would anyone like to join in on my teaparty homestuck thing?

im gonna be nepeta in a very cutesy and frilly dress thing its pretty gaudy but eeeey

im gonna be at kamikon alpha probably so if any homestucks wanna join or even help me start a panel i’d be really happy!!! You dont need to make a fancy outfit but a little flowers or something wouldnt hurt!

ill bring little cookies probably but idk if ill be able to bring tea or cups because im broke and also i cant be trusted with heavy things i might like spill the tea in an elevator

OKAY I’m a big dumb and forgot to ask for your URL but I’m looking for this cute patoote rIGHT HERE. I had to speed off to take photos with my Stocking so if tHIS IS YOU PLEASE TELL ME! Or if you know her, PLEASE TELL ME! She was my childhood friend and I have to get in contact with her. 

There were a ton of people at kamikon today that were INCREDIBLY rude?

like idk maybe they were tired or something but someone was a dick to me for wearing a fursuit and was all like “EW”

and then there was a female karkat that just said “I hate you” to my friend?maybe she was joking or in character or something but PLEASE DONT SAY MEAN THINGS TO STRANGERS

idk hopefully the con will be better tomorrow and people will learn some manners!

i hope the person that was being a huge manbaby about me wearing a foam sculpture on my head sees this and realizes that he, a visibly adult man, just picked on a 14 year old girl for no reason other than to be a dick :^O