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top ten under ten?

“Top ten” as in my favorite items under ten? If so, here we go!

There are plenty more, I’m sure, I just can’t bring ‘em to mind right now. There are some sweet shops listed above that I def recommend checking out. (ps sorry it took me so long to respond, i had a tough time choosing ten)

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Hey there, so rehearsals for a show I'm in start this Sunday and I'm wondering if you know anywhere I can buy cute leggings from? :)

Ahhhh, let’s see, I know I’m missing a few and I’ll update when I can think of more, but for now some of my favorites are:

Forever 21
Charlotte russe
Sandy’s Shop
Sock Dreams

And there are tons of Etsy stores that offer custom orders, and have super unique designs!

Firstly, I would like to apologize for being extremely inactive over the last weeks. There’s been so much going on! I’ve been really busy trying to piece together my wedding (which is less than a week away!) I’ve been working crazy hours at my job, and I’m exhausted when I’m off. I promise I’ll get back to normal posting once I get back from my honeymoon. (I’m really excited, thank you all for bearing with me!)

it's that time of year again...

old old old
[ showers self with confetti ]

I promise to answer all requests/asks upon my return, but posting will probably be a bit slow. I’m going to try to enjoy myself this year, but I hope you all have a good day!

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hey I wanted to ask u if romwe and sheinside are legit because I've kind of poked around nd found lots of bad reviews about them?? thanks xx

I’ve personally purchased from both stores, and was sponsored by Sheinside for a little while. The quality of the products are hit or miss, I’ve got a few reviews for Sheinside on my blogspot that you can read, if you’d like

I have always received my items on time, without having to contact customer service. My stuff has always been in good condition, without  damage or screw ups on my orders. 

That being said, I can’t vouch for everyone. I have seen some negative reviews, and both stores have been known to steal artwork from well-known artists without giving them any credit. If you plan to purchase from either store, I’d definitely recommend making sure that the designs on the clothing haven’t been stolen. I’ve found that a lot of the “all-over print” sweaters on both sites are printed with art they took and used without the artist’s permission. And that’s pretty shitty of them.

Personally, I have had positive experiences, but some of their products (on both websites) are ridiculously overpriced, and some are of poor quality. You can find many of the same products on Taobao AND eBay for half the price they sell them for. However, on the items that I couldn’t find on eBay/Taobao that I purchased, I’ve been fully satisfied with my order. (I usually buy when they have sales, though, to make sure I’m not losing too much cash if I’m disappointed with my order.) Just be smart, continue to do research, and make a decision that you feel most comfortable with. 

Mancphoebe's Store

I recently got a message from an Anon about purchasing from Machphoebe on Storenvy.
The Situation: I recently purchased from Mancphoebe, and now their store is closed! Could be a scam?
Update: This perturbed me, because I post a lot from Mancphoebe, so I found the Asos Marketplace store under the same name, sent an email inquiring, and this is what I found in my inbox only a couple of hours later:
“Don’t worry, I will reopen the shop, they stop my shop because of the photo copy right, and I will keep continue to send out the items! Don’t worry :) Have a nice day”

Pleasant, easy exchange. So to those of you concerned about your packages, they are coming. Mancphoebe will be reopening soon.

"Gifts Ideas" Tag in Progress

Since it’s the holiday season, and lots of you guys prefer buying online to battling crowds in the mall (myself included)…

I’ve decided to make a gift ideas tag! I’ll make one for her,him, and a general tag to view them all.

I may also make a few blog posts over on The Alpaca Shops, if you guys are interested.

And if you have requests, I’ll do my best to fill them. (still working on the requests from last week, sorry for the delay!)