses? Why?

- Both

10. Your ideal age to get married?


11. Watcha doin’? :)
-Encoding subjects!

My Questions:

1. Your Whole name? Apple Joy Lucas Villamar

2. Your favorite quote? hope is the only thing stronger than fear =))

3. How many boyfriends did you have? Can you name them all? Answered

4. Do you drink alcohol? how often? NAH

5. Do you play basketball? NAH

6. Do you find it sweet if someone writes you a loveletter? why? Yizz!

7. When is your birthday? July 12,1995

8. Older or Younger? why? Same age as me HAHA

9. First thing you notice in new person? Hair

10. Are you a Directioner? Nah

11. What do you like about yourself? My writing skills, joke =)) My sympathy towards others.

 And I’m tagging this to these people. I hope it’s fine. :))

Sam, Donna, Nicole, Camille, Myr, Avi, Ella, Shein, Nadean, Jezz, Jhulz