●Hey for those of you still trying to unlock the Ice and Tropical vendors in Story of Seasons I have a hack for you that has been passed to me by a fellow gamer.●

☆For 100 decorative items just grow a lot of fodder and make bales of hay-its the cheapest and easiest to do.

☆For 100 clothing don’t sell your patterns! Just buy all the masks and glasses they sell at the vendors and sell them back.

☆For 100 cooked dishes I recommend getting a greenhouse and growing sweet potatoes-not only are they easy to grow but simple to cook.

☆For fences…well, you got to make fences. Stick to the wooden variety and don’t worry if its the same shape either.

Anyways I hope this helps you as much as it did me!

Bachelors' High School Stereotypes

Fritz: that guy that always studies but still fails all his classes

Raeger: that guy that never studies but still passes all his classes

Mistel: gay theatre geek

Nadi: the guy who makes the substitute cry

Kamil: pretentious artsy kid

Klaus: undercover cop that tries to pass as 18 and be like the “cool kids”

First kiss with the SoS bachelors:

((I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE ORIGINAL ASK I AM SO SORRY! AHH, I’M AN IDIOT! But it was essentially what the title said. I hope you like it anyways. >.<))


It’s not like Fritz has never kissed anyone before but he’s not exactly what you would call experienced. It’s also been quite a while since his last kiss so he would definitely be quite nervous. In all honesty Minori would probably be the one to initiate the kiss, but if it was Fritz it would be quite some time into dating - maybe three weeks or even up to a month. The kiss would probably be very spur of the moment with Fritz very suddenly asking if he could kiss Minori. The kiss would start off a little clumsy but once Fritz realized that he wasn’t going to get rejected he would relax a bit more. The kiss would still be very, very chaste and sweet, soft and slow. Fritz would want to hold Minori’s face but he would probably be a bit shy and wouldn’t want to do something wrong or anything that would make Minori uncomfortable so he would keep his hands to himself unless Minori put her hands on him first, in which case he would timidly buy happily reciprocate. It would definitely be a very cute, sweet and memorable occasion and it would leave Fritz in a bit of a daze for the rest of the day.


Mistel would pretend to be confident but would really be nervous about the whole situation. He would put a lot of thought and planning into the occasion to make sure it was one they would both remember fondly. First he would probably invite Minori over for a special meal and make sure the two had a nice meal together. Then would likely come a romantic walk home and the actual kiss would happen somewhere romantic - likely on the bridge over the river with the stars twinkling overhead and fireflies glowing around them. In a mixture of nerves and selfishness (he really wants his kiss and doesn’t want to get rejected) Mistel wouldn’t ask if he could kiss Minori and instead would just go for it. It would be a little hard at first but once Mistel found that Minori was settling into what was happening he would become much more gentle. One hand would find the back of her head, keeping her lips connected solidly against his, and his other hand would rest on her waist. Mistel wouldn’t have planned much past that but would probably end up saying something like “I hope you can forgive me for being so selfish, but you just looked so cute that I couldn’t resist.” With that he would end up walking Minori home and would kiss her on the cheek to say goodnight.


Raeger has had enough experience with girls to not be too awkward about kissing. He’s truly in love with Minori which makes the idea of kissing her a little different from girls in the past, but it also makes him want to do it all the more. The kiss would probably happen on one of their earlier dates just as Raeger had walked Minori home and she was about to head inside. He would tell her to wait and, playing the gentleman, would ask if he could kiss her - only after having leaned in half way, of course. Once he got the go-ahead Raeger would give Minori a sweet kiss, both hands on her waist with hers going around his shoulders. It would be a kiss loving enough to take Minori’s breath away and she wouldn’t want him to go once he parted his lips from hers - something that would clearly show on her face, making Raeger chuckle. He would probably give in and give her another kiss, a shorter, lighter one, before stepping back with a smile and a small blush. He would then big Minori goodnight and head home with a grin, leaving Minori giggly and almost a little dazed.


Nadi would kiss Minori when she wasn’t expecting it. They would just be alone together after Nadi had gotten jealous and dragged her away. They would be sitting side by side and a small silence would have crept in when Nadi would turn his head to look at Minori - he wouldn’t be able to help but smile. “You’re just too cute for your own good, you know?” He would say and as soon as Minori turned her head to look at Nadi she would find his lips pressed against hers. The kiss would be soft, sweet and respectful but still firm. It would last only a few seconds before Nadi would pull away, embarrassment finally catching up to him causing him to turn his head away with a blush on his face. He would probably say something stupid about then, like “I just needed you to make sure you knew… well you know.” which would probably just make Minori laugh a him. When he would turn to get mad at her for it she would surprise him with another peck, leaving both of them blushing but smiling like dorks.


Kamil’s first kiss with Minori would be a kind of spur of the moment thing but it would be very romantic. He would have just taken her on a date to see the flowers, leaving the two of them in a beautiful flower field. They would have stopped to cloud watch and when they sat up and looked at each other after a while Kamil would suddenly be filled with an urge to kiss Minori. He would move a little closer and tuck a strand of hair behind her ears, moving close to her, though he would pause when his nose brushed hers to gauge how she was feeling. If she seemed open to the idea of him kissing her Kamil would go the rest of the way and close the distance. One hand would be used to support Kamil as he leaned over for the kiss and the other would stay on the side of Minori’s head gently. It would be a loving, lingering kiss that was neither too hard or too soft. It would last a while before they would part and once they did they would both be smiling and blushing. Kamil would then stand and offer Minori a hand up before they would head home.


Klaus would have been thinking about kissing Minori for the first time almost since they had first started dating. He would want to kiss her but wouldn’t want to rush things or allow it to be anything less than wonderful. Eventually he would try to take Minori out on a romantic date, likely something like a picnic in the mountains with food he’d picked up from the resturant (since it tastes better than his own cooking.) Once they’d both eaten to their fill Klaus would suddenly look at Minori with a more serious face and ask. “Minori, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and.. well, I would like to kiss you. May I?” Once Minori told him she was comfortable Klaus would smile before leaning in with gentle hands finding their way to the sides of Minori’s face, holding it softly. Though Klaus would want to kiss her softly and sweetly he wouldn’t be able to help himself from being a little passionate about it, kissing her deeply and lovingly. It would be a lingering kiss and even once the two seperated their date would continue. They would likely take a short walk before Klaus would bring Minori home, kissing her hand to bid her farewell.