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●Hey for those of you still trying to unlock the Ice and Tropical vendors in Story of Seasons I have a hack for you that has been passed to me by a fellow gamer.●

☆For 100 decorative items just grow a lot of fodder and make bales of hay-its the cheapest and easiest to do.

☆For 100 clothing don’t sell your patterns! Just buy all the masks and glasses they sell at the vendors and sell them back.

☆For 100 cooked dishes I recommend getting a greenhouse and growing sweet potatoes-not only are they easy to grow but simple to cook.

☆For fences…well, you got to make fences. Stick to the wooden variety and don’t worry if its the same shape either.

Anyways I hope this helps you as much as it did me!

Bachelors' High School Stereotypes

Fritz: that guy that always studies but still fails all his classes

Raeger: that guy that never studies but still passes all his classes

Mistel: gay theatre geek

Nadi: the guy who makes the substitute cry

Kamil: pretentious artsy kid

Klaus: undercover cop that tries to pass as 18 and be like the “cool kids”