I’m looking to see if anyone will trade me a checkered vest in story of seasons. I’m still in fall if year one and haven’t unlocked alpacas or their wool. I don’t have anything super amazing to trade but I will give you what I can! Please please please, I want to win the fall fashion show 😭! I can give you a bunch if gold thread or something!

#6- Kamil
Starting off my rankings list, at the very bottom, is Kamil. Just to first of clarify, I do not hate Kamil. I don’t actually hate any of the bachelors in this game. But he’s just the one I like least.
My reasoning is simple, he’s just very boring. It’s hard to talk about Kamil in Sos, without bringing up Cam in Tale of Two Towns. Thing is, eventually I’m going to rank those bachelors too, and expect Cam high on that list. He was good in that game because he was normal. He was just kind of a quiet guy who was friendly. In Sos, he just doesn’t work. He honestly shouldn’t be in this game. If they wanted a Tott bachelor to come into this one, I think Kana would’ve been the best.
But back to this game. The problem is, he’s pretty similar to Raeger. Yes I know they do have some differences, but they’re both kind of the same “quiet nice boy next door” type. And honestly, Raeger just pulls it off more. This problem is only compounded by the fact he’s introduced in year two. It’s so late in the game. I’d be surprised if anyone married him just off his Sos appearance alone.
But again, I don’t hate Kamil. He’s a little boring and unneeded (and I hate the “hidden bachelor” thing as well) but I can see why others might like him. These are just my opinions, feel free to form your own, but these are basically the reasons Kamil came in at number six.