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Compiling the girls again in one pic!

I’m officially over drawing the TWGOK girls. I know there are still some girls left, but uhhh…I thought I have to move on to newer pieces of drawings because my art blog is like filled with these girls(I’m so sorry ;_;), maybe I’ll draw them in the future. Nevertheless, I have fun drawing all of them and I learned some few things.

Someday, I’m going to draw them better than this!


Happy Birthday to Kana Hanazawa! 花澤香奈さん誕生日おめでとうございます!

So here is a giant mural of just what she is capable of!ふわふわりふわふわる~Always my Cellphone Ringtone! 

Though even just this is a small sample i must same. Was too busy this month for a “KanaHana Month” where i just watch many series featuring her in a main role.

Happy birthday to an amazing voice actor. Plenty of roles performed amazingly and always energetic and full of energy during interviews and shows. Many more roles in the future and I;m ready for more Onodera coming next season. And of course can’t wait to to hear songs sung by her. 歌手、声優, What else can she do eh?

Though that Tsumiki role i see cosplayed a lot at cons, man that Zange,Kobatos,Nadeko,Karuta, Tomoka,Kanade,Charlotte,Kuroneko i’m most fond of, But they are all great. Last year liked Roka from D-Frag! and Natasha from Sekai Seifuku. Nisekoi even had that Natasha/Onodera crossover. Minori Nourin was cute too as well as Mayumi Saegusa, them deep red eyes. Oh and that Sadistic role man, Iris Heart/Pururu oh god that’s just something special.

Totally forgot about Natsume from Tokyo Ravens, actually really liked her in Tokyo Ravens as a lead role, really surprisingly nice series TR.

Kinda similar to the"six degrees of Kevin Bacon" you can easily do that with Kana-Chan!

megaboy335 I have a funny fond memory of when we first began talking, i talked about Kana-chan a lot. Like that one time in club while watching Shin Sekai Yori, I was like “that’s KanaHana’s voice!” without any previous knowledge of the Anime. Ah the good times, it’s been that long already. I’m sure there are plenty of other silly stories like that, tell me if you remember any.

And of course credit goes to the amazing artists, they Love Kana-Chan enough to create something with so much love and detail! Really do like the Onodera pose and i just love these two pictures especially.

花澤さんおたおめ! | 美月めいあ [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=41871224

花澤さんキャラ。 | みゃた [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=26910592

oh boy so many tags incoming. Now when is she gonna voice a Kantai Girl. If Iguchi Yuka and Yui Horie can, Kana-Chan has too eventually.

Until next year! Looking forward to everything!

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Here’s Elsie, appearing right out of the sky in style 23 - based off of the lovely @chikuto‘s art style!

This was actually the first piece that I tried in kuto’s style and I’ve gotta say, I remember learning SO MUCH with just this one piece. Even now this may still be one of my favorites. The lighting of the clouds, the way her hagamoro folds, it just came out great imo! :D

Of course I had to base the pose off of Elsie’s very first iconic appearance - it’s a great moment after all - very striking!


Here’s Keima in style 15: Tenri’s style!

I decided to base Tenri’s style off of the second KLK ending, because I found that the song kind of related to Tenri in a way! Not only was it cute and bubbly, the meaning behind the lyrics was surprisingly accurate!

I also decided that for this style I would post the characters separately, just because I feel it’d be a bit distracting to have more than one at once.

The main draw of this style for me is choosing a bunch of different outfits for the characters to wear! It’s kind of surprising which characters have more expansive wardrobes than others…

Take Keima for instance. Being the main character, Keima had A LOT of costumes to choose from. It was legitimately hard to just choose ten ;n;


Chihiro’s style here again, this time with Keima and friends!

Something perhaps not obvious with this style is that for the symbols I actually tried to incorporate the different symbols for suits of cards too. You can see three of them here (spade, heart, and club) the other one being Yui’s diamond :x

Another thing perhaps not so obivous is that some of the pieces use white - which is hard to see on a white background. Drag or click them to see the white better! :>


In spite of it all, there’s still TWGOK Tuesday. Partly because I already have the pieces completed, and partly because I love it so so much.

Anyway, this style is very much among one of my favorites so far. It’s style 11 - meant to represent Tsukiyo. It’s going for a minor “stained glass” sort of feel to it, and was mostly born of spite for the saying “don’t shade with black!” …I wanted to see if I could :P

I’m unsure of how to describe this style of the TWGOK challenge other than “oddly inspiring”. Seriously, I drew these trying to be as “bad” as possible (while still being recognizable) and it?? Really motivated me which lead to some really amazing pieces afterwards

This style is Style 22 - Fiore’s style! I think my reasoning for making Fiore’s style “suck”, so to speak, is that - despite how she kicked off the plot - she’s kind of a joke when it comes to being a villain :p