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Sobrang gago kanina talaga nung nangyari samin sa ichiro. After kasi ng seminar rekta kami dun para kumain tapos tuwang tuwa kami nung una kasi sobrang dami namin inorder tapos yung maki woaaah super sarap talaga 2 types ng maki pa naman inorder namin plus may main dish pa hahahaha leche ang baboy tapos ayun nung patapos na kami kumain may pumasok na dalawang batang babae *sa may malapit kami sa door nakapwesto btw*. Nung una nanghihingi lang ng pera, tapos magsasalita palang sana kami bigla inagaw nung bata1 yung chopsticks ni kaiser tapos grabe sapilitan sobrang gangster tapos kinuha nya yung maki at kinagatan, di nya bet so binalik nya sa plate wtf super shookt lang kami non di namin alam irreact tapos medyo lutang na rin kami that time kasi sobrang busog talaga ewan ko ba bat ang tanga rin namin slight hahahaha tapos yung bata2 mas gangster kinamay yung isang maki tapos kinuha sabay takbo sila sabay palabas ng door. Wtf talaga after nila umalis mga 1min kami nagtitigan nila kaiser at elaine tapos shookt face lang kami. Sinabi pa namin sa management yung nangyari tapos parang wala lang sila pakialam, ni hindi man lang sila nagsorry samin dahil sa nangyari at humingi sana ng pasensya kung bakit wala silang guard or bakit walang nagbabantay na staff ganon sobrang gago ng management, nung una sinabi namin yung nangyari sa waiter tapos sabi lang nya “sige po sabihin ko po dun*tapos tinuro nya yung counter*” tapos tumambay pa kami dun ng mga 10mins after that pero wala nman nangyari then before kami umalis may pumasok na parang manager tapos ayon, sinabi namin nangyari tapos sinabi nya samin na may mga ganoong incident na talaga nangyayari dun at problema rin nila yung street children pero bakit ganon wala nman sila ginagawang solusyon eh matagal na pala nila problema yon :((( ewan ko ba nakakainis tapos sobrang inis ko nagrant na ako dito no :((( ahahahha baka mabasa ng may ari ng ichiro sa pnoval to ahahhahahaha medyo tanga ko rin eh pero ayon, anyway….ang summary talaga ay great food sana pero poor management eh. Sobrang lala :((

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As a narusasu shipper, I think I'd much rather be a "miniority ship" over a non-existent one like sasusaku anyday. There hasn't been a legit heartfelt sasusaku moment since the stone ages, ya'll are salty as fuck lmao. Stay masturbating to that one panel in over 300 chapters LOL. This whole manga is narusasu, I don't even understand how one can ship sasusaku, hate narusasu/narusasku/sasukarin and still read the manga. Just read SS fanfiction, you guys don't belong in this fandom lol

What was that about masturbating anon? You give me hate, I give you smut. 

In hindsight, he probably should have knocked. Because that was the polite thing to do. That was how he was raised. That was what normal people did—they knocked to announce their presence and to avoid situations like…

…well like this.

What the fuck had he done? He was going to be in so much trouble. This—this wasn’t…

“Mmm…” she moaned, eyes squeezed shut as she traced a hand along her stomach, while the other kept working south in slow, gentle strokes.

Jesus shit. He swallowed tightly, feeling a hot blush creeping over his neck as he watched her through the cracked open door. Even if he couldn’t see where exactly she touched down there—it was fairly obvious what she was doing. Fuck. Shit.

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Prince Ryouma catching sight of his crush doing something silly like dancing by herself or talking to a dog. Fluff me up, girl. ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

Ryoma had walked along the patrol path with a calm seriousness. Nothing new to report, no sign of any threats or dangers, and all was quiet in camp’s perimeter. There were few things they needed to be concerned about, which he was very thankful for. It wasn’t that often they were free from concern in the midst of war.

“…Hmm, yes. I think you’re right on that, too!” Ryoma’s brow furrowed, hearing a strange, soft conversation a little ways away. His sword was gripped carefully, and he advanced towards the talking. The voice was certainly familiar, he thought, in fact he knew the woman speaking very well. “Perhaps we’ve got more in common than I thought!”

That was odd; who in the world would you be speaking with in the middle of a patrol? Sensing the relaxation in your tone, he knew it wasn’t a threat. So he walked towards the sound of your voice, and he found you soon enough. There, crouched over in the leaves, you seemed to be having a wonderful conversation with someone, or something he couldn’t see. Unless you just spoke to yourself…? He’d have to ask you about that, later.

“Now, the real question to decide our friendship should be fairly simple. What do you think of Prince Ryoma?” The prince stopped dead in his tracks, quirking an eyebrow. Shielded from his field of vision, a loud yip came from your chest. “Is that so?”

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Water Wraith finished. Wraith is quite a negative word, I don’t necessarily want to imply that this chap* is out to drown you and/or your dog. In fact I would quite like to be able to chat to a river spirit. In theory. Who wouldn’t?

*No gender implication there. Could be Jenny Greenteeth, could be Mr Macadam.

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Minato was quite happy to be heading home - the Soul Society was an unpleasant place to visit, and he certainly wouldn’t want to live there.

When he snapped back to reality, something soft but fast-moving hit him in the face.

“Ow! Kami, what now?”