The HP straps and keychains turned out REALLY cute *A* The dude even stuck on a protective plastic layer on top to prevent scratching during delivery TuT 

If you guys are coming to AFASG do drop by our booth at C-01~ 

The event’s next week and pre-order tickets are on sale already!! Can’t wait to meet all the awesome people there *A* 

Hello hello! This is Kaya here and just bringing you some news since we finally got our booth number for AFASG~ 

We’re located at Booth C-01! 

If you’re dropping by please do visit us!

Here’s a quick compilation of what you can expect at our booths this event!!! There’s a couple more which I was really lazy to fit into this image so I’ll post those up later, probably

Will be posting individual product’s teaser onto our Twitter and Facebook so watch us there! :D 

See you guys at AFA!! 

AFASG 8-10 NOV 2013

We’ve managed to get a booth at AFASG~ 

It’s probably gonna be a blast and I’m REALLY excited cos’ we’ll be adding new products to sell at AFASG and also re-printing better improved versions of the older products~ 

If you guys are coming, do catch us there! :D 

Also we have some instocks from the last batch printed, if you guys would like, you can take a look here: http://kamikiya.storenvy.com/ 

See you guys at AFA~ We would probably post up some product previews in the next couple of weeks! :D 

Hello! We’re back on storenvy http://kamikiya.storenvy.com/ !! No new products (sadly) but we’re clearing some stocks from AFA so if you would like, please take a look! 

Also, it’s 17th in Japan, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAKOTOBB muahhahahah jkjk. 

Remember to check us out on Storenvy!